Happy Anniversary! (and a changing of the guard)

Aug 20, 2017

    1. Happy Anniversary, Den of Angels!

      It was 13 years ago that Den of Angels transitioned from being a modest Yahoo!Group to being the seed of the forum that you all know now. I've been here since the beginning as a member, I have been on staff for just shy of twelve years, and I have owned the forum for the last eight! DoA and I have kind of grown up together, in some ways. What a crazy ride it's been!

      It's been such a full 12 years for me. We have gone from being a tiny group of under a thousand enthusiasts to a booming community of thousands of amazing, diverse individuals. We've watched the hundreds of doll companies appear and vanish, merge, and rise like a phoenix; we've watched (and sometimes helped!) each other improve at photography, faceups, and even sculpting our own dolls. We developed our own language of abbreviations and even slang (outbirk!). We had a convention! There are people I met through BJD who are still friends, people who I have been elated to meet again later in other hobbies, and there are people I still miss. It's funny sometimes how thinking back on memories; there are things that still make me incredibly happy and things that still hurt.

      I could tell you so many strange anecdotes, about silly things members have done, mean things people have done to each other, stupid things I've done myself, failed forum renovations, crazy stories of luck, and sad stories of friends who have passed away. But at the end of the day, it would probably sound a lot like those "in my day" stories that our elders pull out at family reunions. So in short, let me just say thank you for letting me be your friend for the last thirteen years and your hostess for the last eight; thank you for giving me the opportunity to become smarter, kinder, and more patient. Thank you to those who grew up here alongside me.

      It's time for me to step down and officially give the reins over to a beloved friend. She asked me not to name her, but she is one of your current Moderators and she is absolutely wonderful. :)

      So again, thank you and happy anniversary! Thank you for being here and thank you for being absolutely fantastic!
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    2. Aww! :hug:

      Thank you ~
    3. So much love! Thank you for everything you've done~ <3
    4. Thank you for all the work you and everyone have put into maintaining this forum. It's a part of my everyday life, and I've gotten incredible value from being a member. I can't imagine what the moderators job is like, but I do appreciate you all. Thank you.
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    5. Thank you so much! :love
    6. Thank you so much for everything you've done for the forum (and by extension, all of us)!
    7. Although I have not been here the whole time and stepped away for a few years, thank you for everything you have done for DOA. It is a fabulous resource for all of us who collect and love BJD's!
    8. Thank you for all your hard work as a DoA admin/mod, and as member of the community! :)
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    9. Thank you so much!! We really can't thank you enough.
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    10. Thank-you! It took me a while to find my way around - I'm not tech friendly at all but the moderators have been very helpful when asked. I too come here everyday to read new threads and check for alerts. I LOVE looking at the Doll Profiles - they give me inspiration! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    11. Thank you guys and our wonderful @armeleia for putting in so many hours and days of work for us here on DOA. I'm sure that whoever the new owner is, will be a perfect fit for the job! I never forget that you guys are volunteers here and I am grateful for the time you put into the job! Happy Birthday DOA. Will you still be around @armeleia ? You won't just disappear right? ; ;
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    12. Thank you so much for all your hard work, @armeleia !! :hug:
    13. Thank you for all your hard work and love for BJDs & this forum :D
    14. thank you so much, good luck in the future <3
    15. Than you Armeleia for your years of service to the bjd community. You've been here for as long as I can remember. I hope this doesn't mean that you will no longer be on the forum. Many blessings
    16. Thank you so much for all you've done! The BJD world would be a poorer place without you. I hope you enjoy your "retirement"!
    17. Oh wow, this feels so weird but I guess after so many years it's probably good to take a step back and let others take over.
      Hope to see still you cruising around the forum in future :)
    18. Thank you so much for your time bringing this forum to what it is today! For a lot of us, DoA is the only way we can connect with others in this wonderful hobby, and you and everyone else who has helped with the forum over the years have done a fantastic job shaping a safe and friendly community.

      Thank you, and thank you again! :abow:
    19. Thank you so much for creating this forum. I probably wouldn't be collecting bjds if it wasn't for DOA... where I could come and learn about them and see owner photos. When I first got into the hobby lots of the doll companies were in foreign lands without English...it was intimidating to say the lease. But joining here and learning more has really been pivotal for me to be able to enjoy this hobby so much.:whee: