Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Maji is up for preorder Jan 06-31.

      Flickr account:
      Haru casting

      @harucasting • Instagram photos and videos

      Height: 41cm
      Head circumference : 16cm
      Neck circumference : 6cm
      Shoulder width including arms 7.5cm
      Bust circumference: 16.5 cm
      Waist circumference: 12cm
      Upper hip circumference: 16cm
      Widest hip at top of thighs circumference: 21cm
      Arm length: 12cm
      Upper arm circumference: 5cm
      Upper hip to ankle: 22.5cm
      Upper hip to floor: 24cm
      Top of thigh circumference: 12cm
      Pants inseam: 19cm
      Under bust to ankle: 26cm
      Under bust to floor: 27cm
      Foot: 5.5cm
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    2. Her posing does look amazing! I've been seeing her on the instagram, I'm definitely interested. I wonder how much she'll be, hopefully I can afford her :eusa_pray
    3. She looks amazing. I want her! lol
    4. Wow, she is sooo cute!
      I didn't even saw anything about her, till a friend sended me a link today. :D
      Really beautful posing and that face. <3
    5. She is adorable! I feel a very sudden mighty need to get one :O
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    6. I've been watching his progress pictures on Flickr. I haven't brought an MSD sized doll home since 2007, but I think she may have to join the household.
    7. She’s so cute! I really want her but I have other dolls I want to buy. Not sure what to do
    8. Oh I want her so bad.. I'm saving up for her. Love her. She would be a great addition to my minifees. :D
    9. So so cute. Any guesses on price, given her little siblings' prices?
    10. This girl is so ridiculously adorable, and I LOVE the posing:aheartbea I have been waiting for months to hear when she will finally be released, I am so elated at this news:sumomo:
    11. I have got to figure out her pricing. She's so cute, but not too young!
    12. According to Harucasting this will not be the only time she’s available to order. Someone asked if it was and he responded she’d be available in the summer or fall. I definitely want her, though. I fell in love with her the moment he posted her on his Instagram. But I don’t know if I can make this pre-order period. Would depend on her price.
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    13. She's so cute, but I think I'll wait for E minor, the next mini size Haru is sculpting. <3 It's so difficult to choose, though...
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    14. I really hope to get her when she comes out! I've been saving for the perfect bjd~
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    15. I've also been keeping a close watch on this girl. From what HaruCasting has said she'll be able to share clothing with minifee, except pants as her thighs are a bit "meatier"
    16. I really adore this sculpt! Though I am anxious about the price. Has anyone ordered from Haru Casting before? Is layaway offered?
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    17. He said on Instagram that layaway will be available in 2 parts - one at purchase and one before shipping. :)
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    18. Thank you! That puts my mind a little more at ease :)
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    19. What are his other dolls' prices? I have my eye on one, but I can't find that info anywhere. ;;
    20. I don't know if the prices (((or even this site))) are going to be the same for this next preorder period, but for Nanni, Adori, and Geuru prices from a past preorder are located in charts if you scroll down on their pages.
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