Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. My Eleanor. I'm so glad I have it. It differs from all dolls in its character and beauty :love
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    2. she is lovely! i don't know the sculpts well yet, which one is she?
    3. My next doll will need to be an E-Minor.
      How frequently does Haru open up his sales? Does he do it the same time each year?
    4. @AdanneO Thank you for the link! I don't have an Instagram and completely missed this.
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    5. i don't even have my e-minor yet, and already i get the feeling she will be demanding a sister soon!
    6. I am waiting to see how the Neul doll will turn out. I've been looking for a male mature mini doll to have as boyfriend to my Luts girl doll. I highly doubt Neul will look mature but I am willing to bend lol
    7. @Goris Eleanor is absolutely gorgeous, I really like how you've styled her.
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    8. dambuster01, I'm glad you liked it. Thank you!! Sewing for her is a pleasure:)
    9. Hi everyone! I’m getting HYPE about my Haru Maji and E-Minor pre-order... yes my partner and I splurged on both :eusa_sile I want to go ahead and get some eyes and wigs ordered for the girls. Any suggestions of good companies?
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    10. She looks gorgeous <3 <3
      Thank you for showing darker skin tone!! She looks so wonderfully tan. Which exactly resin color is it ?
    11. Thank you xx She's in Maji dark tan
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    12. Ohhh nice! Thank you for info!
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    13. Anyone else get their tracking numbers? My girls are on a plane, on their way home! I'm so excited. Both were blank, so it will be a bit before they are done, lol.
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    14. My girls are coming home too
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    15. mako eyes 12mm fits for Maji perfect
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    16. Can I ask what order numbers you were, I am trying to work out when I can expect my Maji, I ordered her late so most probably still have some waiting time.
    17. My Maji got a faceup so I’m sure I’ll be waiting a bit longer. I never asked Haru what my order number was :sweat
    18. Hi, I received my tracking number yesterday, my order number is 12 and it is an E-minor without face up.
      I'm really excited. :kitty1
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    19. Thank you. Congratulations on your girl, I had such a hard time choosing but couldn't get the Maji on the first preorder so decided to stick with getting her first. My order number is 97 so still a long long wait. :sigh
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