Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Mine is 33 but with no face up.
    2. My package is here in Finland already!! Super fast! Wow. i will get it monday or tuesday i think
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    3. My order number is #10 but with faceup and I've not heard anything about my second payment yet, so assume the heads are still with the faceup artist.
      I look forward to seeing all the new girls when they arrive home! :)
    4. If your doll is without face up, I don't think will be a long wait, I counted around 35 boxes on Haru's first lot sent, so taking out all the dolls sent to face up, I think the next blank batch would probably be orders number 60+, Fingers crossed. :kitty2
      He is sending them really fast, I was surprised by the email to be honest, was ready to wait 5 months or more after read about all the delay on the first Maji preorder.
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    5. I got my girls today, but sadly haven't had time to play with them. They are quite tightly strung, so I may do some adjustments there. Both look great, though! Lol, the boxes had some really cute little snacks, which my daughter has quite enjoyed!
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    6. Hi, my Maji is at customs right now
      I had order number 19.
      I hope customs will be kind to me and she's home soon :)
    7. Is your girl blank @Guinan ?
      I hope customs is kind to you too, I hate customs...soooo greedy!!! :frownyblush:
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    8. My E-Minor is at customs as well... :sigh
    9. She's blank. Sadly customs are creedy this time :( good have bought a outfit, eyes and a wig from the money they asking but she's worth it
    10. Mine will be home tomorrow :D. Hope yours won't take long
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    11. I know exactly what you mean, and am sorry to hear it. I'm having mine shipped to a friend in the UK and hope that the customs won't be too high. The problem with Spanish customs is the paperwork, nothing is straightforward. I wouldn't mind so much if they just told me how much and I could just pay it and get the parcel, but no, I have to supply them almost with my blood before they'll release anything and it can take as long as 6 weeks sometimes.....and cost as much as half the value of the parcel. Arrrggggghhhh :evil::x....the biggest bug bear in the hobby for me!!
    12. Im lucky then :) it took customs a week for prosessing. Custom fees are always a suprice over here. Sometimes you’re lucky but mostly not . I hope you get yours soon. She’s a dream
    13. our customs is very quick! i just pay for them and package Will be here in next day
    14. Paid £29 to customs here in the UK, she arrived yesterday, the body is without a doubt the best msd body I ever came across, I'm in love. :chibi:chibi:chibi
      Note that I didn't wait for the letter, when I saw in the tracking that she was charged and released from customs I called the delivery company (Parcel Force here), paid by phone and was able to schedule the delivery for the next day.
      Here is Theo, will do her face up soon the weather allow me. :kitty1

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    15. She's lovely @Tahleechan, I really look forward to seeing her with her faceup too.
      Yes, this is why my friend and I have our dolls shipped together to her home in the UK, the customs is so much simpler and not usually as expensive. I paid 95 euros customs here on a doll that was 199 euros!! It makes for very expensive dolls. Of course I've no idea what I'll do when brexit happens, but I'm not supposed to be buying any more now so hopefully it'll not be a problem! ;)
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    16. Hi everyone!
      My Maji was order number 3 and she finally arrived today! :dance
      I look forward to what adventures this little one brings!
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    17. Congratulations @thisiswinteramethyst , she is lovely! Such a sweet little face. I look forward to seeing her when she has a faceup....will you do her yourself?
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    18. Thank you! And no haha I'll probably send her somewhere but I'm not sure yet :XD:
    19. Hello everyone! I just purchased a Maji from the wonderful @paivistoys after searching for months and I'm very excited! I'm starting to look for clothing, and more importantly wigs, and such for her to have once she gets here. What size wig fits best? And where do you prefer to get them from? Also, I never know what to look for in shoes either! What's a good way to go about finding shoes?

      Btw I love seeing pictures of everyone's dolls!
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    20. Congratulations!! I know her doll well, she's lovely. Maji wears 6/7 size wigs. I got mine from monique doll. And minifee size shoes. Hope this helps x
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