Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Everyone Congrats . Ive got my Maji a few weeks ago and send her head out for a face up. It got lost for a few weeks but luckily found again and send back to me. She’s on her way again for the face up. Love the body of Maji. Very good poser
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    2. Maaan I can't wait for my Maji :XD: I'm trying so hard to be patient! Her Oscar Doll eyes came in the mail last week and I ordered an outfit from Legend Doll... my friends and I are taking bets on whether the doll or the outfit will come first :lol:
    3. I’m with you, I keep thinking “it’ll be any day now!” but know that until I hear from Haru about my second payment so it’s not yet happening. It’s coming up for five months now since ordering and I really wasn’t expecting her any sooner, but still I am on tenterhooks!

      @Guinan I’m so glad your dolls head has been located again, you must have been so wooried!
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    4. i'm glad i'm not the only one waiting, i keep panicking that i've missed the request for second payment, but since i was one of the later orders if there are other's waiting i can be patient
    5. Haru posted a message from Blisslacosta to him about sending a batch of heads his way in a story on his Instagram :D It said 23 heads were being sent, and she'll finish the rest in the beginning of March. :celebrate
    6. I saw that too! I hope mine is one of those as I ordered really early and am order no. 10! Keeping everything crossed for an invoice soon!
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    7. Yes I am but when I send it back to the face up artist it got lost again and being reported stolen. Luckily that was a mistake, it turned up again and it's delivered Pff got years older in a week's time
    8. Oh my goodness, I'd be the same!!! I bet you started to feel you were jinxed!!!
      I really look forward to seeing her finished, after all that palavar!! :)
    9. I don't know how you guys are waiting so patiently! I'd be losing my mind! :XD: My Maji arrived safely to me a few weeks ago. I'm waiting until I have her all together to post some pictures!
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    10. I'm internally :doh:sigh:vein:x:evil:

      And externally :abambi:

      I... may be exaggerating on the first part :lol:
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    11. I’m not sure what order number I am, but I hope I’m an early one! Every day I check for an invoice!
    12. i think i'm 99 so not early at all :sigh
    13. I just got my second invoice so it shouldn't be long before my Maji is home :celebrate
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    14. Awesome! Maybe I’ll get mine too!
    15. Oooh exciting! Please tell me your order number, because surely with order number 10, I should be getting mine soon!
    16. Need help stringing my Maji!

      I have restrung her about ten times in different tightness, but she refuses to stand! I’ve also tried hot glue sueding.

      I’m so done at this point, I don’t know what to do to get her stand. She can only pose while sitting and that is so frustrating.

      I can’t remember how she was strung originally, I followed the video tutorial posted here (I think it’s different method than Maji is originally strung?). She was way too tightly strung when I got her last year, so that’s why I was restringing in the first place.

      I would be so so grateful if someone could help a girl out!
    17. I am order number 97 :huh?: no faceup and in peach normal colour, which might be one of the reasons that I seem to be getting her now. Not many people seem to have ordered her in the two lightest colours from what i have seen.
    18. I got peach normal too and got my request for payment this week as well. Order number 90&91?
    19. I paid in full so I'm just crossing my fingers for a shipping notice soon :eusa_pray
    20. Congratulations to everyone getting invoices and to those who have gotten their girls! :celebrate
      I'm still waiting for my invoice, but I ordered on Oct 14th - E-Minor in nanni choco with a faceup so I'm not expecting it too soon.