Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Yikes, I just need one, so I hope so, too! I have a feeling they will get released on separate preorders. I don't think I've seen him release two new dolls at once. I think I can live without Joa, but sometimes when I start seeing them painted that changes, lol.
    2. Still no reply. I just wanted to know some answers to questions before I sent my order form, he hasn't read my DM either. :(
    3. I’m sorry you’re having to wait so long :( Are any of your questions something those of us who have ordered from him could maybe answer?
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    4. I emailed a week ago so it's a bit frustrating seeing people who sent invoices getting their invoice and no reply to my questions and an unread DM on Instagram. :( I think it's because he doesn't follow me so he doesn't read his spam folder?

      I first wanted to ask if the issues with Maji's posing had been fixed. I know there were knee problems he said would be fixed.

      I then asked if you could buy a Maji head on the E-minor body at all, this isn't a deal breaker because I like both bodies but was wondering if that was an option. I'm guessing it's not and that's fine.

      I then asked about prices for the Medium and Dark tan to confirm the price bracket. I was also going to send a follow up email asking if other resin colours from the other dolls choices would be an option but since I didn't get a reply and knew he'd be busy I didn't want to barrage him with emails.
    5. @Rinoa I believe only the 1st batch of Maji's from her 1st preorder had a leg issue, and the problem was corrected before the others were shipped.

      As of now no head swaps. In an instagram story he said Maji/Eminor head swaps might be possible during the Joa & Neul preorder.

      Medium & "Maji Dark Tan" are $520. Prices are on his website: Maji
      Be careful with "Dark Tan," because there is more than one, each doll has their own version and the regular Dark Tan is closer to ebony than light brown.
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    6. Yikes, that is what makes it so confusing to see what is the real Dark Tan color. I think I saw I Maji label Dark Tan from a user here and she looked Medium Tan at best. I wish Haru had clear color palette shown.
    7. I was going to order my E-Minor is Maji Basic, but in the photo in looks closer to ResinSoul coffee/light tan. I'm tossing up between peach normal and Maji Basic. I know there is a difference, but just...which I could see it properly.

      My friend sent me this photo of updated resin colours CLICK HERE < just a photo link.

      Not my photo and I'm sorry that I don't know the origin of it. A friend sent it to me on discord.
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    8. Thank you for sharing :)
      I will assume that that picture was taken with the flash on.

      There is a post on Haru's Instagram showing Maji, E-Minor, and Joa's legs (displaying the knee caps)... I like that skin tone of e-minors legs.
    9. @Manamori The darkest one is regular Dark Tan
      @harucasting on Instagram: “Ready to go home! Thanks to @jangmi0808 ‍♂️ . . #harucasting #resincasting #abjd #moistbeige #darktan #moistchocolatte #peachnormal”
      @harucasting on Instagram: “Colour test.”
      He posts two E-Minors a lot in photos "Nanni Choco" & "Maji Basic Normal" @harucasting on Instagram: “E and Minor. Who is E and Who is Minor? . #HarucastingEminor #NanniChoco #MajiBasicNormal”
      I think there are only three Majis in photos "Maji Basic Normal" "Maji Medium Tan" "Maji Dark Tan" @harucasting on Instagram: “Massive pillars! #harushades #resincasting #abjd #resincolours”

      @svc16 The resin photo is from 2017, I ordered in 2018 and the colors were the same
      I've found it easier to pick colors when I can see them together
      https://www.instagram.com/p/Bdw0N0shnAO, @harucasting on Instagram: “Hi! Eggs. ”, @harucasting on Instagram: “Our resin colors available in Adori and Nanni Pre-order. ”
      The photos can look different form editing, light source, and computer screen brightness when viewing photos changes things as well. Like someone mentioned before search the hashtags and see the differences. In person the colors also look different depending on what light you're viewing then in.
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    10. @AdanneO This is amazing, thankyou! I'm no longer debating and am one step closer to my order. Just have to choose a faceup now
    11. I paid my order on Thursday. Thinking about the name, wig and eyes for my girl. I didn't order the face up becouse I wish my favourite artist will be able to do face up for my girl.
    12. Thank you so much. This was really helpful!

      Do you know if you can get Maji in say Nanni Choco colour? Or is it just the Maji colours?
    13. After about a week of trying to figure out if i want the Mild tan or the Medium Tan i have come to a decision for my Maji and sent off my order. I've never had so much difficulty with colours before. I really love his tans.
      Super excited to join the Harucasting group :D Now the wait for Harucasting to get back to me *waits patiently while staring at email inbox*
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    14. I've seen an E-Minor in Nanni Choco, so you can probably do that! I'm sure if you order it, and it's not allowed, he'll let you know :)
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    15. Now I'm conflicted between Maji Dark Tan and Nanni Choco argh! I have the form all filled but haven't sent it yet because I just don't know which one I'd like better.

      EDIT: I've gone with Nanni Choco! Now I just hope he responds to my email this time and I don't get overlooked. :(
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    16. Sorry for double posting, but omg. I saw the stories by Haru and people have been very short with their doll history and stance on recasts and now I feel really silly because I wrote a big ass essay! *_*
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    17. @Rinoa I'm sure he'll get back to you on your order, just be patient as it will likely take him a few days to respond.

      And to everyone ordering this period, some advice: Patience is a virtue! Let's not forget that Haru is a one-man operation, be prepared for a long wait. I have a feeling he's getting even more orders this go-around, and he does conduct his casting business for other artists while he's working on your dolls. It took six months for me to receive my Maji, and she was absolutely 100% worth the wait. That said, I can't wait to see all your new dolls ;)
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    18. Oh it's not that I can't wait, I know he's extremely busy, but I sent my initial email 8 days ago and he never responded yet people were getting their invoices, even people who sent invoices days after I sent my email. My DM I sent went unread also when he said he would check. I'm more worried my email is going to spam or something and he won't see it. :sweat
    19. ;)
      Well said! I got shot down by people waiting when I said this for an earlier pre order. These girls are definitely worth the wait
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    20. I agree with you both, patience is definitely needed in this hobby. I'm not worried about getting a late reply, nor having to wait 6+ months for my girl once paid as I know Haru is trustworthy and reliable! :) I just worry my email will get lost as it's happened a few times in the past. (I do worry too much, I've been told this often! :sweat)

      He actually replied to my initial email today so I'm assuming it was just a lower priority due to it being only questions, since getting orders sorted for people are a bigger priority since he needs to earn an income of course!

      I'm sorry if I seemed impatient! I'm definitely not trying to be, and I'm not expecting a rushed or instant reply and invoice. :) I've bought from Dollzone and Fairyland and I know how long those waits can be. :aeyepop: I know these girls are worth the wait. :thumbup

      @samson Your E-Minor is what made me decide to get my Maji in Nanni Choco!
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