Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Thank you! Red Iris Atelier painted both my my Haru girls. I love her work.
    2. Anyone who sent their order after the 26th got a confirmation yet? Just want to make sure I haven't been missed or rejected, I'm worried I waffled too much in my email.
    3. I placed my order on the 27th. Haru has said that he has some orders due and once they are done he can focus on the preorder and his own dolls. I'm getting a bit antsy though. Haru has assured me he will get back to me but yeah....I would feel so much better with an order confirmation and my first payment made.
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    4. I got my order confirmation so I can stop being annoying now! Paid my first half and now the wait begins! I'm excited aaaah.
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    5. I didn't get mine. I've pretty much given up.
    6. I haven’t received one yet but did see where they replied to another inquiry on IG that suggested being behind on confirmations and invoices. As somebody above said, it’s not a giant company or anything. So, I’m still hopeful. Will cross my fingers for you, too!
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    7. Did you try reaching out to him on IG messages? Someone else in his stories was in a similar situation as you. His story made it seem like he was surprised to hear that that person wasn't invoiced.

      When I initially emailed him, he asked me to contact him via IG DMs if possible.
    8. Don't be discouraged! It seems like Harucasting is trying to get out all of the other jobs first so he can then focus on his own order. I'm sure he's just been a bit swamped and hasn't gotten around to answering emails @svc16 Your confirmation will come! :)
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    9. I got it today and made my first payment! I'm so relieved!!! I've already named her and made her room box (my first ever) and I have a box of clothes started for her. Now that I know she's definitely coming home, I can relax and focus on other things she needs.
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    10. So happy for you! You ordered E-minor right? I think E-minor will be my next purchase, I've fallen in love with her after just looking at photos for resin colours!
    11. Thats awesome news!! :D I've just started getting ready for my Maji. Bought her some new shoes this morning. Im a bit unsure about her clothes since her i've read her thighs are huge so might wait until shes home before i sort out clothing.
    12. I did order E-Minor. Initially I found Harucasting through his Adori sculpts - I now have Adori twins which I love so much it isn't funny. Then I decided to see what his other sculpts were like and fell in love with all of them, but E-Minor immediately became my grail doll. I have been looking for the girl with the perfect look for a while now. Asian, but can pull off a more caucasian look if needed. I was looking at Iplehouse Asa, but E-Minor blows her out of the water. And I love being able to support a smaller casting company and a dedicated family man.

      I think debidoodoll on Etsy makes Maji and E-Minor specific clothing. That might be a good place to start? She also just opened up a Harucasting Facebook group where we can all share our dolls. It might be a good place to go (if you aren't already on it) to get ideas on where others found their clothing. I also think Glitter Girls outfits should fit her as the leggings are super stretchy and are baggy on my Resinsoul Mei, snug on my Kid Delf but with plenty of room to stretch.
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    13. I hear regular MSD bottoms are better for Maji! StrungoutBJD (Singull on here) did a review of her and mentioned normal MSD pants are better in the video.
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    14. How to order on haru's site ? maybe just an email ?
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    15. I have a question. My E-Minor's left leg (her left) doesn't stay straight. The top joint of the knee bends immediately when I let go of it. I thought it might be because she is strung so tight. (Mine is so tight that the s-hook damages the neck when I take her head off.) But, I loosened the elastic, and it is still doing it. Looking at both her knee joints, it seems as if the groove on the back of the knee isn't deep enough, so the thigh slides over it too easily. I'm kind of embarrassed to email Haru so long after I got her, so I thought I'd see if anyone else is having that problem first. I just had very little time to play with her between now and her delivery.

      Also, does anyone know where I can buy tan elastic? She is string to tightly, but there isn't enough extra to loosen it. Right now, I have her legs strung incorrectly to make enough slack. I'd like to have her string properly, though.
    16. I know Maji had a knee problem, but I didn't know E-minor did as well. :(

      I hope the issue for Maji has been fixed, I did ask though he said to ask questions here, and apparently he was aware of it and was going to fix it for future orders.
    17. I just spoke to someone with an e-minor this weekend and she warned me about the "leg issue" as well. I mentioned I had seen that it was fixed here for Maji, so I would definitely hope it is fixed for all dolls! @bluepita , it's definitely worth politely emailing and asking about it! The worst that can happen is that Haru will say; "I'm very sorry, but it's been too long and I can't provide a replacement piece."

      I think Haru is very nice with a good sense of humor, so there is nothing to worry about as long as you are polite. :)
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    18. I feel so impatient with this order and I don't know why! Usually I'm pretty good at drowning out the thought but I seem to be at work thinking about Haru Maji :doh I get the feeling Maji is going to be a cryptonight doll that gets spoilt haha
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