Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Well, good news for everyone, bad news for me, lol. I think it is just my girl. I haven't seen any other comments about it, and Haru hasn't had any other complaints about it. My girl is just fussy, I guess.
    2. Maybe you could request a replacement part from Haru? I did this with Iplehouse once as my doll had a fault with her legs and they kindly replaced both of them.
    3. He offered to look at her and see what he can do, but I'm reluctant to let her go so long. Not to mention shipping fees. Honestly, I'm not great at posing dolls anyway, so I think I'm just going to let it go. I won't be selling this girl anyway. I've gotten dolls like this a few times, and it really didn't bother me. Just thought I'd check.
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    4. Forgot to add that my order was confirmed: E-Minor and Geuru will be coming here to live. Now I just need to magically find money for Joa and Neul.
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    5. Have you all seen the new photos Joa and Neul on his Instagram? He posted a photo with E-minor and Joa's dark skin comparison and that is what I was hoping for. Joa's tone is exactly what I want :XD:
    6. So, I'm having a major issue with my Maji (october 2018 pre-order). She pops and flops at every occassion, I move her leg slightly, her chest piece jumps out, her hip/waist joint pops out. I try sit her down her knee bends or she kicks me in the face. I have 11 dolls, and 10 years in the hobby and nothing this horrid. I restrung her and it didn't change no matter the tension.

      Also, she is going a greeny shade on her front (light tan) I noticed her inner joints were a different colour when I first got her, but changing colour on one side so soon after getting her seems insane (not sat in sunlight!)

      Has anyone else had these issues? She was a grail of mine, and now she is killing my love for the hobby.
    7. My two Harucasting girls, Eminor (still unnamed) and Gala (Adori)


      @Deity89 that is really not good to hear. Have you spoken with Haru, maybe via instagram? I can't think of anything else to suggest. :(
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    8. @dambuster01 Loving your girls, they're so cute!

      I'm eagerly waiting for my E-minor. I wonder when will Haru begin making them, haven't seen anything towards that in his instagram yet. :)
    9. Everyone's girls are so friggin adorable ♡

      As for myself, I absolutely can't wait for Neul's pre-order *___* I fell in love with him at first sight! I'm stalking Haru's IG for every new picture spam of him xD
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    10. Thank you @xaya, she's so fun to sew for and play with so you will definitely not be disappointed when you get your Eminor. I've made my girl a couple more outfits recently, she is becoming a bit spoiled! ;)

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    11. Anyone have any idea when Haru will be casting the May orders? I was hoping to get my Maji by early Sep before i go out of the country but i get the feeling that wont happen :shudder
    12. To my knowledge Haru should be able to get it done quickly. Get in contact via instagram messenger being that is where he seems to like to contact people the most on. Emails he will do only if it's a payment issue with paypal invoice, etc.
    13. I messaged Harucasting and got a reply. Thought i'd share for those who may have been interested :3nodding:
      I ordered my Maji end of May and was told she'd be good to go by end of August or a little later. So not much more of a wait :D:love
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    14. @Kentarin D'Ley Well that's good news, I've been wondering how much more we'll need to wait. I've got some eyes and wigs around waiting for my girl. Also thought about a name for her too. :) Exited to see which of the clothes she'll fit that I have ready!
    15. @xaya Your organised!!! I've bought a paid of shoes for her but eyes are something i always have trouble with so have procrastinated on... guess i better get a move on if i want them to turn up in time.
    16. @Kentarin D'Ley Thanks, I try to be. Good luck for you and your doll! Not buying her shoes or clothes yet, hopefully she'll have something from the the things I already have. I like to choose the eyes and wigs before the doll comes but I try not to think about it too much as they tend to have their own minds about the stuff I've already bought. :XD: I'm so ready for her to come home to me! :D
    17. You couldn’t be more right X,D I’ve planned dolls only for it to be completely wrong because they didn’t agree. I’s quite neat how that happens (not so much if you had a character in mind though I guess haha) Maji will be the 2nd MSD girl I’ve ever had.. I couldn’t bond with my first doll so she was sold. Lately I’ve been longing for MSD dolls. With such a busy life right now a smaller doll just seems more convenient and when I saw Haru’s pre-order it was the BJD gods trying to tell me something as i've always wanted Maji. I have an abundance of SD sized eyes/things but very little MSD things. Though I suppose this will change very soon.
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    18. Just jumped on here to see if there were any updates. I might have my E-Minor for my birthday in September. How exciting.
      I have ordered a wig and eyes for my girl and she already has a roombox waiting for her and some clothing in her chest of draws. And some shoes. I am currently obsessed with my Smart Dolls (just got them) but I'm keen to get Chae Rin home. She is my grail doll and I am so stoked to have been able to order her.
    19. I was really hoping for my Maji by my birthday, but it just passed and she didn't quite make it! Here's hoping we get our girls soon.
    20. Happy Birthday @RainbowsHaven ! Guess Maji will be a belated gift. I'm hoping we get an update late next week as by then its early September :love :eusa_pray Fingers crossed! I've been so patient but I'm getting so restless now haha