Haru Casting Mini Dolls

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Oooh, apparently I picked a good time to check in on this thread - nice to see everyone's updates! Can someone remind me what size wig and eyes Maji wears? I'm guessing 6-7" and 14mm? I should prepare too!
    2. Hello! I finally got my dolls on stands recently and got frustrated with how E-minor was fighting me- she refused to stand because her knee would pop forward and pull on her elastic, causing her to slouch forward at the waist. I remembered seeing this DOA post and searched for it. You definitely aren't the only one! It just took a while for me to notice because I had always sat her down with her knees flexed.

      I tried unstringing her last night to see what I could do and boy was she strung tight! I don't know how it was humanly possible to get her strung that tight to begin with- I couldn't get her back that way if I'd tried.

      But I noticed when I gave it slack (one end of elastic through each leg instead of doubled through both legs) her knee still kicked up except with her elastic being that loose, she wasn't able to flex her thigh and they would droop whenever I raised them. Since I couldn't get her legs strung as they originally were I tied a few extra knots in the elastic to shorten it enough to where 1. I could actually get the elastic through her legs with what little strength I have and 2. she could flex/extend her thigh without it drooping.

      The bendy knee still persisted until i hot glue sueded the inside of that joint. (where her thigh and knee meets)- so far that's fixed it. I didn't try sueding any other joints.
    3. Can't help with the wig size as I make my own but regarding eyes, I saw on a Insta post from Haru that they use 12mm low dome eyes (this is the size i'm going for). Though I assume 12 & 14mm would be fine.:celebrate
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    4. Anyone else see Haru's Insta post the other day with all the Maji and E-minor doll parts? :love Must not be far away now. Trying to stop myself from running around the office like a headless chicken full of excitement.
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    5. Yesss!! And I still can't guess which is the tan skin the I ordered :XD: It'll be extra exciting to open her up!
    6. I got an email from Haru asking for the second payment for my E-minor and to send it before September 6th! I’m so excited. It says we will receive them soon. :D

      I was slightly confused- one detail he asked for me to include was “value (how much I will declare) you want” I ended up paying the friends and family option to cut back a bit on PayPal fees. For this option should I say the full price of the doll? (Sorry if this is a dumb question I’m not sure what difference it makes so I was confused at the question) Thanks for any help and I hope everyone receives their dolls very soon!
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    7. @DaemonFae This questions is in regards to people who live in countries that charge custom fees. If you live in the US then this isn't a worry, and you can have him declare the full price of the doll. However, if you live in a country that charges customs fees on products bought abroad then the amount declared can have a significant impact on how much you pay in customs fees.
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    8. Thank you so much for the answer!
    9. @DaemonFae Yussss I got one too. I went for the 1/2 payment during placing order and 1/2 once shes done so i'm just about to pay the other half now. I wonder if Haru will ship out orders all on the certain date or will do them a few at a time as long as they have been paid. Argggg X,D i'm super excited now *trying not to think about it to much else i wont sleep!*
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    10. @Kentarin D'Ley I did that payment option too. Yeaah it’s so exciting I didn’t expect him to be getting them done so soon!
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    11. I went to pay Haru’s final invoice and I re-read his email. My heart sunk… seems like I made a mistake in my order. I couldn’t decide on her resin colour so wrote up the email ready to send it away once decided. I thought I wanted Mild tan, but ended up choosing Medium (so I thought). Turns out I didn’t update my order email and I got her in Mild tan… My heart strings hurt so much! I only have myself to blame for this stupid mistake.
      It seems like some people don’t have their order confirmations, I’m hoping that Haru maybe able to give my Mild Maji to someone who ordered one in this colour and make another in the Medium. If not ill take her regardless, but what a doofuss!!! T____T I’m waiting on Haru to reply to my email. He must think I’m an idiot.
    12. I've longed after Harucasting dolls for a while, they are all so unique and expressive.

      On a whim, I replied to his post for the vitiligo Joa dolls a while ago... and it looks like I will be getting my first Harucasting doll in some months! :ablink: I know the dolls will not be 100% representative of the disease, but I really appreciate the sentiment and the skills behind it. I am glad Joa will have Maji's torso measurements, from what I understand , since I appreciate curviness, too!
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    13. Ooh, how lucky! I can't wait to see how they all turn out from the special order.

      I definitely want a Joa myself, but I decided to wait on a normal preorder.
    14. I'm envious! I was debating getting one. My mum has vitiligo on her arms so i've been around it my whole life. I think it would be pretty special to have a doll with it and might jump on the next pre-order. Looking forward to the pictures you post once she arrives ;)
    15. I had my shipping notice this week, I was on a holiday elsewhere so I'm super exited. Maybe next week she'll come to me. :)
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    16. Got my shipping notice too! Eee! Can't wait to see all the new Haru babies!
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    17. Congratulations to those of you soon to get your new Haru babies, I look forward to seeing them here on the thread.
      In the meantime Erin (yes she finally has a name, it only took me 6 months to think of one!!!! :D ) popped in to say Hi!
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    18. @dambuster01 She is super cute! Erin is cute name. <3 :)

      I'm so exited, it seems like my girls tracking is now in the Finnish Post system and man I hope they'll process her soon to the customs. I've only few times got something without custom fee so I'm sure I'll need to pay it. Prefer sooner than later, it'd be so good to have her for the weekend or early next week. :D
    19. My Maji arrived today! People were not kidding about them being strung unbelievably tight haha. I definitely underestimated the thunder thighs/hips too - seeing them in person, she is truly pear shaped! Can't wait to get to know her better!
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    20. I just received my girl! Her photos are in my instagram @xaya_pooh if you wish to see them. :) I'm so happy!
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