Has anyone seen Electroncat?

May 18, 2006

    1. This post is coming a bit late to resolve much, I think, but it's worth a try. . .

      Quite a while ago, in November, I commissioned a dress from DoA user electroncat -- it wasn't a big purchase, just 40 dollars or so, but I was very much looking forward to it. I like her work, and was excited about the dress. She told me the commission would take approximately 3 weeks, and that her list was fairly empty because Halloween had just passed.

      A month passed. I e-mailed her, asking how things were going, gently reminded her that I had been quoted a three-week wait. She said she was having trouble finding the right color trim, and I said I didn't mind waiting.

      Two weeks passed. I asked for pictures, to confirm she was indeed making the dress for me, and she obliged, sending photos of the pattern pieces. I figured, you know, why rush an artist?

      Since then, I haven't heard from her, either in PM or e-mail. No dress, no money, no contact. Did something happen to her? I don't want to point fingers and cry "Scammer!" if she's sick or something, but. . . I'm wary at this point. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm not going to get anything back from the transaction, but if anyone has info, I'd appreciate it! :)
    2. electroncat is a local for me, and I last saw her at the February meet-up.

      I know right now she's not coming to the meet-up this Saturday (the 20th) because she's moving. It's quite possible she's just forgotten and/or lost the pieces in the havoc of changing living spaces. Her livejournal is here: http://electroncat.livejournal.com/ ...Try sending e-mails and PMs, maybe?