Help me find Historical Figures please!?!?!

Apr 13, 2018

    1. From the title I would understand how you’d think it’s not really BJD related, but it is!
      So I’m starting a historical figure BJD collection, so far I have Anastasia and Marilyn Monroe, coincidentally, they were both born in June, and since my own birthday is in June, I have decided to make it a prerequisite, so, does anyone know of any iconic/pop/historical figures that are at this moment Deceased and were born in June? They could be male or female, of any age! Thanks for your help guys! :)
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    2. I agree that it’s more of a google thing, just type in “historical figures born in June,” also I think it might be easier to just think of characters who you like rather than limit them to their birthday. I just think you’ll have to wade through a lot of people that don’t really fit into a doll sculpt easily.
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    3. As this topic doesn't directly relate to doll ownership, and you have been provided with some good information, I am locking this thread.