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HELP ~ S-hook for neckpost lost!!

May 29, 2008

    1. > My Kid Delf Bory, Cassander, has a magnetic headcap and when I was in the process of restiringing him, I lost the part that holds him together! The S-hook that attatches his head. : (

      > Currently I have one of those Italian link charm bracelets in place of the hook but the poor thing can't even move his head let alone bend his body, and that's no way to live! Can anyone help me?

      >I've checked the local ACE hardware store but all of their hooks are too small. Thank you.
    2. mirshi

      I used a ring from an old keychain instead of an s-hook. They come in different sizes. Will this work?

      Here is a pic:

    3. Oh I've been there, one idea I found.

      I also had trouble finding a suitable s hook but I found it in the oddest place. A bath/sink plug and chain xD


      You can just about see it in the middle of the chain coil there, but the part you afix to the bath tub has an s hook. It was a great size for my msd.

      All I needed to do was use some plyers to pry the hook slightly open and then bam, you're done.
    4. Chopsart >>> Um, excuse me, ... once the keychain jump ring is on, how do you put the head on it? All of the rings I have found were too big for the head. :/

      > Needless to say, after some time I found something that would work but...
    5. you should be able to buy an S hook at the hardware store. Just make sure to bring your doll head to be sure of the fit. otherwise a washer from the hardware store should work just as well. if you really have trouble and you're willing to wait, Luts sells the S hooks separately. That shouldn't be necessary though.
    6. mirshi

      I think I misunderstood you-- you need an "S" hook so you can attach the body elastic to the head cap? Am I correct? I have used tape, or apoxied small magnets into the head / headcap to keep them together. Therefore I have no need for the "S" hook. I personally think keeping the headcaps on with the S hook is a super pain!-- so I avoid it!
    7. Oh, no. You didn't misunderstand me. I really did need an s-hook. I was just confused as to how you were able to attach your doll's head after you put the key ring on. It looks to big in the picture.
    8. I think in the case of a KD you'd have to attach the ring after putting the head on. If your boy is strung tight it's be pretty hard, but doable.
    9. Hmm, basically what you would have to do is string the doll with the head on and the elastic going through the head and neck. do the KD still have the old rubberband/S-hook method of attaching the S hook?

      In the picture chopsart posted, you're right she does need to have the headback before attaching the ring. Where you able to find what you're looking for?
    10. Ah. Thanks for everyone's ideas and suppourt! I actually did find his s-hook a few months later in my friend's hallway. xo Don't ask me how it got there! Anyways, yes, Cassie is completely fixed and ready to play!
    11. Some of the older models do, such as tTori... though they have the new bodies, the headcap's still a pain! =/
      Cassie, fortunately, has the magnetic type. =]
    12. Don't worry too much about it. You have it easy. I lost my doll's foot hooks when I was restringing him and had to get a new pair on here.
      There are a lot of things you can use in place of the s hook. You'll have no problems getting this taken care of! Good luck! ^_^
    13. Ooops,just read that you found it,GREAT FOR YOU! ^_^
      I'm happy it worked out.
      I probably won't find my boys foot hooks until I move,lol.
    14. DarkNeko... ^_6

      Thanks for the moral suppourt! x3
      So you still haven't found the hooks? That happened to my Israel. The s-hook for his foot just shot of somewhere while I was restringing him! 0_0 I just looked in ACE Hardware and found a nice replacement. ^_^---
    15. S hooks, I watched the Volks doll doctors and they make their own S hooks. They have long lengths of metal chain in the right size. They cut it and smooth the cut edges. I always wondering how their S hooks had the perfect shape. It's because they make it from chains.