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Her name is Taiwoona! Beware! - RESOLVED

Feb 22, 2008

    1. I wanted to nip this in the but so to speak since she said she was going to slander me.
      I had a customer contacting me asking to pay by money order, and for a custom color on a wig. Normally I only take paypal, and I only do the colors on my website.
      However, I figured it might be the nice thing to do. So I agreed to the commission.
      Well. She sent the money order, and I told her I couldn't order the materials till it arrived (that is stated on my site) So a week later, once it arrived I ordered the material. That took another couple of days. Then it was a matter of getting the items together as she requested, getting the dye to set, and so forth. I had told her that it was going to be 2-3 weeks to get the wigs done.
      However come the end of the very first week she was sending me emails 3 times a day asking where her wigs were, and that she was thinking of taking action against me!
      Then there was a problem with the post office. This certainly wasn't my fault! They had lost the package for a few days in the back room. So yestarday I upgraded the shipping, and had it priority with tracking (she originally paid for first class)
      It takes a day or so for the tracking numbers to work. So today she sent me another several emails saying how she was going to hit all the boards and tell them what a horrible seller I was.
      Now I ask you. Would it make sense for someone who has been in the public eye on the boards for over 4 years, with an unblemished ebay feedback (under daangeliquin) score of 332 to stiff one person out of their items?

      Please make your own judgment once she hits the board, but keep the above in mind.
    2. anji ~ Is this a transaction that took place on DoA?
    3. She heard about me from DOA and contacted me via email, which thus begun the transaction. You can delete this thread now if you like. I believe the problem has been resolved. Or at least she realized the error of her thinking.