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History of Modern ABJD's?

Nov 21, 2011

    1. I love my dolls and I found myself wondering, where did this all begin and how did so many companies come into being and all that?
      I tried searching online, but it is hard to find anything specifically about modern ABJD's and not just all dolls with ball joints ever.

      so, basically:

      What was the first modern ABJD company? When did they first appear?

      When did other companies begin to appear?

      I hope this is the right place for this thread!:sweat
    2. What was the first modern ABJD company? When did they first appear?
      Volks released the first super dollfie in 1999: http://superdollfie.net/en/10th_sd/history/y1999.html
      However, Volks has existed as a hobby shop since 1972 and the SD prototype was made in 1998: http://superdollfie.net/en/10th_sd/history/y1998.html

      When did other companies begin to appear?
      Gentaro Araki from Alchemic Labo created the Andolrea U-noss for Volks in 2000: http://www.angelden.net/volks/other/unoss.php

      IIRC Cerberus Project and Custom House began operating around 2003-2004.
    3. It would be fun to add a timeline to the DoA wiki, though. I think this question is repeated somewhat often :D
    4. Thank you so much for the links, Sukeban!
      And yes, a timeline would be awesome!
    5. Yeah--more attention needs to be paid to the DoA wiki!

      There's all these people who know stuff and the wiki is still pretty basic...

      A timeline and a basic info / history page like on the main wiki would be nice on the DoA wiki, too.
    6. Volks was first and the Volks collaboration with Araki to make Unoss came second.

      Soon after that: Custom House, HyperManiac, Real Missing Link (aka RML), Rasendo, Cerebus Project (60cm Delf became a Luts exclusive later), LovelyHouse, Angel Region, Blue Fairy, Happydoll, Dive, Kanon, Elysium, Souldoll, Dollshe, Dollmore, Soom.

      Those are not in perfect order of appearance but the ones in the first part of my list I recall being older than the ones at the end of my list. Some of those companies are long gone and/or now obscure. Others have gotten huge. Quite a few of the big names no longer have old discontinued dolls listed on their websites.

      I am sure there are others I have forgotten but it's pretty good for dolls available between 2000-2004 into 2005.