Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. HI guys
      Where can I buy model horses that would fit
      SD13 sized dolls?? I would like to avoid buying
      through internet. Do you know any store that would
      carry one? I've tried toysRus but they didn't have one.
      thanks in advance.
    2. Good luck! I've been looking for a horse for my Hound but to tell you the truth, I don't think they make any that big. I did find a cloth, stuffed horse (Ebay) that was big enough, but it didn't look real like a model one would. It was expensive too.

      Anyone know of any?
    3. I collect model horses, and I have never seen any that are to scale for SD13 dolls. The largest, easy to find one that I have seen are the My Generation horses, which aren't all that well designed as horse models go, and they're much more suited to MSDs. A larger doll on them would look like an adult riding a small pony. I think you can find My Generation horses at Target sometimes.
    4. I have an American girl horse and she is way to small for my Juri, Luts Girl body doll. However, she is the perfect size for my Luts Kid Delf Doll.
    5. thanks for the advices.
      I've seen pictures of SD13size bjd's on the model horses
      in the gallery section a long time ago.
      they looked so real!!
      If I could only remember who those piccies belong to...
      by the way the idea of bjh is real cool~
      positioning legs in different ways :)
    6. I heard My Twinn horses were a good size for Sd-13.

      I have My Generation horses from Target. They are better size for MSd in my opinion.

    7. your MSDs look great on those horses!!
      but they may be a slightly small for sd13's though...
      whoa!! I just checked out the furniture section of mytwin
      and they look so well made. do you know if they are in
      scale with sd13's??
      besides horses I needs some furnitures soon. :love
    8. The Generation horses look like ponies with Sd-13. Off scale a bit...

      My Twinn dolls are 24 inches tall. I think lots of furniture pieces would work well in scale for SD-13. But double check the size of each piece before you buy.

      My Generation and American Girl dolls are 18 inches. But still some of their furniture may work. It all depends.

    9. I'd been thinking of sculpting a SD/SD13-sized horse, specifically an Andalusian or Lipizzaner type out of regular sculpey and cast it in resin. The real question (after cost for materials) would be whether or not to make it ball-jointed as well for posing.

      And really, as many options as there are for giving face-ups to our dolls, just imagine the possibilities for the horses too! Bay, palomino, chestnut, and all the variations for markings too!
    10. Hrm... I'm a breyer horse freak myself and I lurve them. They are so beautiful, I have like 30 of them. Unfortunatley they are... 1/7th size it think? In other words, waaaay to small.The american girl dolls are fuzzy, but as far as looks go, I think the My generation horses look better. I would love to take the time to sculpt a horse, but it would take a looong time. Mneh.. maybe Ill steal sculpting clay from My dads school ::ponders::
    11. I've seen the customizations that people have done with the Breyers, and oh my, there are some GORGEOUS horses to be found.

      The My Generation horses don't differentiate between breeds very well. I think the white one on the left in the picture is supposedly an Arabian?

      Erinna, I would so love to do the horse just for the customizing potential. You really can't have a knight without his faithful steed, can you? :D
    12. The largest Breyers are 1/9 scale, and they just get progressively smaller. Believe me, I wish they worked with at least some dolls. I've got over 400 Breyers and original artist resin horses, riders would have been nice.

      I think to sculpt a horse 1/3 size, you would have to create a framework to put the clay onto, it'd be way too heavy without something like that in the middle.
    13. I don't remember what they were called but I know that at a meet awhile ago Pam had a few... I think they were hers. They seemed to be decently to scale. Those also might have been the pictures you saw if they were from late last year.
    14. yeah~ maybe the owner of those piccies is Pam.
      that particular post had several piccies of bjds' on few
      different horses. they looked very realistic.
      hope she posts her horses again. :(

    15. Since I'm heading into the vortex of time and space known as "con fever" before Yaoicon, I won't be able to get started on any sculpts (using wire form and armature wire for support, of course), but I did want to ask what sorts people were wanting to see for horses.

      I've got my pick for the Andalusian/Lipizzaner type. What about other folks?
    16. I love Friesians myself;I would love to have one for Llewelyn.I know Marx had put out some gorgeous horses; some actually had a moving parts,like the head, and neck.Others had just the legs,but even then,they were very done. I think just having one large enough to support the weight of a SD13 doll, or even one of the 70 cm crew,would be quite something.
    17. Pam's horses are these beautiful repaints she does of the target- my generation horses.
      THe Marx horses are 1/6 scale, so I got one for my Toyou. She looks small on it.
    18. My Generation--is'nt that the line of dolls unlike, but the same size, as the American Girl dolls? If so, when I get my Rainy Sooah, I want a horse, too! Yours is so beautiful!
      Love, Tambra :daisy
    19. Yep... My Twinn horses are a *much* better scale for SD/SD13-sized dolls than the My Generation horses are, and they look a little more convincing than American Girl horses... which look entirely too much like plushies. 0_o

      When I have light in the morning, I'll take a few pictures of Harumatsu's horse (one of the My Twinn variety-) with CP guys and gals, MiniFees, and my Hound. That beast is almost big enough for 70cm guys. It works perfectly with 60cm dolls. ^_^