How do you keep, store, display your dolls if you get more and more?

Jan 11, 2019

    1. So I was wondering this. My dolls are currently sitting in a display cabinet but it's kind of small for my SDs (especially the 70cm boys. How are you keeping them? Any tips? I don't want to leave them out in open to get dusty.
    2. My dolls have a big shelf in a closed wardrobe. Dolls sit on the shelf. The size of my dolls is MSD, SD, and 70+
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    3. I have a bookshelf that I attached glass doors to, so I could pick big enough spaced shelves and then made the doors myself to fit
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    4. I keep mine on my bookshelf at the moment. If I run out of space I remove books and replace them with dolls haha One day I would like to have a shelved wardrobe for them to keep them away from light and it should help with reducing dust.
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    5. I used to keep my dolls on a bookshelf, which meant I had to get rid of a lot of books. I have been running out of room for the last several years and finally got rid of the bookshelves and got a Kallax shelf from Ikea and they're sitting in and on that. I still don't have room for all of them, but I'll be getting another shelf in a few weeks and hopefully the rest will move onto that one. Luckily it isn't a lot or I'd be doomed. I still have books all over the place that need homes.

      Space has been a huge issue for me, I have a lot of dolls, I live in an apt, and I have downsized but obviously not enough XD and I moved from mostly 60 to mostly 70cm and even though I got rid of a lot of my minis, that ate up a lot of space. The bookshelf was horrible because they had to sit on top one another and the shelves weren't high enough for my EID so he was on his back taking up the space of like, six dolls.
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    6. I have them in closet that has build in shelves
      I also have them on bookcases and some of them sit on chairs in the bookcase
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    7. Since I have a tiny room and people who consider my dolls "childish" and/or "creepy", I keep most of them stored in boxes and put away. I have one doll that stays out in her chair since her box had been destroyed after she had shipped. They're all close by and readily available for me if and when I want to take them out.
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    8. I keep mine in a secretary desk that has a hutch on it. The shelves are adjustable and they’re behind glass. Probably not a good option for SDs but I only have MSDs.
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    9. I keep mine in a shelve with doors and I make sure that they aren't getting sunlight :O
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    10. Mine currently hang out with me either on the bookshelf in my room or on a shelf next to my sewing corner. They're out of direct sunlight, but I'm hoping to get one of those IKEA cabinets at some point for them. Then it'd be easier to keep dust off of them when I'm not interacting directly with them.
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    11. All on my desk at the moment but if they keep on joining me I'm going to have to rotate them with the seasons.
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    12. My dolls are all sitting inside a closet all bunched up, I'm gonna get built a 2 store closet for them where they can sit with enough space on doll sofas and all their stuff.
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    13. I have 4 out of 5 (a 6th on the way) displayed on my dresser (all 1/3) with a doll stand and 3 chairs. When my 2 big boys are put together, I'm going to break them all up into their respective couples.
    14. Already an old pic, but I decided to invest into a proper cabinet many years ago.

      [​IMG]Horde_storage by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr

      It's pretty empty in the SD section right now, as I've decided to cut down my 'big' collection there, but in return the MSD horde... keeps growing *coughs*
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    15. I have a fancy dog bed that basically looks like an SD sized sofa on the desk next to my sewing machine. It can only fit three dolls, so I am letting my favorites use it. Every other doll gets a stand. I'm not at the point where I need to reconsider my display options due to lack of space, but I am sure it will change in the future!
    16. Mine sit on my desk (I never use it) and on a little bench in front of the desk. I keep the curtains drawn in my room (I only sleep in my bedroom, rest of my life is downstairs so I just leave it dark... ). I’d like a lovely display but I don’t have the time or space currently.

      Three of them stay down in the sitting room on a book shelf. It’s nice and deep so the big guys can sit with their feet dangling. There’s no real reason... I just interact with those three more & am less worried about them, so they can stay down. ^_^ also, contrary to some people’s negative experiences, I’ve had tons of positive conversations with visitors. Even the ambulance crew when I was unwell... :whee:
    17. I have an Ikea shelf with doors. It is the slim PAX. So it is basically a closet with lots of shelves. No sunlight and no dust and no nosey visitors will touch my precious ones. The dolls are sitting inside the PAX in rows on the shelves.The two bigger guys having issues with sitting relaxed. Big skirts and petticoats are hard to handle and eating space. But I also have a built in diorama in another big closet, where they were sitting on their chairs, when they were below 20 back than. Nowadays, I use it to store their stuff and for taking pictures. Because as they went too many, they had to move into the PAX.
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    18. At the moment they're sat on top of a hamper in my room and one sits on my cupboard. But soon they're moving to a larger shelf that's just for them. I need to reorganise all my storage in general so their home will keep changing.
    19. Currently my dolls are all in their boxes in a closet but my husband and his mom desperately want me to display them in glass cabinets so every more people can see them.

      I've never been able to properly display my dolls though and so I'm okay with them being in the closet (where they can't become damaged).
    20. My SD crew are in dioramas on shelves custom built for them. Since they are in a spare bedroom, I keep the door closed and dust really isn't a problem. The room only has one south facing window, so they never get direct sunlight, and I have blinds and a curtain to help keep it from being too bright in there. The boxes stayin the closet, and their extra clothes and accessories that aren't in the dioramas are stored in a dresser. Each doll has their own shoebox size plastic tub for their stuff (unless they have a bedroom diorama, then everything is stored in their furniture).

      My first doll is MSD and I have two anthros who don't fit in with the SD crew at all, so they hang out in a corner display cabinet in my sewing room.
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