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How do you pick which doll to buy?

Jul 9, 2007

    1. Meaning, there are so many choices out there, how do you (personally) know when you've found the right one? Does it give you goosebumps when you see their picture for the first time? Does a name just automatically pop into your head? Do you say to yourself, I need to take care of this doll..

      I was just wondering because I'm looking for my first doll and there are just so many to choose from. There are a few that I really like but one in particular, her name popped into my head right away and I thought she was the most adorable thing when I saw her picture. Is she the one I should choose?

      How do you guys choose?
    2. When I see a doll and it give me the good old *grabby hands* I WANT IT! feeling I know at some point I'll just have to have it someday. The dolls I see that I feel I really want I can look at them online again and again and never get bored of them.
    3. I know because I get that I must have it feeling.
    4. I thik its definately a case of which one calls your name...you look at a picture and BLAM your smitten it really does work that way every time for me..trouble is im smitten with so many and i just dont have enough hours in the day to work to earn the money it will take lol....currently im totally stupidly besotted with my Narae....still sighing lol:aheartbea :love
    5. I find there are a lot of dolls I really love on first sight, and am really captivated by, but that a lot of the time I don't find them as interesting after a couple of weeks or even months. I think the ones that both "grab" you when you first see them and still look as beautiful and captivating months later are the ones to go for.

      That said, I have no dolls yet... I am trying to "wait it out" and decide which of the ones I am looking at now will actually hold my interest and which are just pretty but not for me. ; )
    6. I found that the doll chooses you, it just sort of looks at you and says 'buy me'. Look at all the doll company sites and you will find that some dolls call out to you. Then just keep looking at the ones that apeal most and one will win. Well thats how i chose my E-an anyway.:)
    7. I wasn't thinking of buying a bjd at all. I had seen several bjds at fantasy conventions and doll fairs and was intrigued, thought they were beautiful, but I was already into dollhouses and was never much of a doll person.

      I was just looking on Ebay, to see if there was something interesting to purchase for my shop. (I run a dollhouse shop) I came accross an auction for the most beautiful doll I ever saw and I knew I had to have him! BUT he was a. sold out, b. very expensive and c. I already had a house full of dollhouses.

      I started surfing the internet and found many more info about bjds and went on this forum and my country's forum and found another doll I liked, which was more affordable and perfect for a starter doll. So I bought Ciaran (Chen from AOD) and now that I have him I know I want many, many more bjds.

      It's the mouth that does it for me. When I saw the mouth of Andrea from Dim and my Ciaran's mouth, well, I was lost... I'm officially hooked!:love
    8. Some look like characters I want bodies for--in someways, those are the easiest to pick out, because I have criteria for what will work or not. Non-character dolls...some will just really grab my attention, and as I look at other dolls, I'll keep coming back to certain ones.
    9. I was torn between two dolls for my first purchase, but Shall just seemed to jump out at me more so I decided to go with her. I do intend on purchasing the other doll someday. :)
    10. Most of my family was bought to represent pre-existing story characters (expensive habit, that), but my last was bought as a doll I loved and the second to last was kind of in between.

      With Keitaro, the second to last, I just kept coming back to his sale page, and the 'when I'll buy him' window kept shrinking. I originally planned to buy him "in six months". Then it was 3. Then I just went for it.

      With Lysander (the last), I saw a news entry on him, went the the company site, and was just gob-smacked with a "you're buying me". By the end of the day he was insisting on a name (which, ironically, isn't what he goes by. He was insisting on Lucien, his middle name). Because I had some money back, I ended up getting him like three days later.
    11. For me it's just a feeling that this is what I want in a BJD, it's first the face, esp the eyes. Then it's how the body is. But the real test is when it arrives and if it's a feeling of "your home now." Then I know it will never leave. If it doesn't give me that feeling I give it time to try wigs, even new eyes. If none of these help then I hope my pics in it's sale post will help it find it's forever home. I feel bad if I don't help it find a new home fast as I know it should be enjoyed and I want it to be happy just like the ones who are here with me for good are. Never felt that with the doll babies. These do seem to have a stronger feeling of joy both for me and for for the ones I do help them find new homes with.
    12. With Tanal it was odd. I had just found out about ABJDs and had this feeling that these were the dolls I'd been looking for. After a week, of staring at pictures almost all day, I discovered the Mar/Apr Domuya sale, and as I'd had no strong preference for any body over another, but did know I wanted a 60cm boy (most of the heads I liked were for that category), I ordered a body. I spent another week contemplating heads, I meant to spend two weeks thinking about the head, but elsewhere I'd been asked if I was going to make an Ai no Kusabi doll, so I started looking if there was anybody to work from for that. DIM Achernar has the same eye shape as Iason Mink, and a close enough overall face shape to work with. Examining the head for character match up went to just gazing at the head for hours, and I broke down and after two days of obsessed staring I broke down and ordered him early. I had pretty much dumped the idea of making him Iason by the time I ordered, and when I opened the box he demanded blue hair and eyes, which completely nixed Iason. Once I got him stuck on a body I was shocked to find he was a character from one of my oldest worthwhile pieces of writing. (I am still considering making him cosplay Iason though!)

      Now that I've actually seen and handled a BJD in person, I am trying to pick my future dolls to be specific characters that I've had wandering my notebooks for years. Especially hunting down Tanal's partner, Gamrut, and thothep, who is probably my absolute favorite of all the characters I've created to date.
    13. Each dolly has been different, but the common thread for each one has been that rationalizing why I *shouldn't* hasn't worked. :lol:

      There's this overwhelming feeling of, BUT-- to all the reasons I come up with that I shouldn't get a doll right now.
    14. When I was shopping around for my first doll a lot of the dolls were "pretty" and a wanted a lot of them, but none of them really gave me a push to buy one. Then I stumbled across Limhwa's website and found the Limho's...His small pictures there just called out to me and it was almost like Reita's character was born in my head.
      Then I went back to all the other dolls I thought I wanted and always ended up going back to the Limho. A few months later and now he's sitting next to me and I love him more than I ever thought I could. :)

      ...And now we're going through the same process with the next doll. XD
    15. I just got my first doll, a tanned El. He was on Ebay and when I saw him I just fell in love, even though I really didn't have any boy dolls in any planning anywhere. And by "in love" I mean I thought about him all day, I dreamt about him that night and eventually I just knew I would seriously hate myself if somebody else bought him and I couldn't have him. I tested out if I really wanted him by imagining I lost the auction. To my surprise I didn't feel anything. Then I realized that was because I simply couldn't imagine anyone else buying the doll, since he'd called out to me and was going to come home to me no matter what.
    16. All of my dolls, except for the twins, started as characters. I draw so I had a good picture of what the little person looks like. I look for the face mold that matches that idea the closest. Xavier didn't have a set price, but within budget or payment plan was better, and it took awhile to decide on him.

      I started with the size, mini, and skin tone, white or snow, I wanted. The character has a wide Irish face with turned down eyes so it's a bit different from most ABJs. It came down to between 2 heads, Dollzone Fei and the Dollzone mini vampire. Ultimately it was the molded on fangs that turned me off from the vampire. I looked at a blank Fei, did a few mock photoshop faces, and decided he would be it.

      When it came to getting a girl I knew she would be a white mini Dollzone but there were three faces to chose from. One was dismissed for looking to happy when X looks forlorn and the store was out of the other in white. I could have waited but I read an old post where I had said Tintan looked somewhat like Fei so that sealed it.

      Take your time, look at lots of pictures, and when you find your doll you will know.
    17. I never rush into buying a doll. If I see one I like I think about it for a month or so and if I still want it then I go with my gut feeling and get it.
    18. Some, you just like because they aestethically please you; you see them and adore them over others because they've got the features you like and probably a faceup to boot.

      Personally, though, when I look for dolls to represent characters, you know when you've found them because it feels like you found a buddy that you were looking for. All like, "oh hey, there you are. Come home soon, kay?"

      Then it's a matter of picking out who to get first, which depends on several variables. How available they are ( I didn't want my next doll so soon, but if I didn't order now I'd have to pay out the butt to get him later ), how they need to go character-wise ( can't have Jacob without October! ), or most easily, who you're most attached to! <3
    19. I really had no plans to purchase a BJD, but one dayI stumbled upon Shall and fell in love. She is still my favorite, althought I have since then added 4 more to my growing family.
    20. There are a lot of dolls that I consider beautiful, my favorite doll changes every once in a while, so I haven't decided which one I'll get next. So I guess the best thing to do when you can't decide is to see the doll with different faceups, clothes and poses and see which doll fits better with the look you want for your doll and even which doll looks better with the other dolls you plan to have in the future (if that is an important issue for you).

      I have a folder in my computer for photos of dolls, if I have twice as many photos of one of the dolls it's a good indicator that she/he is my favourite :lol: