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How do you store your doll clothes?

Dec 26, 2016

    1. I'm interested! My friend stores hers in a little wooden chest. I'm currently storing mine's clothes in her box.
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    2. I have a metal drawer from Ikea. It lets me categorize the clothes and have drawers for props/misc and one for their papers.
    3. I keep my doll's clothes, props, and some of their furniture in those clear, stackable storage boxes. Yup, I have 11 of those containers now. Ohh!!! That does not account for some special outfits that are stored inside certain doll's shipper boxes. :XD:
    4. Boxes. Way too many boxes. Guess another closet clean-out might be in order.
    5. I have my BJD's clothes in their original package (when there is one, or else, in little paper or plastic bags) that i then store in one of my doll boxes! gain of space i guess? :lol:
      Might make them a closet at their size, but it would take time !
    6. Little stackable plastic boxes. I don't have much yet as I'm restarting my collection, but since I'm getting YOSDs this time it will take up less space! : D
    7. Mine are just stored in a tub but I want to make a clothes rail to hang them on. I've seen in ikea that you can buy rails that attach onto shelves so I might just get that and buy little hangers for it.
    8. I don't have much so right now I keep it in this adorable little shoe box from Hot Chocolate Shoe Company (an adorable set of shoes for me off of amazon). It looks like a neapolitan ice cream sandwhich.
    9. I keep clothes for each specific doll in their individual doll boxes. When I was in college I kept them in a little chest I found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby that was an approx. 18" cube to help with lack of storage.
    10. I use the stackable plastic boxes that others have mentioned. They're the kind with three individual drawers. I've got four of these, two large and two small. MSD girls' clothes takes up one large box, MSD boys' clothes takes up one small box, YoSD and tiny stuff take up the second large box, and the second small box holds wigs and tools.

      In addition to the plastic crates I keep the individual outfits stored in the wrappers they came in. Most of my dolls' clothing items came wrapped in either paper or plastic envelopes, and when I'm not using the clothes I keep them tucked in these envelopes. This keeps the clothes from getting lost or wrinkled or snagged by the plastic.

      There are exceptions, of course. Some of my dolls' things are too bulky to be boxed up. My girls' lolita dresses don't have a proper drawer, for example. Right now they're lying on the top of one of the boxes because I haven't been able to afford a fifth box for them. There's also a felt cloche that would be crushed out of shape if I tried to cram it into a drawer, so I gave it special treatment with a wooden hat stand.
    11. Nine of my dolls have their own bedroom dioramas set up, and their clothes are stored in their furniture.

      The others each have their own shoebox size storage tub in a dresser in the doll room that holds their stuff. Anything that's super fancy, expensive or oversized (like formal dresses, suits, costumes) is on a doll hanger and hanging in the closet in that same room.
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    12. I keep each outfit in its own a ziplock bag and have them stored in a 3-drawer cart unit designated as Tiny/YOSD, MSD, SD.
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    13. I have a couple of these, they make for good dolly-things storage ^^
    14. I'm currently using a large flip top box for my doll clothes. I only had it for a month and it's almost full already.
    15. I am quite new to the hobby, had to buy a drawer for the doll clothes just recently though my two dolls still got nothing to wear. lol
    16. After I moved I suddenly had a lot of build-in cabinets, and I'm using two of them for doll stuff. I use two shelfs for the dolls themselves, two for storing some other doll related stuff, then there's six drawers in the bottom half of the cabinets, that I use for storing the clothes, wigs and shoes :)
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    17. At the moment they are stored in a box, but I'm looking forward on getting a prettier way to display at least some of them after I move into a new apartment.
    18. At the moment I just put (more like shove) all their clothes in one of their carry bags...I would prefer to have a nice box or some nice storage for them all buttt....>.> xD
    19. As I'm still pretty new to the hobby, I only have a small box for accessories & furniture and then a little bag (kinda like a makeup bag) that I keep clothes in, but I make sure they stay in their original packaging! I'm hoping to buy a small set of draws or something similar so that it can look tidy haha
    20. Back when I was collecting 1:6 vinyl dolls, I had their jewelry pinned on a big cork board on the wall. It's still there and I'm thinking I might like to pin the occasional BJD outfit on it - maybe when it's something really pretty, or a new outfit that I just want to admire for a few days before I dress someone in it.

      I do store most of their things in boxes, but it seems a shame to keep their lovely things tucked away where you can't see them.
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