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How long till you give Negative Feedback?

Feb 17, 2007

    1. How long do you wait before giving negative feedback?

      I bought something from a DOA member three weeks ago who lives in Canada and am now not receiving any response from them, and no package, in the mean time, I've bought eyes from Korea, and got them; sent a package to friends in Alaska, who got it in eight days... But I'm concerned about this negative feedback thing, not sure what else to do at this point...

      What's an appropriate amount of time to wait?

      Is there anything else I should be doing?

      It's just so frustrating....
    2. I say three weeks is enough time, especially since you say that you've gotten no response from them. Leave the negative feedback so others will know what to expect from seller. You may find out that this seller has history of accepting money and not sending out items. :...(

      But... if you do receive item, then you can always "fix" the feedback to include the reasons why transaction was horrible.

      If you had been talking to the seller and getting a reason for the delay, then it would be a different story. ( Hope you get the item and this all passes like water under a bridge ).
    3. mailing between the US and Canada is unusually slow right now. I have mailed several packages to/from Canada this year and it usually takes *at least* 2-3 weeks for it to arrive - and that's with no customs complications - just "normal" procedure.
      In fact, I sent one over 3 weeks ago that has not arrived yet. And in the meantime I have sent/rec'd packages from Asia and Europe that arrived in less than a week.

      So maybe it's a bit premature to ding the seller - blame both US and Canada postal systems. (However, she should be responding to emails and pms.)
    4. With no replies to emails or PMs 3 weeks is more than enough time. Actually if I bought someone from someone and did not get a reply in 2 weeks I would leave neutral feedback.

      The reason why? Well there are two reasons. 1st, you can always change the feedback if/when the person replies. 2nd, even if they are sick/their computer dies/etc they should be able to contact you once in a 2 week period (especially if they have your money) to say that they are having trouble with other things and will get back to you/mail the item ASAP.
    5. Did you mean that you have emailed and pm'd the seller several times~~and received no replies back?

      This is a touchy situation. Severe illness, auto accident, death in the family--these things do happen and these events can consume us. But, I agree with Manami.....I'd like to think the seller could contact you SOMEhow.

      To add to this, items I've ordered from Canada (ebay and DoA), have taken a month or more to get to me (northern Wisconsin). Not sure why it takes so long. Other items arrive in 2-10 days, depending on what part of the world its coming from.

      It will be interesting to hear what others think about this.

      BubbleGumGoth, I hope your purchase is in the mail on monday!!!! *hugzzz
    6. I agree they should contact you, but I just bought something via Canada Post and it did take three weeks to reach me. You may want to give it another week or perhaps see if it was shipped with a tracking number to trace it.
    7. As someone who lives in Canada and ships to the U.S., I can honestly say it can take WAY longer than it should to get there these days. I sent something air mail to someone in the northeastern U.S. and it took SIX WEEKS. And that was by priority mail that I'd paid extra for to send it fast. The main reason I've been told is that U.S. Customs randomly holds packages from Canada for inspections and takes their jolly sweet time in moving them along to their destinations. I'm not positive that's the true reason, but SOMETHING is delaying the mail lately.

      However, the no contact is certainly a problem. That's just bad form. I do hope you get your items soon and in pristine condition.
    8. If it was sent priority then they have a guaruntee to deliver in 4-6 days. File a claim with Canada post and you should receive a refund for the shipping.