How many floating heads do you have? (2019/2020)

Jan 18, 2019


How many floating heads do you have?

Poll closed Dec 29, 2020.
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  2. 1-5

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    1. This is all about floating heads: the heads you received as gifts, the ones you bought, these never finished/half finished/fully grown personalities that don't have their own bodies or that need to share with the head 'that has it all'.

      Please count:
      * full heads only, the ones that have their own headbacks,
      * do not count faceplates.

      Thank you
    2. 10 more or less. Or even more...? If you think I have bought 3 heads from PW this past month... I'm just too lazy to check lol
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    3. Way more than 20, I’ve lost count. Maybe 35 or 40? Okay I sound crazy, but let me explain... of my 18 dolls, many have ‘spares’. My anxiety & autism makes me worry they’ll get damaged & I’ll never find another, so when I buy a doll I often buy a spare of the same head. I also have my two unique custom sculpts from Namonaki. Because they’re custom, I had to order a minimum of ten heads for each casting. I didn’t really want to sell, so I have all the casts from those two. A good consequence of that is that I’m a lot less worried about them! The two dolls that have those heads are clearly favourites & get a lot more interaction because even in the event of getting chipped or damaged... I could just swap heads.

      All the heads live in a drawer in a big chest. I also sometimes buy heads from artists or on sale, in case I can’t get them later. I can always look for a body afterwards! Although of those, only one is currently missing a body.
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    4. 5, and I feel like that's 3 too many. One is a grail and another is my first faceup head (so sentimental) but the other 3 just sit there and complain about needing bodies. :horror:
    5. I own ten, and I don't plan on purchasing bodies for any of them. It was always my goal to never own more than ten full BJD, so I knew I would own a few floating heads just because I like some faces more than the bodies and I don't sell heads. I had plans to get a body for one of them eventually (many years ago), but the longer I "stay" in this hobby, the less I like the aesthetics of available bodies. DX
    6. I believe only 2. Dollzone Bertha and my new Miracle Doll Vic are still in need of bodies... I have an Angel of Dream skull but I don't intend to ever get him a body so he doesn't count.

      Unrelated, but I also have a floating body that doesn't match either of them. Go figure lol
    7. I think i'm currently at 15 and i'm sure that will grow. For me it's a good way of managing with limited space and money to have multiple heads share a body. I can only have a few dolls out at a time and switching what characters they are every couple of months stops me getting bored :)
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    8. Only 1 (via split), and it's still in production. But I have so many "wants" that I'd have to buy more heads, since there is no more room for full dolls :roll:
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    9. Just two. I've been through three others though, because I am a big hybrider. But now I have one practice head and one head that needs a body left.
    10. Too Many!

      I have a Baby Delf body that I've been trying to find a head for, so have several failures (some look OK with the doll alone, but with SD sized ovlder siblings, the poor Baby Delf looks like it's had a head transplantf orm a bigger doll)

      And I'm an RML addict so can't resist snappign up RML heads if they come up on the marketplace or Ebay.

      And I have some tiy heads that I got to try on an inbetweeny sized body.

      Sp, yes, far too many floating heads, though I do have a couple of bodies that two of them would fit on, so that could bring the numbers down a little(and increase the number of full dolls in the house instead)

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    11. Glad I’m not the only one who buys heads & bodies before deciding which goes on which. XD
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    12. One, but I dont really count him, since I bought him on a body, explicitly for the purpose of stealing his body, and just havent gotten around to selling the head :sweat it's not like I intentionally bought it to keep.

      That said, I have nothing against floating heads, and wouldnt mind owning more... but I know I'd be super tempted to buy bodies for them, so maybe that's for the best!
    13. i have 2 dollfie dream floating heads that i got to practice modding and painting on vinyl! they are not 100% floating bc they have torsos that i can display them on.
    14. I used to have 1 floating head but then I found a body for him so haha 0 :)
    15. At this moment in time I have one floating head,... however he hopefully won't be body-less for long. I've gotten his body ordered, just waiting for it to ship.
    16. one napidoll rogebell open eyed in NS
    17. That I intend to get bodies for? None

      That are just hanging around in the "head box" for completeness' sake (Alternate heads from full-sets and such), or until I sell them off or give them away? About a dozen.
    18. I have five floating heads. It is difficult to find suitable bodies. Every time I watch these heads, it makes me feel sad.