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Huge Problem! Need Help!!!

Jan 25, 2009

    1. This transaction is really wearing my down, I've been holding off coming for help here on DenOfAngels because I've been trying to resolve this transaction By othere means, but now I am trapped. I am sorry if this is in the wrong place, please move it to some where more appropriate. I ordered A DOC Petsha from gataybrujo here on the forums. Here is a link to the sale thread:
      . I sent her full payment on December 5th 2008. She sent the package out on the 9th of december throug a company called Coreous Track and trace. Here is the tracking information:
      Estado del envío

      Número de envío: CP301993589ES
      Fechas Estados
      09/12/2008 Admitted
      09/12/2008 In transit.
      10/12/2008 Sent from International Destination Office in country of origin
      the Tracking has not updated since.
      On 1/7/09 I received this email from her:
      Hi again!

      Don't worry, I really understand you and I won't stop until they give me information. I've just call them and they said what I said you yesterday, that is must be delayed but I can officially claim the package. I've just made an official complaiment, I send you a copy of the document and I will let you know as soon as I get additional info from them.

      I'm really sorry for this situation, It's just a shame, above all because is a very expensive shipment and a very expensive item

      So she sent a claim to the postal service.
      Still nothing happened so about a week ago I made a claim to paypal. Then yesterday, I got this email:
      Hi Eric,

      I've received an end of the dispute e-mail from Paypal.
      So did you finally received her????
      YAY!!!!! I was REALLY REALLY WORRIED about this!!!!! I don't have the money and I was 2 weeks of no sleeping because I thought Paypal will ask me for a refund :_(

      Please let me know if you like her :)

      Best wishes,

      PS. I can't wait to see pics of her from you!

      El 24 de enero de 2009 12:07, <servicio@paypal.es> escribió:

      Estimado(a) *******************

      PayPal ha terminado de investigar la siguiente reclamación del comprador:

      Nombre del comprador: ******
      Correo electrónico del comprador: **************
      Id. de transacción del comprador: ************

      Fecha de la transacción: 5 dic 2008
      Importe de la transacción: -$405,00 USD
      Su Id. de transacción: 5EM10178X9480920X
      Número de caso: PP-618-007-816

      Al informarnos el comprador de que la reclamación se ha resuelto
      amistosamente, este caso se ha cerrado.

      Gracias por su cooperación en nuestra investigación.


      Servicio de Atención al Cliente

      No responda a este correo electrónico. Este buzón no se supervisa y no
      recibirá respuesta. Si necesita ayuda, inicie sesión en su cuenta PayPal y
      pulse el vínculo Ayuda de la esquina superior derecha de cualquier página
      de PayPal.

      Copyright © 1999-2008 PayPal. Todos los derechos reservados.

      PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A.
      Société en Commandite par Actions
      Sede social: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg
      RCS Luxembourg B 118 349

      Id. de correo electrónico de PayPal PP726

      The part in Spanish from PayPal says that the person who filed the claim (me) Canceled the Claim because they received the item.
      Now, this really bothered me. I Did not cancel that claim! I do not know what paypal did wrong, but I know that I did not cancel that claim. I explained this to Gataybrojo and she was also quite shocked.

      Now this is when I deceided to come to the forums. I have no idea about what to do next. I dought that this doll will ever come. I really would like to get my money back. Is there any way to get my money back? This is kinda hard for me. This doll was suppossed to be my big Christmas present. I hoped some one here could help me, because I'm about readt to call this transaction a lost cause and move on with my life.
      (This is in no way ment to destroy gataybjo's reputation here on DOA. She is a great person and she did all she could do.)
    2. Dear friends,

      I really sent the doll on December. I really did.
      I offered an EMS (insured) service, but it was SO expensive and this guy chose the economical shipment (it was 54&#8364; and I just ask him for 40$, but I didn't care, I just wanted to bring my lovely Petsha to a new home).
      I got a tracking number, but it seems the package is lost or something, we don't have any news since December 10th.
      This guy is asking for a total refund since first of January and this is a really nightmare for me. I don't have my lovely doll and now I'm being forced to pay for her???? This is totally unfair.
      I've filled a claim to the postal service, and they're investigating. But the doll is UNSURED, so if the package is lost, they will refund just 70&#8364; (shipping costs + weight)!!!! May I have to refund this guy the total value? WHY?
      I have my proof of shipment (declaring the content of the package and its value), i have a copy of the claim. I sent the doll. I'm doing my best to investigate this mess but I can't do anything! I've contacted Spanish postal service, I've contacted USPS, I've contacted Paypal... and nobody can help me! They just say "Please wait, we're investigating." And I'm going crazy. I just want to cry.

      This guy opened a Paypal claim (he said to Paypal that he didn't know if I really sent the doll!!!!!) and one week later he closes it! And now he says that he didn't!!!!
      I don't really know what is happening here, but this is a nightmare, I don't have the money yet (I just sold my doll because I needed money, I don't have the doll, I can't sleep!!!!

      I don't know what to do now!!!!!
    3. Orudruin, could you please confirm how it is that you mailed the doll when it was sold by Gataybrujo?
    4. Thank you all for trying to help,
      I think it was Gataybrjo's responsibility to inform me that the optio I picked was uninsured! It upsets me greatly to know that she didn't tell me this option was uninsured! I thought they were both insured!
      Here is the PM she sent me about the shipping:
      hello again, the cost of the registered shipment to US would be 51$ but to be honestly I don´t know how much time could take...I´ll send you inmediately after payment..but here in Spain monday is closed due to a Constitution day..if you want an urgent shipment could be 92$.. so if I send you the 9th maybe we have time with normal shipment...
      Note that she called it normal shipment and urgent shipment! she said nothing about one option beng insured and one being unisured. After I got this PM I said I would like the cheaper option. I WAS ASSUMING IT WAS INSURED BECASE I HADN'T HEARD OTHERWISE! I think, because she didn't ell me it was uninsured, it is her responsibility for a FULL refund.
      I will update later,
    5. I am sorry if this is the wrong section to post this.
      I ordered a doll from Gataybrujo. It didn't arrive for a month and the tracking didn't update for over a month. I filed a claim to paypal.The paypal account belongs to my mother, so I let go of her password,(by accident, i'm only a kid :...(). I thought the message was going to paypal and only paypal, but Gataybrujo saw it. Gataybrujo snuck into my mother's paypal account and canceled the claim. Then she emaled me about how happy she was that I canceled the claim, and she acted all innocent. She canceled the claim to get out for sending me my money, she stole my mother iddentity. She is a crook and a criminal. I don't think she even had the doll in the first place, she is a con artist. WHATEVR YOU DO, DO NOT BUY FROM HER!
      I just wanted to warn you all, because I don't want any of you nime people on DOA to get conned like I did.
      Thank you for you time,
    6. 1. I'M NOT GATAYBRUJO!!!!!!!!!!!!
      2. I DIDN'T CLOSE THE PAYPAL CLAIM (WTF??????)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      4. YES, my best Gataybrujo broke the DOA rules helping me selling my doll. I'm desperate thinking about this, becaus I just adore her and I know her DOA account will be closed. And she just helped me in the moment I needed her, as usual.

      I apologize for the caps, but I'm really livin' on a nightmare since first of January. I just want to say that I'm not Gataybrujo and please, don't dirt our name with lies!!!!
    7. Yes, Gata & me know that she shouldn't sell my doll. We really know and I'm deeply ashamed because she's in the middle of this HUGE problem.
      She's my best friend and I don't really want her to be in problems :_( but we know this is inevitable because she broke the DOA rules just for me :_

      But I want to clear up that this problem is mine, if MortatHero wants to say lies of anybody, must say about me, not about Gata. This must be clear, please. Actually, this is the only thing I care.
    8. Sure!
      This is the receipt (I sent it to Paypal as proof of shipment)
    9. Do NOT comment on this thread unless you are one of the three members involved.

      Okay - where is the doll now???? If resolution is to be found in this transaction, clear answers need to be given.

      And yes, breaking Den of Angels' Marketplace Rules is a serious offense. This entire situation seems to be a good example of why we have Rules and Guidelines in place.
    10. well....I have breaking the rules of the forum selling something that was not mine...I know and I´m very ashamed...orodruin is very close friend of me and we both has lots of experience sendings packets...is it horrible that the doll is missing by the moment (I´m still thinking she could appear at any moment ) I have great confidence on her and I´m absolutely sure that she´ve sended the doll...I´m so sorry about the fact I´ve not asked about all the shipment options I never though a registered packed could be lose...and by the other side I use to decide the best/secure option when I buy something...I offered 2 options and he choosed the cheaper so I though he don´t wanted spend too much money, I´m so sorry about his inexperience...I was sell another doll (mine) in DOA and was an excellent transaction, I sent a lati white to sweden by registered shipment only and we haven´t any problem...
      I assume that I did a mistake selling the doll of my friend and I apologized deeply, I know my account will be close and this is very bad for me and with this horrible matter over my feedback, but that hurts me much is all the problems that this is causing all of us...I´m so sorry !

    11. The doll now must be in US customs or in transit to MortatHero place. This is the last news I have from my post office (I went yesterday asking for the package again). Anyway I filled an official claim in the post office ten days ago and I can prove this too.
    12. Thank you. So, why was a claim just filed with the post office if the doll has been missing for over four months? Why is the package no longer trace-able? And what does the Postal Service believe has happened to this package?
    13. Four months? No, no. The doll was sent on Dec 9th.
      The packages is traceable.
      I just filled the claim because MortatHero started getting histeric since first of January.
      The postal service says that the package its in the usual delivery time.
    14. four months? only one month and a week approx...
    15. HUGE apologies - I was reading the date US style. Okay - so this is all good. The package is on its way - and the Postal Service believes it is on its way? Why can't it be traced?
    16. I wonder why it can´t be traced, I never though...here in Spain we can check in the postal service web the tracking all the time, and we have a call line for ask in the case we can´t watch it ...but in the U.S.A is different
    17. Histeic, I think not. This doll is lost, And I am in the process of forceibly getting my money back because you refuse to cooperate! You broke the market place rules! Because you did this, I cannot trust you! You made me bring the credit card company into this, and I will get the money back,
      Mark my words. it would be wise if you to just refund me, but no, you want to battle this out. Well I'm in it, to win, so you better hold on tight, because I will get my money back.
    18. The tracking is't updating. It hasn't for a long time.
    19. Okay, we're going to temp-lock this thread and ask that the three members involved pm a moderator with updates!
    20. Did this doll ever arrive to its new home? Resolution?