I got the package from Starfighter

May 8, 2007

    1. Edited May 25th: I erased all of my post on may 14th because I had the doll: I shouldn't have...yes, I got the doll and yes she was in great condition...but I have had so much stress about this transaction, never getting any answers from him while he was online! getting a 15 cents refund when I was suppose to get 525$ (he said it was paypal's fault??) he does not answer to pm or even email, I was asking to get a tracking or something else and he never even dare to respond, and I knew he was online! he even came invisible on the forum a couple of times until a MOD disable this function!
      I cannot tell anybody to buy from him, sorry but you are mostly going to be in trouble if you do...and in a LOT OF WORRIES...

      Edited May 14th...everything is fine now, Dark Soo elf came home today after 3 weeks of waiting... in excellent shape...he included a pair of eyes and a wig for free too...I am now so happy and relived!
    2. Hmm...it's 14 days since you paid him [starting the 25th April]. That is a long time and ample time to ship out a head or issue a refund. Then again I have waited as long as 25 days before to recieve my item from a share of a group order [well they shipped my items out after 25 days]. People get busy and things happen..so there is always that. Personally, I would wait another 5 or so days. If nothing, you put in a claim and escelate it and get your money back. Before putting in the claim, give him a days warning so at least he could be honest and say whats happening or give you a tracking number.

      Just my thoughts ^^;
    3. Well, I already ask for the Paypal claim, and all I got is 15 cents there was not enought funds in his account!!...he was the one who wanted to refund me saying I wasn't patient enough...and didn't want to deal with me anymore...

      His paypal account is locked because of my claim, so he has to send them a tracking number or proof for the shipment to unlock the account. but I'm wondering why he never answer to pm's...nobody can send him money or he can't get that money I don't know.

      Anyway, What will it take to get something? I am totally tired...
      I'm thinking of driving down to Toronto and get the doll myself!!:lol:
    4. Hmm..I'd email or call Paypal support. Cause it's now gotten tricky. He can just set up another Paypal using an alternate email addy etc. And all he would've lost is 15c's.
    5. I did email paypal tonight...I'll see what they tell me
    6. HI there,

      Phillip has had sever problem in the past responding to emails and carring thru with his promises. Hopefully he will carry thru with you.
    7. I do hope so, the endless wait is stressfull
    8. It will be a shame after all this waiting if you don't get your doll. I hope this has a happy ending!
    9. Your story has certainly made me think twice about asking about one of his dolls! Has anyone got good things to say about him? I can tell you from experience that Paypal is often very hard to work with......
    10. I've met Starfighter several times IRL and he's always been a joy to talk to. All I can tell you is that he's posted in his sale thread asking for patience due to medical issues. From what I've seen, due to several problems including server issues, it can take awhile for replies to get through, but he always does get back to people.
    11. I just wish to believe you...but then why is he reading the messages and don't reply? if he would be sick he could not be able to even read or go to the net?
    12. I always go on the net when I'm sick lol XD I hate laying in bed vegetating! Some sellers have a really high volume of PM's so it takes some time to get through them all. Starfighter sounds like he's a regular seller and with medical and server issues it might just be that and not necessarily avoiding you.
    13. Well, I am still waiting...
      he seemed very nice when I first ask him about the doll and replied to all pm's!and I've sent him several...and he replied really fast!
      since he is from Canada I thought it would be easier for me to get the doll ..:?
      but now I send money and it's hard to get any anwers...
    14. The last time Starfighter was active - as in making a comment on DoA was the 5th April. So he could seriously be having problems. Hold on for a few more days and then try to get something sorted with Paypal if he still hasn't gotten in contact ^^;
    15. This is all very distressing for you Caro and i think you have every right to be concerned after parting with so much money and still not having received your goods from the seller.

      Despite the fact the seller may be ill or having computer problems - how long does it take to pop to the local post office and send a parcel, if ill in bed you could quite easily get a friend or family member to post it for you could'nt you?

      Your parcel has not been sent has it? I can only suggest that you contact the seller yet again and tell them of your intention to involve the police in the matter. It is, after all - fraud and/or theft. And it is no small amount of money to lose either is it?

      I waited a long time for someone to send me my goods and always gave them the benefit of the doubt everytime they emailed me to say they had this problem or that problem and i have never received my Gretel head. I am in a different country to the person who stole from me but you are in the same country and i suggest you do everything you can to recover your money or get your goods sooner rather than later Caro.

      This is only my opinion and obviously you must do what you feel is best for you - and there is always the possibility that the seller is having genuine problems

      Good Luck ;)
    16. I just talk to paypal, and they said that they won't probably be able to get my money...HE HAS TO SEND IT TO ME...that's what they said!!
      He said his Paypal had funds in it, and Paypal told me they always use Paypal account to refund...so I'm pretty scared now...I feel he lied to me...he said he had enough funds in his account now it's lock blablabla...but why did I only got 15 cents? BECAUSE HE DIDN'T HAD THE FUNDS THAT IS WHAT PAYPAL JUST TOLD ME!! WHAT DID HE DO WITH MY MONEY..I'M NOT A RICH PERSON I HAVE 3 KIDS AND CAN'T JUST LOOSE THAT AMOUNT OF $$

      if I don't hear from him this week..I'm calling the police!


    17. He's notoriously bad at replying... at all.

      He had an old thread for doll selling that he just abandon... I don't know if he gets bored with it or what... but he just kind of ignores his own sales threads, ignores PMs... just sort of "ignores" in general.

      I hope you get your money back... because after my experience just trying to *find out* about one of his dolls for sale, and being so obviously ignored (he posted several times on the board while still ignoring people's pleas to answer his own sales thread), I was very glad I didn't buy from him, and certainly never will in the future.
    18. Bump for you.
      I hope your situation gets resolved quickly.
    19. Just wanted to note that Starfighter has been on within the last 24 hours, but has been browsing the forum invisibly. As per our new Marketplace rules, I have removed his ability to use invisible mode until he has satisfactorily completed this transaction. Good luck!
    20. :( NOW...if he reads it..he better do something, I knew he was not that sick...inside of me I knew...he just laugh real hard at this situation... real hard...
      What makes me sad...he wrote all that things about him not stealing anynone..blablabla on his selling thread making me look like I was the bad one...but now everybody will know I am NOT!