I Had a Dream......

Feb 5, 2020

    1. I have had this dream more then once that I found things that could work for my dolls in the real world of fashion. I have even dreamed I was in a human sized mall that catered only to dolls with wonderful fashion designer items. Then last night I had a fantastic dream. I went into a store with these young designers setting up their wares and one had created these fantastic suede booties and shoes that I could tell at a glance would fit my bigger girl. They were key rings with the shoes on them and of course all left foot ones. But I was able to tell her about the fact these would sell so much better and at a better price point if she made them as actual shoes for the ball jointed community. I told her if she used good materials with the same designs but as shoes that were pairs not all left foot the word would spread. I also found a designer that made clothes that laced in back so they fit any size MSD or SD13 with a pull in back. Maybe that last one is weird, but do you ever wish you could talk to a designer or company and have them think of designing instead of for non realistic human bodies design for the Ball Jointed Doll community. Esp. For those hard to clothe dolls. I for one wish I could buy boots I see at stores for my dolls instead of knowing they will never fit or look good on me.

      So if you could talk to a young designer trying to find their calling, what doll would you want them to design for and what item?
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    2. A doll mall would be the coolest thing ever! As someone who both works in a mall and travels to visit other malls, I would love if I could have a doll meet at a mall and have it be not only normal but expected to bring them all shopping!

      Most of the things I want for dolls are fairly easy to get, but if I could find doll stuff along the lines of clothing and accessories from Spencer’s, Hot Topic, and Rue 21 in 1/3 scale, it would be perfect. Most of my dolls are modern day teens, so all those band and attitude t-shirts, nerdy dresses, fast fashion and cool jeans would be great to have, as well as all the punk and goth accessories actually in scale with the dolls. Club wear would be great too, and some unique weird or artsy high heels and boots. It’s kind of hard to find cool shoes that stand out. Feminine shoes for larger flat feet would be great too—not every big girl wants to wear heels! One of my 1/3 girls has 7.5cm flat feet and I haven’t found a single pair of girly shoes yet for her!
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    3. Yeah, a doll mall would be great! Just being able to go store to store with your dolls and try on stuff = so helpful.

      I’d love to see anime themed T-shirts, a furniture store like Pier One, and a food court with in scale replicas of food. Also a dollar type store for accessories and a art store with all the supplies needed for working on your dolls. What a fun dream!
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    4. WoW, that would be awesome!!!! The only problem is spending too much money, but otherwise it would be very cool because you wouldn’t have to wait for doll clothes to arrive.
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