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I'm Peeved at Leeke! Is it just me??

Apr 10, 2007

    1. I ordered 1 wig from them on 25/2, and to this day it still hasn't arrived. I asked them on Q/A board around end of March, and they said they'd ship it out during that week.

      A week into April, I wrote on the Q/A board again. They replied that they sent me an email to tell me that during the process of making my wig, there were problems so they had to re-make the wig again. They would ship it out the coming week.

      I don't think there's any problems with my email, since Lati could reach me and Volks could reach me. Yes, I'm doubting that they even sent me an email.

      What is the average time for a wig to be shipped out? I always thought that they were ready made and would arrive around maybe 2 weeks max. But now, I've waited for a month and a half now, and still no news. It's like waiting for a doll!

      Anyway, I'm considering asking for my money back. It's not cheap the wig, and it's taking forever to get here. Is this possible? Really though, I do like the wig. It's my first time to order at Leeke, so it's making me pretty upset that they are so slow and seems not very helpful.

      Can anyone give me advice? Am I overreacting you think? :roll:
    2. All you can do is wait. I was part of a group order that missed three wigs last year in November. They wetre notified right away, said they had our wigs and would ship them. Never did. We messaged them a few more times...nothing. I left them a very nasty message to send them or else, basically, in February. We got them 4 days later. Even though they have fabulous quality wigs, I refuse to order from them again.
    3. I've heard of similar problems with other people. A friend ordered one of the new pink reservation wigs and one normal, brown wig. The order took over a month, she got no shipping confirmation, or news of why there was a delay, and when she opened the package she found a note saying the brown wig would be sent later because there was a problem. ...... They're really slacking off, it doesn't sound like the Leekeworld I've ordered from before :doh
    4. Since you pick out the size, color and style of the wig, I believe they make it once the order is made instead of having ready made wigs on hand. It took me probably a little over 2 months (maybe 3) to get my wig. I didn't email them to check up, so I don't know how they are at replying. I just ordered a new one with a group order. Hope it comes in okay!
    5. Oh no......... I should've checked here for information on Leeke before I ordered........ Really regret it now. Can I request my money back? I don't know how I can "force" them to send me the wig asap........ Sigh......... Feel upset........ :(
    6. I waited around a month for two wigs, I realise they make them to order but if Luts can get my yder special made and out in 14 days, why can't leeke get two wigs out in less than a month?

      While I'll admit I'm impressed with the quality of the wigs, there was zero communication, no shipping notice, no nothing. I wont be ordering from them again either.

      I don't know about getting your money back... you'll get your wig eventually, it'll just take them a while =/
    7. Sigh...... maybe i'll wait a bit more then....... it's just so...... upsetting! I should've ordered another doll while waiting. Dang!

      I won't be ordering from them any time soon, not unless their wigs are REALLY REALLY worthwhile.......
    8. That kind of customer serivice is unacceptable, even with the cultural differences that everyone is talking about. I suggest that you file for a refund with Paypal, that should get Leekeworld on their toes.

      I, myself have never had a problem with Leekeworld, they are always so nice and my orders never take more than 30 days to get to me. If they aren\'t able to reply to my emails right away, they appoligize for the delay. If they make a mistake, which they have done before, they always correct it right away. And to be honest, Leekeworld is one of the nicest most organized companies that I have ever dealt with.
    9. Sigh........ I envy you Dollyface....... Though I've not a long history of ordering BJDs, I think this wig has taken the longest time (against bluefairy, Lati, volks DOLLS) to arrive.... I love that wig and would love to get it....

      I just hope Leeke knows what they're doing......
    10. hmm well i've ordered from them twice now, the first order got to me in one week my current order has been shipped today and i order friday, so ive been very very lucky i do adore there wigs though(both orders were wigs)
    11. :( ; Augh... I ordered 2 wigs and a pair of eyes from Leeke on April 1st. I checked my email a day later and I didn't receive a confirmation email from them. I can receive emails from Volks and Dollmore easily yet I haven't received any from Leeke.

      I'm kind of regretting ordering from them now.
    12. I've waited months and months (around 4 or 5) for Leeke wigs before. I'm not surprised. I guess I'm used to waiting, having been around BJDs for a few years! I've waited that long for Luts orders, too. Granted, they are usually Group orders, so are a bit larger than normal and may have problems with one or two items which cause the delay... but still... the Luts order wasn't a pre-order, so not MUCH of an excuse. But by now I've waited months for dolls, eyes, wigs, shoes...!!!

      If I'm in a hurry I'm VERY careful of where I'm buying the item. Usually buying on the Marketplace is the quickest, since the person has the item on-hand (with some exceptions).

      Ebay, is similar (items in-hand save for a few exceptions).

      Small orders of clothing and wigs and shoes may be quick from doll shops some shops more reliably quick than others)... but I can never COUNT on it.

      So... I guess it doesn't really bother me. I just figure waiting time into the purchase.
    13. I am in a leeke group order and found out today that everyone but one other person got their wigs but ours are "backordered" and they'll send them when they can
    14. I ordered some wigs during a reservation period & didn't get them until more than 6 months later. They are gorgeous wigs, but I frankly forgot about them. When I received the package I signed on to tell them I received someone else's package, but first I checked my order page & there they were!! I was embarassed that I had spent 100$ & forgot about it ^^;;
    15. Oh wow...I ordered two Leeke wigs and SOOM eyes (through Leeke) last month...It said on their site that they take 10-17 days to ship out, but when I didn't get any confimation or anything on the 17th day I left a post on their message board. No response. So I e-mailed them (I'm rather anxious to have them arrive...) They responded that it takes 15-25 days to make the wigs since they reservation items and that they'd ship soon... Still no wigs. ~_~

      I'd start a paypal claim, but I ordered with credit card...So I guess I just have to wait until they decide to ship my order...-_- This is my first transaction with Leeke, and now I'm really worried.

      Good luck getting your stuff!! T-T
    16. I ordered some wigs on Christmas day and got them fairly quickly, and the communication was GREAT. And I was pleased with the wigs. Good luck though! D:
    17. Took me about a month to get my two identical wigs save for color.
    18. I've only ordered from Leeke once so far, but they shipped wicked fast for me and I had my wig (and a set of eyes I also ordered) within two weeks. I plan to order from them again soon, so here's hoping my luck from the previous order holds out... I hate when stuff gets delayed or you get the run around. >_<;
    19. Wow, that's weird. O_O I ordered a wig and some eyes from them once and received them within a week. But this was a while ago.. I'm sorry to hear that it seems like they aren't as good about customer service as they used to be.
    20. I'm surprised and sorry to hear about such delays!
      I, myself, got my Leeke doll within one week of placing the order, which just seemed too good to be true at the time.