IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. First post, Hee hee, here is Cristal

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    2. I been lurking and waiting honestly. When do you think the new sculpts that were shared around June in the previous thread will be released? After the event possibly? I been wanting to order a doll from Impl for a couple months now and I really have my heart set on Josy since she'd be perfect for a character and I'd love to properly start posting in here more.
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    3. @Pooki I wish I knew! I'm dying for Josie too. She's perfect as my Imani... who I thought I'd never shell because it's so hard to find a doll with those features that's actually in production! I also desperately need Mr. Horns-N-Teeth. But I just want him because he's gorgeous haha.

      It's dangerous that bjddivas is a dealer for them now. I just want to start alllllll the layaway. And I might have to if either of those two are released!
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    4. I once upon a time did layaway from Impl. it was actually a really nice experience since they messed up the color of my doll so they let me keep it and sent me a brand new one. Everything was pretty smooth otherwise with them since it was rather an interesting custom order. I'll restring the boy possibly in the up coming weeks since he needs new string and extra hands to hold him. I was inspired by pictures i saw on here of a blue Plaice. So I got one :) He's a beauty for sure.
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    5. Which one is Josie? I can't find her???
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    6. I missed out on a few updates, because I didn't recall seeing either of those two. Seth looking like he'll be a nice looking manly guy, and Josy's features are awesome. It great to see more ethnic options out there, and she's certainly a cutie:D

      Also...finally heard back from BJDivas. I've started my layaway for the MGB body with a Bernice head for the event. I've been wanting to upgrade the OC that's currently shelled as Bernice onto that body since it was released, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get her in their more pinky normal resin. I have the current one in their old real skin, and it's always had a more yellowy base than I wanted for her. So, woot!:XD::kitty2
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    7. Oh! I didn't realize that was her name :D. I need her too!

      Congratulations, @jade-eyed-cat ! It's always awesome to have an extra head!
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    8. Wheeee new thread!

      Congratulations on your upcoming doll, @jade-eyed-cat! I personally adore the new rosier RealSkin, even if that resulted in my girl Adhara being sliiiiightly darker than her companion, Guórén (whose body is on the older yellower RS -- see their hands below). I guess I shouldn't complain because she's part-Mesoamerican anyway, but it's still a hassle to guess what color one would end up with!

      10 - Listen to What I Say
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr

      Re: the WIP sculpts, I didn't know their names were Seth and Josy! I've seen them somewhere (maybe Impl's FB), but I guess I didn't read their names. Impl is really diversifying their sculpts; I really hope the in-progress shots get their final look soon!
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    9. @IngieBee maybe when Mick was young, i can see some familiar face shapes with my Louis and Mick :-)
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    10. Yes, I really love Josie. Does the Asian boy have a name yet? I also need Garza :XD:
      Adhara and Guórén make a super awesome couple :love @AntarelNefertili

      LOL, I only remember them young @Anita2006 :doh seeing them old makes me realize how old I'm getting, LOL
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    11. @AntarelNefertili Oh those two lovebirds are so sensual. And Adhara's cheeky smile!

      @jade-eyed-cat Right, it's great to see human variety of features in dolls! It makes me hopeful I can one day (in the Distant Future) shell some of my more unique charas.

      @Thymeseer Hell yeah, layaway! To reward myself for my new job (YEAH NEW JOB) I got a layaway in for the event. Gonna get a little faun guy for my hubby and see if I can't convince him to join the Doll Side.
    12. I'm hedging to the faun boy as my free doll, too. But I'm still undecided so I haven't ordered my Ziv yet.
    13. How much longer will this sale be? Not that I have more $ to spend.... :(
    14. The event runs to October 15th so you have time to go dig change out of your couch cushions to finance a doll.
    15. Oh gosh, not good news for me, LOL. Thanks @Iron_Dog :doh
    16. I am a dolly enabler....
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    17. No worries, I deserve it because I'm one too @Iron_Dog :D
    18. I have neglected this thread/s for ... years? About to start my 3rd year at Uni (creative writing - useless but fun!) had major surgery (thyroid) last month and moved house twice in the summer too! I THINK the dust has finally settled for 5 mins, but still too disorganised to make much use of spare time as ever (I have given up nagging myself!)

      Even so - I found a lovely summer top in Primark yesterday for £1 on sale, which had a shirred back waistband piece - perfect for those giant boobies on my idol girl body (which is so hard to sew for!) The top neckline was the right length for the front hem, and I just had to slice off the rest of the fabric and sew a seam up the back, and attach a hair-elastic for a halter neck tie to keep the darned thing up on those slippery slopes. I do find repurposing human garments is an easy way to make clothes for this giant body, as I have no sewing machine and those seams are looooong.

      Also maybe of interest to someone to see a proportional pic of this body with the Luts Abadon head on - I love this hybrid (faceup by Angel Toast - head and body bought separately on MP). I'm sorry to say that 'Danielle' (if anyone can remember the Akagi Ban head which also fitted this body nicely) has been given to a friend, which I kind of regret as s/he was sweet but no way I would ever be buying another humungous body for any doll, having moved house twice with them LOL *_*

      [​IMG]Sarah's dress by elve, on Flickr
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