IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. I agree with @shirahime , @AntarelNefertili , that sounds so cool, playing your piano with an audience of your dolls :D Love the pictures! It's nice to see the full outfits :D

      I've chosen to NOT count my dolls, after the last time I counted....
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    2. @IngieBee Just remember when counting dolls that the formula is:
      6 micros=1 SD
      4 tinies (21cm or less)= 1 SD
      3 tinies (up to 30cm)=1 SD
      2 MSD= 1 SD
      Anything over 70cm and you can count them as dependants since they're toddler-size *nods*.
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    3. That's a good formula, but could we update

      3 tinies (up to 30cm)=1 SD


      3 tinies (up to 40cm)=1 SD
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    4. Sure! I don't have tinies over 30cm so didn't think to bump it to the 40cm range.
    5. There are quite a few dolls on the 33-38 cm range now! I like the size!
    6. My current favourite is the 50-ish cm boys. Portability of an MSD, sculpting like an SD. Clothes/shoes are a pain in the butt to find if you don't make your own though.
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    7. The 50-ish cm boys are getting quite popular. Clothes should get easier to find! Sartoria J is one source and I would imagine there are clothes on esty also.
    8. Clothes, I'm generally good with as I make 98% of my guys stuff (all sizes, not just the 50's). Shoes... shoes are the bane of my dolling existence. Most of my guys go barefoot because I can't find them what they need.
    9. You guys are so funny :lol:
    10. @IngieBee Agreed. this thread!

      @chalyss Damn! That's a shame about the old sculpts...there were some fun ones. I really wanted to get Manner so I could make her over like Cher

      @Girrl Her lips could break hearts

      @shirahime I...just moved into a larger house and all of my dolls (All 20+) are sitting in the corridor. I've used the entire wall as a weird hybrid diorama. The Bigs have a shelf, the MSDs and YoSDs are on two. If I get any more, they're just going to take over the human furniture.

      @AntarelNefertili I love your couple. They're such a handsome pair, such a sweet family too. And against the piano they're also kinda imposing.
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    11. I used to think 30 would be my limit, anything over that is just ridiculous! But as other world creators can attest to, you don't have a world with only 30 people! More characters means more plots, subplots and resolved threads! Filled plot holes! More culture development! Of course, that doesn't mean each and every character needs to be shelled... or remain shelled in my home. I dunno. What's a good number? I guess if I forgot I even had the doll, I may not actually be that attached. Culling is hard, though... I hate the culling time. :( I got down to one tiny and one MSD and for a long while I had no MSDs. I do have a good 2 dozen Barbie dolls but I don't count them in my doll numbers.

      LOVE the idea of having an audience on a piano! And the idea of a group photo. Maybe one day I can try that. It'd be a project!

      @shirahime, *LOL* Impressive isn't what people usually call the sight of so many dolls- they seem to think it's terrifying. I don't get it. Maybe cuz so many are 70cm+..? Like they could do bigger damage if they came alive? I sure wish they would come alive- I'd put them to work!
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    12. Oh gods, if every character I had demanded a resin shell my apartment would be home to nothing BUT dolls. I'd need to find someplace else to live just so I wasn't climbing over dolls. Even just sticking with the main and secondary characters that play a large role in stories would easily have the numbers well over the 300 range. Considering that out of all the dolls I have now only 4 are secondary characters (but important story-wise)... Yeah, I'd be buried in dolls. Not that I can see that as an entirely bad thing...
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    13. @AntarelNefertili Oh your dolls are gorgeous. I remember you posting those two. I've always admired and they do look quite impressive on the piano bench!

      @Iron_Dog I do hope you are able to do another group shot one day of your dolls. I've never tried one myself with my collection. I keep saying one day but one day hasn't come yet! And I like your formula. If I did it that way, it makes me feel a lot better about the number!

      @A Wee Tiefling I daresay collections do get that way, somehow they end up spread across your house. My other doll lines are a bit like that but they are a deal smaller than the resin dolls!

      @nancy_schroeder_ca I have to admit to being lured by the 50cm size myself. I'd love if Impldoll went into that size. I have one OT doll that is about 52-54cm and she's hard to dress for because she's also pretty slender but she feels so portable compared to my SDs. If they didn't weigh a ton, I might consider taking them out and about.

      @chalyss What is it with people thinking dolls come alive at night? I find it amusing and like you could only wish they would so I could get them to do all my housework for me! I've had comments that my dolls are creepy. I think it's that whole, "they look too human like" thing. It bothers some of the people I know who are not in the hobby. I collect other doll lines as well and I never put their numbers in otherwise I'd be looking at over 100! This is why I have so many display cabinets. Although I ran out of room and had to put some of them in the cupboard in my craft room.

      I hear you about shelling characters. Right now I have two major stories, one is an urban-fantasy genre and the other one is a high-fantasy genre. I've recently managed to clothe most of them in fantasy garb. I only have one left to do. The problem is stories have so many characters, I have to restrain myself from shelling more than necessary. I've managed to just shell the main characters for both storylines. My Impldoll Christopher is actually three characters in one. I used the concept of the Triple Goddess to embody her character. She's the one and only divine being in my story so far. Tempted to get another two divine beings but ... cabinet space. It's frustrating.
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    14. I only have 4 boy dolls, and I want more, but girl dolls keep creeping in! Now I have a collection of heads again as well!

      If only I'd stick to a plan!
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    15. @shirahime 50's are a great size as far as portable goes when compared to SD's, especially the 70cm ones which get heavy fast when you're lugging them anywhere. I've gone to a con with 2-70cm dolls (because I'm crazy) and my arms and shoulders hated me after just an hour. Malachite (Ziv, model line) is 58cm so pushes that limit hard but I'm looking forward to getting him home even if clothing him means I'll need to make yet another round of doll specific patterns *sigh*. Ultimate portables are the mature tinies and I have quite a few of those, too, but I think they're a bit harder to find.

      Malachite is part of my Divine Worship World and he is a god. He's the God of Crystals & Stone. 14 of the 28 SD's I own are gods. 1 MSD is a god (out of 14) and 3 out of 19 tinies are gods although 1 of them is the child version of Malachite so count that however you want.
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    16. @shirahime Oh, you're brave! I have to focus on one story line at a time or I'd be... well, the dolls would have my bed and I'd have an old computer chair. I REALLY want to shell another story line I've had since I was 12, but I really just cant. I don't have room for display cabinets, I wish I did, but most of my dolls are literally standing around, leaning against things and each other (no one has a formal stand to aid them).

      Funnily enough, my 3 nephews whom I live with (ages 12 to 17), all think my dolls are cool. I call them big action figures and that seems to help. They ask me their names and stories and admire their costumes. I've even had to ask their help to hold a doll while I string a massive one. Anyone who doesn't live directly with me finds them intimidating and creepy. I think it's parental influence. *L* And the glass eyes some have that seem to follow a person across the room. And gosh, that's smart to make one doll 3 in one! *L* I have often fantasized about a character who can switch heads like one might shoes so I have a reason for all the rolling heads and an excuse to get more. I may still try that...

      I have no divine beings in any of my story lines, not to shell. But I have been trying to find an excuse for 50cm mature dolls and I think I have one now, but that's just a slippery slope. Still... I want some!
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    17. @chalyss It was a highly greased slope the day you got the first one. That aside, 50's are awesome!
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    18. Oh, don't encourage me! *covers eyes* I shouldn't kid myself, I'll look into them... I need to be sated with the big SDs, at least for awhile, first tho. And I feel I am getting there.
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    19. I would also love if impl joined the fashion minis. I have always felt most comfortable with MSD and the fashion minis are my current favorite.
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    20. They are working on it! They plan to bring out a fashion line with all new sculpts.
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