IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @chalyss Why would you tell me this?! Is it payback for the 50's are awesome comment? My wallet is screeching that I didn't need to know a very accommodating company that does custom resin colours is working on bringing out a new line in my favoured size.
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    2. Hey wasn't there a photo a ways back in these threads of the old (super-skinny and long torso) and newer (not all the joints) Star girl bodies together? I have the old one and I'm interested in getting one the newer ones, but I was curious about the heights. Are they the exact same height? Or are the newer stars taller?

      And @AntarelNefertili did I see that you have the newest with all the joints? How does she work? It is easy to pose her or are the joints a little on the finicky side?
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    3. OK, kill me now, or my hubby will....,:doh

      @VampireAngel13 I am not sure, I could measure my star girl for you when I get home?? But beware, the neck is a lot larger, so you'd have to modify it.
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    4. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! *evil villainous chortles!!* PAY BACK IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!

      *cough cough* That is... whatever do you mean, my dears? I would never..! Never!

      @VampireAngel13, there IS a size difference! The old willowy Star is 63cm and considerably leaner than the new Star which is more along the lines of an Iplehouse. Think Resin Soul for the old bodies. The necks are different by 1.5 cm, too. Also, restringing the new mobility girl gets you some great poses! I posted some back a page, but I'll add a link again here. Follow this link and look around the album. She's fun! But hot glue suede her.

      Leaner old Star body with new Star head

      And here is the pic from @fishcake: oStar, nStar and Idol:

      I forgot to mention that someone here does a gorgeous nStar Azalea head on the oStar body in red... this combo can work but there's the neck gap as shown in the pic I linked to above.

      AND I forgot to mention that to my naked eye, the MGB does seem a tad leaner than the regular nStar body, but the jointed torso fits perfectly on the Idol and nStar bodies, so one could just switch those out with impunity except for possibly color matching. I need to compare the MGB with the nStarGB soon. The extra thigh joint (swivel) is nice on the MGB as well, but suede that puppy or it'll give you fits. (Looking again, I see MAYBE the thighs are leaner, maybe, but the torso and trunk are not.)
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    5. Thank you! But I am good with the photo @chalyss posted! that was what I was hoping for!

      that it exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you! Yeah I like the curves on the newer bodies, which is why I was thinking of upgrading. I don't really have a problem with the old one, but my other two big girls are Dollmore and Iplehouse, so she's sort of a waif next to them XD
      I might decide to keep her at this height though. I really wish she was even shorter, but any smaller and her head will be too big (she's a hybrid, and could actually use a bigger neck lol so that would be a plus)

      The new body does look nice! I'm super in to all those joints.

      I'll have to think about it for a while. It's possible all the bodies I'm eyeing will make her significantly taller, so she'll just stay as she is XD
      At least she's got clothes that fit! My SID girl is a pain. She huge.
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    6. As long as the line is some time off, I should be okay. Maybe. I just agreed to buy a doll and I still need to order the body for Qayin, I've got Malachite (the Ziv) in production as well as his son, Kyrielesion (the free Teno) and I'm waiting for a DV body for Malachite's adopted son, Kheima. Lots of doll stuffs going on in my life right now. My wallet is weaping softly and asking why I keep hurting it so.
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    7. @IngieBee I have a similar problem. I went into the hobby wanting mostly male dolls and then I ended up with more female dolls instead for some reason!

      @chalyss Trust me, if I had the finances, I'd be shelling characters from more than 2 stories! I usually have a few stories spinning around in my head. I actually have a little notebook with all the story ideas I want to write. Strangely enough though, I have completed writing one novel (it's been sitting in a draft format waiting a rewrite) and I never even thought about shelling characters from that story. No idea why though.

      @Iron_Dog @chalyss I'm hanging out to see what the Fashion line is like myself. When I last emailed and spoke with Impldoll about their planned fashion line, they indicated that they would hopefully have the first of the line released by the end of the year but they didn't say definitely so they may or may not.

      I'm a bit bummed though that the Model line hasn't yet had any new sculpts in a while or a body upgrade. I was hoping maybe they could do a smaller version of the new Star body for that line with new face sculpts. I can handle the 58cm line more easily than the bigger dolls. Even my Christopher girl is sometimes a bit big for me but because she's so slender on the old Star body, it doesn't feel as much if that makes sense! I am still really loving Lydia though. I'm sure there won't be an issue if my dolls happen to spill out to random places around the house right?

      I thought I saw that you had that newer fully jointed body @chalyss ? The one with the neck joint as well. Or was that @AntarelNefertili ? I am fascinated by that body a lot. Not sure I would ever buy it myself but I'm strangely fascinated by it and love seeing posing photos of that body.
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    8. @shirahime, yes, they told me too that they were gonna revamp their model line, but look at all they have going on! I know they have 2 sculptors, maybe down to one now, not sure, but they have a line of Chinese generals planned (16 possible), the Fline, all their new releases, making the muscle Idol legs, eventually doing a slimmer 70cm male body (not for this year, it's just bookmarked), and various other projects. It's like they exploded! Lydia is gorgeous! I have a head of her on a Classy doll body. It'd be nice to see a few of the existing sculpts be shrunk to Fline size, but that's not their intention.

      Dolls spilling out all over the place is the sign of a the most wonderful kind of infestation! (I don't know of a single writer who has only ONE world. They're addictive to create! However, I also feel no pull or need to shell all of them. I'd be soooo just... drowning in dolls if I did that! and I've only ever attempted 2 of my worlds, but I can't afford that at the same time. So when my energies went into my most recent one, I stopped shelling the older one and focused on the one on my mind most. But that did lead to me re-purposing established characters from the other world and THAT has lead to some weirdness in my own head. Which does NOT need more weirdness.)

      Both I and AntarelNefertili (that is THE hardest name to type!) and IngieBee I think, have the MGB. It's a very cool body and while it isn't The End All, Be All of posing bodies, it IS fun and I see myself with a few of them in the future. It suits my Edria head nicely thanks t those wider shoulders. I'll post more of her just cuz i like looking at her!


      Bonus: how the MGB looks on an Idol trunk with unmodified muscle arms
      Hybriding the Starwoman MGB torso with a muscular Idol Body
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    9. I agree about the creating worlds thing. I've got 4 main ones but the one that's getting all the attention right now is Divine Worship. I find it kinda goes in waves. My waves usually last for quite some time. I'll play in a world for about 10 years or so before needing a break from it and moving to fool around in another world.
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    10. Yes! Waves is a good way to put it. Long waves. 10 or 15 years sounds about like me too. I'll still dabble a bit in the old one, but not shell anything. Goodness, I am hyperventilating just thinking about that! trying to shell them all... *faints*
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    11. Yeah, shelling everybody would be... I'd need a house just for the dolls. Not everybody clamours to be shelled for me either, for which I'm grateful. But I get surprised by who demands to be shelled. I never thought I'd get Malachite as an adult version but this story just... happened. That's also how I ended up getting Ji-Sun (SD Juhl). Both of them are because of Qayin (BiDoll CS). I saw his head and just had to buy him. From there it was a wickedly short short trip to finding and buying Ji-Sun, who is a sculpt I've always loved and wanted but didn't know who he was. Same thing with Malachite. I've adored the Ziv sculpt since I first saw him but had no idea who he was and tried a couple of different characters but no of them ever stuck. Once I figured out it was Adult!Malachite, everything just fell into place.
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    12. @VampireAngel13 Yepyep, I was one of the first who jumped when Impl first released the MGB! Adhara was practically the poster girl for that body for a while. XD I really adore its poseability, although do note that without any modding whatsoever, her shoulder joints are quite wide and could only move up and down (no forward-back movement). I agree with @chalyss's assessment: while not the ultimate holy grail of posing, it has its own charms. I practically couldn't live without the neck joint now, honestly.

      I finally decided to reveal some of the previously, errrr, unpublicized shibari shots to help further illustrate the good balance of poseability and aesthetic of the MGB.

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    13. I haven't done it yet, but I do want to take the arms apart and drill deeper into those shoulder joints. Or perhaps the whole ball and socket could be made more shallow? Or maybe it has to be the way it is??? But the only doll I know of with better movement is the Pasha Pasha doll. And frankly only the Pasha could pull off those joints, because they really look like the legs of a spider, her arms. Now don't get me wrong. I love Pasha Pasha dolls, I'd get one if I could afford one, but I also like that Impl made a more aesthetically pleasing for normal version (at the cost of extra movement) because, really, normal heads could never look right on a Pasha Pasha! They are perfect works of art that really, IMHO, can't be hybridized.

      So anyway, I love how you guys use dolls to build your world's, and render the characters real. I so wish I could do that!! I really love reading how you discover characters, and have a pull to bring them into the fold of the plot, or agonize over how to bring an OC to life. It's really cool :)
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    14. Very true. As much as I wanted to try one, I couldn't afford it when they first came out. I could only stare in longing at your amazing girl (gorgeous shibaru shots!)... Just as I was about to buckle, Sicktress traded me for hers and I was so excited! I hate waiting. :( The neck joint is super cool and because of it, if you got a doll head that didn't have the greatest mobility on the neck, for whatever reason, it wouldn't really matter.

      +HAPPINESS! Impldoll WILL be doing this for the boys too eventually! SUPER exciting!

      @IngieBee Yes, I agree! Like Pasha Pasha or Doll Chateau... jointy like that, but not fashion doll proportions, which is awesome because I don't collect fashion dolls. I collect action figures.

      That kind of agony, discovery and creativity is why we do it! I used to be able to draw my characters, and that was awesome. But this... this is a 3D sculpt of it! poseable, moveable, changeable, it's own challenge! While many do it, it's not for everyone. I LOVE the way BblinkK/Blankqueen used hers... no set stories, just all actors in her bit of story at the time. She used them to enact a scene, then they changed completely. I think she's off DOA for awhile now, but she has a lot of Impldolls and is a GREAT resource site! Plus, she's one of the nicest, sweetest people ever!
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    15. Yes, and part of that is costuming. I've always wanted to do picture stories, but I can't write stories :(. But I still want to do them (pout)
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    16. You don't have to write them. Like with BblinkK, she just had an idea, a piece, and acted it out. BUT she and her father are VERY handy with props and costumes, so yes, she has some extravagant stuff, mostly hand made. I'd LOVE to do what she does but alas... my talents lie not in those areas. I can barely glue two popsicle sticks together!
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    17. Yes, those are beautiful pictures. I don't think I've ever seen them before! :thumbup
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    18. Hello there! I received my first (and probably not my last) Impldoll today! I can see why they're so popular now! I'm also super excited because my girl is a great match with my Vindoll (for a while I was worried that I'd never find a good match proportion-wise). Anyways, the only issue with my girl (other than her needing a cleaning and restringing) is that I have no clue what her sculpt is. :sweat

      I didn't get a chance to take more pictures of her body, but I think it might be an older Star body with the thigh joints because she appeared to be 61cm tall with my measuring tape.

      Picture on my Instagram

      Does anyone recognize the sculpt? <3
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    19. Hello and welcome!

      My first thought is she's on a model body, but those are definitely shorter than 61cm, though the Star should be 63cm. That could depend on the head size, too, but-- I must say you have me stumped. I have no idea which sculpt that is! She's cute though.... I like her! I'd love to see her in a wig soon! (hint to spam more pics)
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    20. I believe she's Cymie :)

      Welcome to IMPLDOLL
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