IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. Great ideas, @nancy_schroeder_ca ! I never seem to think outside the box! I've used plywood, but it's so heavy! I like the idea of paper board on a wood frame! Excellent!
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    2. Ohhhhh I agree with @IngieBee, @nancy_schroeder_ca! It actually gives me ideas for actual home decor that could also be utilized for doll use. Even though it's been a long while since I've touched traditional painting media, a good printer should do the trick for making hardcopies of digital backgrounds. (Unfortunately, considering how huge Impldolls are, they have to be hi-res!)
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    3. (drive by doll drop)'s Dante. He's on a Star body,

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    4. @IngieBee he's a little rebel Andre and just too effin pretty! The star body works well for scale and I love the posing but the resin match sucks. I know impl does matching but wev, I'm on a budget.
    5. He is a cutie fer sure! I don't see the difference much in the picture, he looks great to me :)
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    6. @AntarelNefertili I love those pics! Blissdhara is a beautiful doll. Though I love the smile on the non-fantasy Adhara now. It's super cute.

      @IngieBee I use filters for him to smooth out the difference. In reality he's really pink-faced. It makes it look like he's been working out (or getting busy with his FWB) I have to add tattoos and I might try to do some small matching on his neck and arms at that time. He's going to be a PROJECT for a while.

      Also, is this scale comparable to SD17 because I am having the worst luck at finding clothes in his style (which is like the Artful Dodger in the 30th century)
    7. That's just too cute and funny, @AntarelNefertili , LOL :love:wiggle:XD:

      @A Wee Tiefling , he looks so thin in that picture, is he the same star body available today on the site? If so, ugh, no, they are too wide. I had an outfit made at ACBJD and it was still a disappointment. I would save my $$ and hire a good seamstress and check out sartoriaj and Iplehouse SID clothes EID if a little bit large is OK.
    8. Great, I'm constitutionally incapable of patience and saving. Sid clothes are easy to find. He is...posso posand older star body. I'll double check. He's hefty though, not like my spindly spiritdoll guy
    9. Well, here is my star boy on the right . They are supposed to fit Sid clothing but I haven't confirmed that yet.
    10. @IngieBee I've been dying to get that shot ever since my ex-Azalea's new owner finally got to personalize her, especially since my other dolls didn't get to say a proper goodbye. I was simply too excited to get the badly-needed money from her sale (which financed my MGB) at the time, haha!

      @A Wee Tiefling Blissdhara LOL. It sounds like they're being shipped together... which in all honesty isn't too far-fetched because Adhara's orientation isn't set in stone. But naaaah, she loves Guórén too much. :P

      I was able to make EID clothing fit on the Idolman with some wiggle room to spare, so maaaaaybe SID will fit the Star? Despite the looks, Impldoll's male bodies are actually a little slimmer than Iplehouse's, at least from what I've seen in doll meets.
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    11. :) @AntarelNefertili I'd ship a Blissdhara union! It's the AU version!

      @IngieBee I think it's the older Star body. It is a slimmer body and the jointed chest is below the pectorals and not at the pectorals. Which means he can def also fit SD17 clothes because they're all a bit bigger!
    12. Cool, I'm glad you could ascertain that and you could also compare measurements :thumbup
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    13. @A Wee Tiefling You're not alone! The moment I posted about Blissdhara in the local FB group, quite a lot of people went GO GO GO, haha.

      There was an unexpected power interruption to just a select block of our condo last night (which unfortunately had to include our unit). While waiting for the power to return, what better way to keep yourself awake than to take doll photos using only powerbank-powered lights? :wiggle Really tho, I'm so happy with the way these two pose after fixing their strings.

      Kiss in the Shadow 01
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    14. Hey all!

      Anyone know of any clothing companies that make clothing to fit the new MGB body?

      I was hoping Soom would fit, but their dolls are far too skinny!

      Height - 64cm with head
      Neck Circumference - 9cm
      Width of shoulder - 15cm
      Length of shoulder to wrist - 19cm
      Chest Circumference - 30cm
      Circumference of Waist - 20cm
      Circumference of Hip -31.5cm
      Leg length - 38cm
      Thigh Circumference - 18cm
      Feet Length - 6.6cm
    15. The issue with MGB is that the shoulders are wide, I think this is largely due to the upper arm ball not sitting snuggly into the socket, and I still plan on drilling those sockets out for a better fit?? Other than that, EID clothes seem to fit well and some SID from Iplehouse.

      If you search for these on Etsy, you will find a few makers of clothing in these sizes.
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    16. @Muraki88

      As @IngieBee just mentioned, the MGB's shoulders are often the make-or-break for tops. I've been able to make a sleeveless SID gown to fit on the Medium bust, but not sure about the fit of long-sleeved oufits. I was also able to make my girl wear thigh-high stretchy stockings from the Dollmore Model line (ambiguous "1/3" or "SD" sizes are almost guaranteed to NOT fit). I sew my own dolls' clothes, so I couldn't be of much help for what other preexisting sizes would be good. Good luck with your search!
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