IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. Welp now I'm depressed again because clothes shopping for curvy dolls is already painful
    2. If a female wrestler also was a space pirate
    3. I always thought this outfit was very pirate like?? They really have a lot of stuff on this site, I just have to compare SID and EID to MGB body dimensions??
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    4. @IngieBee Hmmm...I always forget about SartoriaJ. Thanks for the link!
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    5. Ugh! Still waiting on my Plaice's body and Leona head! I'm also getting a suit for my Nicholas in the order. I wonder if it's the clothes that are slowing down the order? I feel so impatient because after I painted Plaice's head, he was so cute, and I am dying to see him whole!
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    6. Thank goodness it's a girl. I'm totally safe as I don't collect girls. She's lovely though.
    7. Aw shoot, she is adorable! I'm only safe because I have no money :...( LOL. I don't think she would fit in with Iplehouse FIDs, as her head looks larger to me and she would be much shorter - but she'd probably look good with the JIDs??? But I could be wrong, her head circumference ls about 6.2"
    8. Her eyes are bigger but her head is only slightly larger. Also I think she's 1/2 a cm taller than an athletic FID. I think she'd be cool next to an FID or raccoondoll especially because of the shrug shoulders. I like the hip/thigh mechs too. Not sure why her hands look so tortured?? I agree though she is super adorable :)
      I already have two dolls that I'm waiting on so I DO NOT need to order her (yet).
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    9. Wait, oh yah, JID are only 40cm!!! Oh boy.... You are right, @skyealloway !!
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    10. So... if the girl is 46cm then a boy might be close to the 50-ish mark, right? If so, I'll need to back away slowly and not make eye contact if they should ever make a boy in this size as the 50 boys are my big weakness right now. Add in Impl's custom colour option and my hideous weakness for coloured resin and... yeah.
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    11. Don't worry, @Iron_Dog , WHEN they come out, I'll tag you, PM you and stalk you until you look, LOL :wiggle:aninja:
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    12. That's just mean, @IngieBee *thank you*

      I'm good right now on dolls. I just had a new-to-me doll delivered today (Soom ID51 London who will be Sancire). I've also got Malachite (Impl Ziv) and Kyrieleison (Impl Teno) in production and a Dream Valley body for Kheima in production. I'm likely also going to be ordering Qayin's body (RS Mu) in the new year.
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    13. @IngieBee You'rea problem child, aren't you ;)

      (So glad I don't need anything else from IMPL at this moment. Want, yes. NEEEEEED? Nope. Not until Commander Luzzatto gets here)
    14. OMG! I just got an email from Impl asking for my phone number as my order is ready to ship! I placed my order October 9th and ordered a custom colour for Malachite and face-ups for both him and Kyrieleison (the free Teno I qualified for). Hopefully it won't take as long as my poor boy that recently came from Russia (EMS took 24 days as he was apparently travelling on a plane powered by a dozen underfed sparrows). If the dolly gods favour me, he'll arrive before Xmas. Not that I'll wait until Xmas to open him.....
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    15. Whoo! My girly finally got in! I'm really impressed with the resin matching service. The head is a little peachier than the body, but that's an easy fix. xD amusingly she only likes the shirt that Impl gave as a gift. Rest of the outfit will probably go to another doll that it'd suit better.

      :) say hi to Than, one of my shadow demons. She'll eventually get a face up and body blushing with a ton of tattoos.

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    16. Aw, the little girl is cute! I love that she has the mobile body! But I don't do that size, at least YET, so I am safe.

      @Peneyofdeath Congrats!! She is lovely!
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