IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @elve is that the model body? I got confused, which head do you have on it? Your pixie in the background is adorable :D. Also, great job on the dress! But boy howdy, if you think the model body is big, you should see the idol bodies!!!
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    2. My sympathies on moving with dolls. I recoil in fear at the idea of doing that. My collection will soon total 62 dolls and almost 1/2 of that number are SD size.
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    3. @IngieBee and @A Wee Tiefling Ahaha, lovebirds. XD I'd really like to bring them to meets as a pair, but due to their scale it often ends up as just one (with perhaps their MSD daughter). I tend to end up with sore arms after an event where I have to carry one of them around, haha.

      Hi there again, @elve! Oh, the things we recycle for our dolls! I've had to change residences with my dolls several times (with an increasing number each time). It was so easy when it was just one (even though she's on the Starwoman body, at least I was able to stuff her in a large yoga bag with my clothes as padding), but I eventually had to invest in a suitcase when my guy in the Idol body came along.
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    4. @IngieBee thank you :fangirl: the pixie is Island Doll No:1 and that is a Luts Abadon (SSD) head on the idol big bust body - I've had that body for years but only found a head I really like for it last year

      @Iron_Dog oh my that's a van load of dolls by themselves LOL - I have downsized every time I move house though and I always regret it! So this time I just wrapped them all up and slung them in a shopping trolley and took them on the bus (got no car). I was too ill and exhausted to care if they got broken really, which taught me a valuable lesson - yes they're heavy - yes they're huge - but it's worth doing and we all survived!

      @AntarelNefertili I used a shopping trolley (the fabric personal shopper type) last time but have just bought a gigantic suitcase for next year when I'll have to move again as I won't be a student any more. I have a feeling it may be too heavy to lift once they are all inside it though... It is an 8 wheeler so hopefully we'll get there OK! I would like to settle down really as I am now in my late 50's and not as strong as I used to be, but I'll have to move at least twice more next year again when I graduate - oh the horror! :ablink:
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    5. @elve One of my friends says I can start using the stacks of boxes as furniture now. I can't say she's entirely wrong.... I have 4 stacks of boxes (all my dolls are in their boxes due to lack of display space and Idiot Cat who believes wigs are his toys) and the shortest of stacks is about hip/waist high on me and I'm 5'-7".

      I want to order my Ziv soon but I'm oddly torn about the event going on. I'm going to order the Ziv regardless and I'd like to do it sooner than later but I have a Rule about no doll coming home who isn't a character already. I'll qualify for getting a free baby doll with the purchase of the Ziv but I don't have anyone that the free doll could be. But free doll! #firstworlddollyproblems
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    6. @elve late 50's student?? Wow! I'm envious of your mind! I already forgot how to tie my shoes! LOL. You sound like a very cool adventures person :) !
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    7. @IngieBee 'cool adventurous person' sounds so much nicer than 'weird old lady' LOL - thank you! <3

      @Iron_Dog oh wow I forgot about your cat and the necessary forced imprisonment of your army of dolls! As for Ziv :aheartbea and the free baby, well, impldoll do have so many quirky babies - I love their 'cat' one so surely it's time your cat had a BJD to play with :XD: (always happy to enable)
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    8. @elve Apparently it's dangerous to leave Writer Brain unattended with the knowledge that there will soon be a resin shell that requires filling. The "problem" of the unknown free doll has apparently been solved by tying in events that happened literally hundreds of years previously. So yea! for that but I now need to figure out wigs and eyes and a name for him, too. I lead such a hard life, no?
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    9. Hello all. I have a hybrid coming in that has an Impldoll Star body with I think the medium bust which is nice but a lil too big for my taste. Is there any possible way to order just a small bust from Impldoll?
    10. Impldoll is pretty accommodating, and I know people have ordered just parts in the past. Try emailing them and ask them about it? I'm pretty certain they'll say yes, and it doesn't hurt to ask them :kitty2
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    11. @jade-eyed-cat Oh that's very nice to hear. I will certainly reach out to them. Thank you! :)
    12. Wow @elve just dropping this quick message to say I admire you for persevering in your studies! Stay awesome that way! :D
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    13. @elve I'm thankful I got back into the hobby heavily after I finished a ton of moving around. Eight years or so ago I was moving at least every other year (if not every year), and having to move with a load of resin across state lines, or halfway across the country (twice) would've caused stars before my eyes from the pressure. Also, I wish you the best of luck with your studies. I just finished with my graphic design degree last spring, and can understand the toll studies can take on you. :kitty2

      On a completely separate note...this is probably the first actual photoshoot I've done with my crew in months. I've either been burned out, physically tired or too stressed to do much with my resins. But I finally got a couple nice portraits with my lovely Nira (Azalea) and her beau Valon (DZ Raymond):
      [​IMG]Bring on October! by Mara Jaide, on Flickr
      These two ended up doing some major swapping around. Besides my girl getting herself a new, prettier face, her beau's also chose to do a body swap. I'm feeling more content with these two:D.

      (Now, I just need to get my other pair figured out...:roll:)
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    14. GUYS
      -- she said, stupidly.
    15. We are all dolly enablers. Come to the dark side. We have resin in every size/colour/shape to suit your needs (or needs that you weren't aware you had).
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    16. to be fair I keep looking at Bernice as a possible girlfriend to my Plaice since theres not a lot of blue skinned able elf eared dolls out there. I already decided I'm gonna get Josy when she comes out in blue skin lol I might of ordered eyes in prep too. My future impldoll collection: all these blue skinned dolls.

      Edited: forgot to add elf eared dolls part.
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    17. I love herf eyes, they almost glow :D. Beautiful couple!
      We... What she said ^^^^ And to push even more; the quality for the price has got to be #1 in this space! I just love all the new faces too!

      I love Bernice too, @Pooki . Such a sweet smile :love
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    18. Impldoll really enables us to be enablers :P their such flexible resin colors and them able to fulfill requests of the more unusual skin colors is one of the reasons why I love them more then other companies. Plus their doll prices are just amazing too.They do need more proper Asian sculpts though.

      @IngieBee I agree! I think she'd look amazing with an unusual color skin instead of her more typical normal skin.
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    19. Wahahaha I guess I should hold back from posting about my most recent clothes-making spree then. I've rediscovered my love for my Implbodies. XD I'm in the same boat as @jade-eyed-cat with the lack of photoshoots because Real Life has taken a huge bite of the time.
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    20. @Pooki @Iron_Dog I agree, I'm smitten with the sheer variety of sculpts from one company. Very few other companies do that with sculpts that are to my taste (Island Doll tries, as do the Doll Families).
      Don't y'all fret! Tony's on layaway and his sometime boyfriend is in transit. Much disgusting snuggles to come, when I have time to do photos.
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