IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @AntarelNefertili I love pictures of these two, they're so romantic in the old-fashioned sense of the world (full of high drama and passion)
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    2. Also also, I'm really enjoying the faceups for the new's inspiring me to save up for another Impl woman
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    3. @A Wee Tiefling
      Ah well, he's the hopeless romantic, while she's the more cynical of the two. (Not that she doesn't appreciate the guy's hidden softy-ness!)

      Looks like Impl is investing in good faceup artists for the newer releases, yes! Cherise's default faceup is one of the most delicately done I've seen in their promo pics so far.
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    4. I'm very pleased with the face-up Kulfi has and he's newer (January of 2020). Whenever they finish re-making Malachite, he'll be coming to me with the default face-up, too.
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    5. :love Oh I can finally show off my girl Rayne. Just finished up her scarring mod and faceup. Cut creases in dolls is interesting to do....

    6. For some reason, I couldn't see your image when I was viewing the site, but it suddenly popped up when I put your post in a quote, under preview. Another of them DoA image issues. ^_^ Are her scars birthmark-like (her hair's hiding a lot of it so I couldn't be sure)? :D
    7. They're actually mildly healed over burn scars, as to why she covers them. (>___> if my kid didn't hijack my phone, I'll probably post a clearer look at them when his dad takes him out today)

      :) They cover half her face, down her neck, and the entirety of the right arm and hand.
    8. She's so cute and sad...I don't know if I recognize the sculpt. Aigne? Tdelia?
    9. xD for a moment I thought I'd posted her in the wrong group. She's the Antonia sculpt that I picked up from the Thanksgiving Day event.
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    10. And here's the better view of the scarred half of her face. :)

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    11. Very cool and subtle, @Peneyofdeath :)

      I just saw Cherise, she's really different for a BJD! And she has my sister's nose, pretty cool :D
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    12. @Peneyofdeath I love the texturing on the scars! I want to learn to do that myself, but my bigger priority is adding tattoos. My impls both need tattoos...(sigh)
    13. :) It was fairly easy. I just use hot glue and try to mimic the swirl/scar patterns of burn scars I found. Most of the definition is with pastels that I went in with on the deep dips I didn't realize were there.

      And I feel you on the tattoos. My big girl (63cm Impl Star body and a Black Cherry Ichigo head) has tattoos over about half her body in a geometric fashion. Slowly building up the energy I need to do those...
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    14. Ahhh such pretty ladies! Adhara is looking stunning as always @AntarelNefertili and @Peneyofdeath your Rayne is amazing! Her scars are too cool! Gives me inspiration to scar up one of my own dolls.

      I finally caved and bought the muscle body for my floating head. I know the white won't match but I'm hoping to put her in armor anyway so it won't be too noticeable. The head is an odd bone white and I didn't want to go for custom matching.

      It was irresponsible of me to do that, but I've wanted it for ages and that disembodied head makes me so sad.

      And I looooove Cherise! Impldoll just makes me want to throw all my money at them!
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    15. Hello,
      I'm thinking of getting Peiying but I can't find any info about the three male bodies. I know nothing about Impldolls. Can someone fill me in or send me to a resource. Is there any difference in the posing/standing? Posing is my priority since I will be swapping heads and one character is a dancer. Thanks.
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    16. @Mahgiep, i only have the first version FGB. That's because I like the most mobility I can get. The idol boys are big and heavy, and not so easy to pose, especially at first when they are their tightest, but you definitely can pose them. Here is my boy trying to do "the thinker". I did put a twig in his waist joint to keep it bent. I think it adds a lot to natural posing, as I do the upper arms swivelling. But aesthetically, the SGB is more pleasing since it doesn't have those joints. Finally, the TGB seems to have more hips that some find awkward, and a bigger bum it seems.

      I also have the star body, but he does not sit well, he flops backward. However, both are solid standers.



      Star is the smaller boy.

      Then there is a more traditionally sized SD Boy in the model size.

      My opinion is that you still can't get a better body for the price, nor for a higher price in most cases :)
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    17. Apparently June 4 is "Hug Your Cat" Day, so hug all the cats! (The actual cat at home runs away at the smallest sign of an impending hug, so only the dolls can pull it off in front of the camera.)

      Hug ALL the Kitties
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    18. @AntarelNefertili Awww, I can relate! I will hug every kitteh I encounter (whether they want me to or not)

      I have to post new pics of Dante, I just got him new eyes and WHOA they make such a difference!