IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. I don't think his hands look too big! I think that the size will work with my guys character so I'll probably go with the impl ones. Lol saves me from trying to match resin too
    2. I can't remember if I was clear, @Madwren but my boy with the jointed hands is on the star body, just wanted to make sure that was clear :) I like those jointed hands on him, but they're supposed to be for the idol body. Unfortunately, I think they're way too small for the idol boys.
    3. You were! I am actually getting the star body so that works perfect for me lol! I was worried they would look strange on the star because they are for the idol . But I do like how they look so it will be added to my order :)
    4. In the world's fastest ordering time (EVER from any company, I ordered May 30th), my muscular body has arrived! The color match is expectedly horrendous, but her body will yellow with time. The fit is perfect, head mobility and proportions are stellar: I'm in love with this hybrid and can't wait to make her clothing/armor and paint her!


      Her knees aren't very mobile though. They don't like to stay bent in any way. Is this normal?
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    5. @Madwren Yah, I did too (like them on the star) Dylan's head and body were ordered separately, so I don't know why the colors don't match. Is it batch difference? or is it Tan and Tan UV or something?? I just don't know, but that's why they don't match :) But the hands were ordered same time as the body, and match perfectly.

      @Thymeseer , she looks great! Man, why have I been waiting a whole year? It must be because of the faceup on one head :/ I don't know what else it could be with Impldoll???!!! Anyone receive an August order with faceup this past year?
    6. @Thymeseer First of all, congrats on getting the bod! :D Secondly, Implbodies suffer from uber-tight stringing, and may be the reason why your girl couldn't bend her knees properly. Every single brand-new Implbody that passes through my hands gets restrung more loosely upon arrival. You can try loosening up her strings slightly, and see if that helps with the knee issues.

      @IngieBee One year?? That sounds insane! Have you tried following up on your order? It sure doesn't sound like average Impl waiting time, but then again, I almost always order blank.
    7. @Thymeseer I agree with AntarelNefertili, the knees are a bit wonky. My muscular lady gets a bit bow-legged when I'm trying to pose her knees. And she is very kicky! Restringing the body seems like the best idea but get help! I've been lucky to only have to restring mine once and it took all my strength and all four limbs.
      I can't wait to see what you do with her though.
    8. [​IMG] Adhara got some new things, a wig and a Red Riding Hood outfit from Dollheart and finally looks like the noble (former) vampire she is supposed to be.
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    9. @AntarelNefertili Well, SOMETHING went wrong with my order, I don't know who is at fault but I have been in touch with Alice's Collection, was last told that end of July it would ship, so looks like time to contact again. Now I'm not angry though, and don't let this sound bad for either company. Lets face it, life has been very weird with the plague and all. Having something to look forward to has probably helped with me not ordering more, LOL. I'm frustrated, sure, but I'm not worried about getting my stuff, especially since everyone else has been getting their orders.

      My order consisted of a body, and unrelated painted head from Impl and clothes from Alice as well as a Ringdoll wig. They've all been blamed at one point or another for holding up the order. But Alice has always been good to me, so hopefully this will finally resolve soon :)

      Actually the clothes have not been blamed ;) so my bet is that THAT was the hold up :)

      @Shawir , Adhara certainly does look like a noble woman :)
    10. @Shawir I love her wig! I need to learn how to style updos and historic hair
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    11. @IngieBee It might actually be the clothing indeed, I just had an AC order of clothing come in after a wait that was longer than for most full dolls. Here's to hoping you'll get your stuff within a reasonable time!
      @Shawir That dress is lovely! How did you do the earrings, are they permanent mods or are they glued?

      Whoops, I've been gone for a bit... Just crawled out of the hole of misery this plague put me in, and got some work done on my girl's tatts --and did full body blushing for good measure, too [so warning, doll nudity]:

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    12. @With-a-curl "Hi, hello, are you looking for a wife because suddenly I've never wanted to marry a tattooed lady so much."



      Dante is floating pretty in a pile o'stuff. This old body is growing on me. He could use jointed hands though.

      @xyuemoto the eye effect is more clear here.
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    13. Wow @With-a-curl , those are amazing! I wish I could draw! And thank you for verifying that there is a general problem, probably with the clothes. Mine were special sizes, so, yah.

      LOL @A Wee Tiefling
    14. @With-a-curl That's simply astounding work! I have yet to translate my digital painting expertise to faceups, haha. ("Where did the undo/redo button go??") That body is the sort you'd love to display au naturel.

      @A Wee Tiefling That photo honestly looks like some of those glamour magazine shots. ;)
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    15. This photo is more grungy and dark than what I usually take of my dolls, but my own Adhara's character wasn't exactly a happy camper during the last tabletop RPG sessions. Still, it's a good opportunity to show how expressive her body could be.

      Lamentations of a Scorpion 01
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    16. @AntarelNefertili -- Well she sure grunges up nicely ;) Makes for a better story. Just like Dante cleaning up nicely (desperately need to get his tattoos done)
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    17. The dolls have a great range of movements, but YOU are fantastic at getting them to express emotion, I'm envious :D But in a good way, more in awe :D
    18. Wow, I just noticed Impldoll has new resin eyes on their site for sale with small irises - just the kind I like! Has anyone bought a pair?
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    19. @IngieBee ooo those eyes look nice! I want some!