IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. Me too, but I'm afraid to order any because I don't know what would look best on my boys n girls.... maybe they'll take some pictures??
    2. @IngieBee @skyealloway The eyes they're displaying look the same as what's in their new heads...but I also want to see them in a larger head (like Tony) to make up my mind.
    3. Does anyone here have an idea about the time Impl is currently taking on orders?

      They said they were going to remake my incorrectly coloured Ziv I received in January of this year. Then the pandemic happened and that put a grinding halt to everything. I emailed them April 9th to let them know I'd need an address change for delivery as the company I worked for closed (and he was to be delivered there) and they said yes to the address change but that they needed more time to cast the correct green Ziv. I haven't heard a thing since then and it's been 4 months. Add in the additional time before Covid closed the world and it's been about 6 months (I'm not counting the additional 2 months the world was shut down). My initial order didn't take this long and it was a custom green then, too.
    4. Does anyone know if Impldoll does sales, and whether or not their male Idol body is going to get shoulder joints at some point?

      Kind of hard to justify dropping that kind of money right now, without even knowing if I like SDs in general. (I've only handled slim MSDs before, so a thick, heavy SD would be quite the change.)

      Might be worth trying though, if the body gets shoulder joints like the female Star body with shoulder joints. The Idol's magnetic hands are tempting too.
    5. @A Wee Tiefling thank you! Her wig is from Iplehouse.

      @With-a-curl The earrings are large jump rings, opened and held on with a tiny dot of tacky glue.
    6. @Valor Impldoll does sales, usually around major holidays. They're probably working on a body update for the boys too
    7. @A Wee Tiefling That's good to know, thank you. I was looking on their website, but only a few past sales seem to be listed.

      EDIT: Got the list to work.
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    8. Ohhhhh I just took a look at the resin eyes on Impl's website. They're an option if I decide to switch Dormant-Adhara's eyes into something more amber. I wish they'd list what the iris diameters are for all the sizes, though. They look small-iris, but some confirmation would have been appreciated.

      I'm in the process of overhauling the scale of my doll crew. I realized that I prefer SD++ sizes, so it's fortunate I only have one MSD that needs rehoming/reshelling. Sure, group photoshoots are now quite a workout (Impl Starwoman body + Impl Idolman body + LS Grace body + SD-sized artist doll = OW MY ARMS), not to mention things could easily get crowded. Still, it's quite fun -- especially if the dolls do not fight you too much when you're attempting to settle their poses.

      Time for Tea 2
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    9. Ugh, I'm not getting notifications again! @Iron_Dog , all I can say is I'm 11 days short of a year waiting. I suspect serious chaos going on in China still. Mostly, I really hope it has to do with how many people they can have at work, and not that any of their employees have gotten sick or worse still, died :eusa_pray:atremblin not joking either. Somebody is there though, Alice's, where I ordered my dolls, has been bugging them for me, when I bug them. They last said at the end of this month, again, for my order.

      @Valor They did have plans for updating the body like that (a mobility body) but frankly, they, along with everyone, are dealing with the chaos of the virus and I suspect it will be very delayed. And yes, they used to do events, pre plague :)

      @AntarelNefertili I'm just laughing because I was thinking the same thing when I first go an SD size, and now, oh my goodness, ... lets just say, you find and make more space than you ever thought you could, if it's for your dolls, LOL
    10. @IngieBee That's understandable. It's going to take me a while to come to grips with how massive such a doll will be anyway, so maybe I'll have adjusted by then. (Turns out that CD binders make good stand-ins.) And here I thought my MSDs were surprisingly large...
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    11. @IngieBee I might give them a gentle poke then just to see where they're at. It's not like I don't have other dolls to occupy me *shifty eyes*.

      @Valor A lot of us thought MSD's were large when we first started with that size (my first was an MSD). I'd told a friend that a 60cm would be "too much doll" and I doubted I'd ever own an SD. Then I got a 57cm and I was, "It's not that much more than an MSD. But 70cm is way too much doll." Yeah. I have 4, 70cm boys now and the bulk of my collection is now SD. Although, to be fair, a good chunk of the SD's are in the 50-ish cm range (12 of 32 & not including the 3 who are 57cm & 58cm). They are my favourite size (at least they are for now....).

      I'd like to fool myself into thinking that over 70cm would be too much doll but if the right doll came along, it wouldn't matter. A 90cm would be a LOT of doll and I don't think I'm ready for that.
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    12. Haha. I started with bjds of 11", then 50cm dolls and now have mostly 69-75cm dolls. People said that for us older folks with arthritic wrists, it would be bad to go bigger. But I just fling them over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes to move them around!
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    13. I only really find the bigger boys a pain to transport. They're heavy and sometime awkward to stuff into bags or whatnot (I'm not looking forward to the first trip somewhere with Rhyia as he's got the ginormous Soom Euclase clawed feet). Gods forbid you're ever crazy enough to take more than one of them out somewhere.
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    14. LOL, I've used a photographer's umbrella / lighting bag, which I filled with 5 SDs, most regular sized and an Impl idle boy to take pictures in my sister's beautiful back yard. I could barely BARELY get it into or out of the car!
    15. As someone with pretty severe tendon issues you'd think I'd be way less into the big dolls, but honestly, I find them easier to handle, probably because my hands have been some degree of numb for the last 2+ years. My size preference might change if arthritis enters the picture, but I doubt it since my main interest with dolls is crafting and SD+ sized things are much easier to make to proper scale.
      Also, slinging them over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes is absolutely brilliant. I hitch them on my hip like a laundry basket, lol
      Laundry basket, y'all :3nodding: great for transporting multiple dolls. If you're transporting a bunch at once and use a tall one you can just have them all standing, packed together like sardines, with a bit of blanket padding. Extra bonus that hard plastic/wicker laundry baskets provide some protection against impact and are designed to be easy-ish to carry while transporting heavy stuff
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    16. @Girrl The laundry basket is a good idea. Unfortunately for me, I don't drive so they need to go in doll bags most of the time if I'm going anywhere. I do have a grocery cart thingie that I use with a fair bit of frequency if I'm taking a bunch of guys somewhere but that is limited, too, in size/number of dolls vs size of available space of grocery thingie. I would not want to wrangle a laundry basket on public transit especially since meets are typically held in Toronto (when we still had in-person meets *sigh*) and that's an hour away by public transit for me. I need to make executive decisions on who gets to come to meets.
    17. LOL, Great visual on the laundry basket :thumbup
    18. I'm sure glad my work has a lifting requirement that I can still meet (80lbs, yo) so schlepping dolls around is a cakewalk compared to a box of textbooks. But I also invested in proper carrybags for my biguns way early and it made all the difference for me! They're still heavy AF but the two I have (from Soom and from Spiritdoll) are solid so I can sling them over my shoulder or secure them around my waist with no trouble.
      ALSO my TONY is on his way! I'm freaking out tho, he has no face and no clothes and no wig so a big nekkid hunk of resin will arrive on my door in a month and I can't even!!!
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    19. For mini-meets or limited-space gatherings, I tend to bring only two at most (usually Adhara and Guórén). She gets transported in a curled up position in a wicker shoulder bag (same mat'l as that laundry basket mentioned), while he's in a yoga bag padded with towels. I could handle carrying those two on each shoulder, but my body does feel black and blue afterwards!

      If I have to bring in all the big guns, I have a luggage bag specifically for the purpose. Oh, and only their headless bodies are in the luggage bags. Their decapitated heads are stored separately in boxes that I carry on my person, because it's way easier to find replacement bodies than replacement heads, if worst comes to worst. I do not have a car, so public transport/taxi was really the way to go. Although, I've had an experience of walking several city blocks with my girl just draped in a scarf because the venue was so close to my living area.

      Congrats @A Wee Tiefling! At least those are arrival pics to look forward to~
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    20. @AntarelNefertili I'm freaking out over which FUA I want to send him to. Maybe one who also does wigs? -- I envy people who have stylish luggage for their dolls. I am too nervous to buy luggage without taking the right measurements, otherwise that makes perfect sense to use for travel.
      @Iron_Dog I literally bought tinies and YoSDs just for meets because whoa it was too stressful to lug the biguns around.