IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread 14

Sep 24, 2019

    1. Okay I'll post the proper excitement in here lol. I realized I replied to the news thread lol. I am curious if how an Idol male head looks on a female idol body. That sculpt new is quite feminine and I'm tossing it around lol. He's amazing otherwise! I'm so happy Impl is going in this direction! It makes me excited to see what other dolls they have planned too since I know most of us are eagerly waiting for the African pair. I'm slightly glad I don't HAVE to have PeiYing right this second XD so I might have time for him later on.
    2. Wow, the new costume is AMAZING!!! I want that!! I need another TGB anyway for Marti, so I may grab him. I like the wig too!

      The Idol male heads do tend to be big and their neck holes are at least 2 cm wider than the girls, possibly more. You could try asking for the neck hole to be modded to fit on an Idol woman, or just fill the gap with hot glue. I've done that with 12cm head holes and 10 cm necks. I'd also suggest the wider shoulders of the mobility female torso (the Star does fit on the Idol) to balance the bigger head.

      @A Wee Tiefling, thank you!! I'm quite happy with the hybrid, too! And congrats on Aurora! Hope she comes home soooOOoooon!!
    3. Yeah the neck was an issue i thought about. I guess we will have to wait for a proper female version XD I bet they will do it since an Asian woman would sell so fast as theres not that many around thats proper Asian. I'll still keep an eye on him. If we can see a blank photo without the face up and all the wispy hair and effects. That could push me to fly after him since currently he looks pretty but I want to see what I would be working with in general.

      He's def the right direction for the market! Also is this a new sculptor thats doing this new line of rather realistic faces?
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    4. I just saw the new Idol Asian doll. He is exquisite, really outstanding. Impldoll outdid themselves with everything. I am soo looking forward how this series will be continued.

      The outfit is what really gets me. It looks so hyper detailed. And I think it would go well with several of my characters...aargh. I will ask Sean. Maybe we can work something out...
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    5. They have, or had, 2 sculptors. One did the more realistic faces and one did the bigger-eyed faces. Not sure they still have one of the sculptors, who was the one that did the more realistic heads.

      I think they'l bring out a female Asian, but if they're following a theme and story line, which they are, they may keep it to all males. Still... 16 new dolls? At least one must be a girl, right?

      This outfit is one of their very best!
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    6. oh wow 16 new dolls? Yeah surly a few will be female. I love male dolls and I tend to go towards them! But I have a couple females who would love to be shelled one day so here's waiting until that one sculpt gets released lol. If Impldoll keeps this up then one of them just might make it! Back to staring at the new guy lol.
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    7. Well, if they go with the 16 young generals/soldiers whathaveyou from their explanation about their theme. I wonder if they'll really do that many? Plus those other sculpts they have to bring out, Josy and Seth, some of those fantasy heads... quite a few for them to juggle.
    8. That is true. Theres a chance (its kind of sad and disturbing) that they will discontinue some dolls to keep it fresh and better manageable. Plus they also might of realized that they could possibly fill in a long over due gap in the doll sculpt markets of the more desirable sculpts types. But we actually do not know what direction they are planning overall. Maybe they are able to hold so many different dolls which is why so many are planned. Also the newer sculpts are a great advertising tactic too for them. It brings more attention to the company.
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    9. @A Wee Tiefling thank you, costume already with customer and she is so happy with it, i don't remember wich doll will wear it, but think so one of imploding Cornelia or another beast:-) My impldoll doll she hybrid now wears some fairy godmother costume now and it turned out so beautiful, she is really magic, when i want to look her as royal it hides her muscles, when she is on brave women she shows it :-) universal doll and character.
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    10. Impl is really upping the ante with the new releases! It's nice to see the styles diversifying; I remember how difficult it was to find more realistic sculpts! I just hope they won't go the LoongSoul way and suddenly do a mass discontinuation out of the blue, and without prior notice.

      Anyhoo, missed the lovebirds? They took a backseat because I had a new doll arrival (off-topic for this subforum), but now they're back to showing off how well they jive together.

      Shadow and Light 2
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    11. Another new doll!!!!
    12. She is CUTE!

      Kind of Bernice meets Azalea...
    13. The new lady is adorable! I want her to be my friend in real life hahaha!

      On the flip side...I may have...purchased...the absolute ugliest Model girl I have ever seen. The owner pics were a bit blurry but as far as I can tell she is hideous. But I really wanted her for some odd reason and she was an absolute steal (like sub 75 bucks) even if I just keep the body. I'm hoping a new face up will help though. I have no idea what her sculpt is, but she shipped today so hopefully next week I can post some id pictures.
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    14. I am very curious as to which one you got! Can't wait to see the pics! I am thinking maybe Mandy...
    15. @Thymeseer I always found the old sculpts a bit odd and owlish. I'm betting it's one of the discontinued ones.
    16. Oh wow, the new girl reminds me of Hannah???? In blade runner??
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    17. Oh yeah! I can see that!
    18. hello! I'm thinking of changing my idol girl's body into the star body but I'm kind of iffy about the bust since the medium and small bust kinda looks awkward to me. Does anyone here own a star body with a large bust? and if so, may I see some pics please?:atremblin
    19. [​IMG]

      Medium in white, large in real. Also, my avatar's chest is the large one and she is on a Starwoman body:
      Snow Ell'fh fabuloso!

      They look natural in clothing.
    20. @Yangire811 I never got the small because they looked so weird to me, then finally got a small busted star (and MGB) and I love how they look in clothing. I don't do nude photos except to show the construction of the dolls I have, so it's not much of an issue for me. Also, the chests don't bother me in person.. just IMO ;)

      Actually, I'd like a runway model body with a small braless look so I can make a deep cut slinky dress for it.:lol:
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