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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread Part 11

Mar 3, 2018

    1. Wow @chalyss it's about time Jeeryama also entered a dealership with Impl! The shipping fees hurt a lot if most of your crew is HUGE. XD

      Speaking of huge, still can't get over how naturally Impl's First-gen Idol man could pull off poses despite its size. I haven't been paying as much attention to my hybrid boy as I should have, but he looked pretty pissed when I caught him cuddling my girl's cat (who he claims he hates). :whee:

      8 - Guoren and Tempura
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr

      -------Added notes-------

      IMPLdoll website

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      Impldoll Resin matching
      DoA databases: All dolls, Christopher, Fantasia, Idol (all)
      #1 AntarelNefertili, Mar 3, 2018
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    2. Niiiice outfit, @IngieBee! HZ always has such gorgeous and detailed clothing!

      @AntarelNefertili, I know right?? I am so happy they are now though! And that's a great pic of a surprise capture! *L* You're right about the posing power of the first gen Idol men- they had such great engineering! You can still order them, too. They may not be /quite/ so pretty as the newer versions, but they're the best posers.
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    3. @AntarelNefertili I loved that photoshoot on Flickr. Impressive use of body language and that look at the camera XD

      I had a quick look at Jeeryama's site but I wasn't sure if it was loading correctly so I figured I'd try it on the laptop next time. I went to their eBay shop next but as a buyer I was "blocked due to shipping restrictions" so I guess if I want to buy anything I'll have to send an email. I should probably avoid temptation anyway - in a few hours I'll know if I've won an Iris head I didn't really need...

      Edit; I won the Iris head I didn't really need! I'm considering making her a boy but we'll have to see what happens when she gets here. She has a female faceup but it's badly damaged so it will need redoing but it depends if I can see her as a boy... And Resinsoul replied to tell me they should be able to make me a Yi body to match my Martin head - they had stopped colour-matching for a while but I'm guessing they've been busy - they said it will take two months for my body which I do not mind at all! Cheered me up too as I've been sulking a bit - stuck indoors because of stupid snow (not literally, I'm just not a fan!) and having a clumsy day so I decided against doing the tattoos on my Star body - which needs a good scrub before I do that anyway!

      So what body will suit incoming Iris...? Hmmm /babble XD
      #4 rubydoll, Mar 3, 2018
      Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
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    4. @captain_panda Wow, that hybrid looks great! I heard that Dollshe and Impl worked great together, but I didn't realize just how great until I saw your doll! The resin match is also perfect!

      Also, for anyone who owns Azalea... What sort of eyes would you recommend? I'm thinking of going with 12mm small iris eyes, but is there a chance that 14mm small iris eyes may also work?

      The reason I am asking is because I saw a comparison pic of some 14mm small iris eyes and 12mm regular iris eyes, and the 14mm eyes had much smaller irises... I'm guessing they were 5mm to 5.5mm, whereas the 12mm eyes had the standard 6mm irises...

      I'm mostly looking for sizing suggestions for now. I know that Beetles have small iris options, but none of the colors work for what I have in mind. I did see some nice eyes in Blue Blood Doll's website that have smaller irises, so that's a maybe...
    5. I forgot to subscribe to this thread. XD Thankfully I decided to check it manually before I missed too much!

      @Silver_Unicorn297 My Azalea went with a pair that's 12mm with 6mm iris before I reshelled her. They're from Candy Kitten's Emporium, my original go-to for eyes before I began my switch to urethane. I don't have any 14mm eyes in my collection at the moment, so I couldn't provide a comparison for that one. I would think that if you really want a realistic look, the iris should be on the 5-5.5mm range.

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    6. @AntarelNefertili Oh! That photo is actually super helpful! Thank you! That regular 12mm iris actually looks pretty nice, and I guess for a female character, it would work pretty well. I found a pair of 14mm small iris eyes that were nice, and I think the pupils might be in the 5 to 5.5mm range, so they should still work... If not, then I have a pair of small iris 12mm eyes picked out on Blue Blood Doll.
    7. @Silver_Unicorn297 I took out my Azalea head from storage and put in one of my 12/5mm eyes on her. Here's the result (pardon the rushed placement!):

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    8. Very pretty! Azalea is a lovely sculpt!
    9. Aww! Thank you panda! ^_^
    10. Your Azalea head looks great with those eye!
    11. CONGRATS, @rubydoll! Maybe an Impl male model body would work? I could actually check this for you- I have a spare model body that is doing nothing anymore as it's way too small now. What color resin?

      Gosh, Azalea looks fabulous in either of those eye sizes! She's just so pretty!
    12. Azalea is next on my list :-)
    13. I'm not entirely sure what colour she is - she looks Real Skin in the photos but the owner says she's more tan irl so I'm guessing she's that darker shade of RS that Impl did for a while in which case she'll match a pair of feet I have but not much else! I'm in two minds about the Model body - I do love the body and I think it would probably work, but I decided early on that all my dolls would have different bodies - but if they were brothers then the same body would seem fairly natural and they'd have different hands as mine has RS jointed hands. But I've been looking at pics of Iris and she's so pretty as a girl I'm not sure if I'm gonna stick to the plan. Especially as the arrival of Dylan means my girls are outnumbered. But I'll let you know when she arrives and I've tried her on every body I have. She may have to float for a while cos Martin is next in the body queue!

      I can imagine how the Model body must be literally dwarfed by your big boys! You couldn't use it for a surprisingly buff young lad?
    14. Iris IS a beautiful girl! She'd probably make a cute boy too, but yeah-- she's such a great sculpt for a pretty little thing that turning her into a he would be tough!

      The body of the model is so small compared to the rest that I think I'd have to sand him less buff and then use him as a young lad or maybe I can make him a REALLY short guy... really short. He's much smaller than most of my girls now. Hmm. Maybe a beast mod of some sort... HMMMM....

      @Anita2006, I have 2 Azaleas! And a floating head! She can look so very different depending on face up and wig!
      [​IMG]A garden of Azaleas
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    15. Wow, you're not kidding, they do look like different sculpts! So pretty!
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    16. @chalyss while I don't mind my Ziv being shorter than my guys, it does bug me a little he's shorter than my girls as soon as they put heels on. But it's become part of his character. He's a prince and in a few short years will be King and his short stature and baby face are just additional reasons for the queen regent to be disappointed in him. Maybe he needs a fiancée...

      A beast mod would be awesome ^^ or you could glue some fur on his feet and make him a hobbit who hits the gym after second-breakfast every day!

      Your Azeleas are stunning. Is that a Doll Chateau headdress?
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    17. HA HA! Hobbit! BUFF Hobbit! I'll consider that!

      Yes, a Doll Chateau Snow Nymph helmet. It actually does not need modding to fit the smaller Azalea head, though it's too big without a wig. The Christina helmet had to replace my Vanessa's head cap and her head be modded for it to fit: