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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 12

Jul 26, 2018

    1. Awesome. I had a lovely long draft saved which I had to abandon before I went to work, I get back and the thread's closed and my reply is gone. I do ramble a lot so maybe it's the universe trying to make me be more concise!

      This is Martin on the Star body. It's not horrendous but I never could quite decide what I didn't like about it.

      [​IMG]DF-H 63cm V3 Body by Rubydoll Chaos, on Flickr

      Fab body blushing @chalyss it looks very natural. The two boys I've done body blushing for both have scuffed shoulders so I'm intrigued by this Minwax lacquer - wonder if I can get it here... Or if it's like the Windsor and Newton brush cleaner I got excited about only to find the UK version is a different formulation XP Before I start I need to sand the AS body's seams. The matte, textured resin is nice but I think I would rather have smooth, seamfree resin like Impldoll.

      @Mekkisry my meltdowns are usually hormonal and that knowledge helps me deal. I know that however much everything sucks right at that moment, in a few days time I won't even care. My mantra for it is "no matter how bad things might seem they can't be worse, they can't be better, because that's just the way things freaking are, and you'd better get used to it Nancy, quit your bitching". It works for me when I need to accept things I either can't change or am not willing to put the effort into changing. Being an introvert is hard because sometimes you know it would do you good to not be alone but being around people isn't easy. You can't rely on other people to make you happy but that's not to say they never will make you happy. And what's wrong with being an old hag? Okay so the media drums it in that women only have value if they're young and pretty but would you want to be friends with someone with only those two qualities? I've felt old since I was like 27 and ten years on I'm like bless, I had no idea. True I still do feel old sometimes but this is as young as I'm ever gonna be again.

      I keep hearing about how fast Impldoll's site is now but I haven't had chance to check it out...
    2. @Mekkisry Oh my gosh, I went looking at tattoos to see designs and ideas, and I discovered the subtleties of white ink, which I would love to do on some girls, but then I saw this:

      And I was blown away!

      Woe, @rubydoll he looks like Johnny Depp there, LOL. He does have a long neck there, but I like it, it looks especially good with that outfit. I think he is totally dapper with wild hair, which is awesome! That's really funny what you say about your meltdowns. I have had depression since I was a child, and after discovering things about myself as an adult, that is exactly what I say to myself! Knowledge is power. Otherwise I would have killed myself, :( . Brain pain is the worst!

      @Chameleon I sent my two daughters to see Hamilton on the west coast (not original cast) and they had an awesome time. Congrats to you for snagging tickets! I wish I could have gone, but sitting in a chair that long puts me in so much agony, I just can't do it! Sorry I don't know how Hannah would look on a Supergem body :( Is Hannah one of the smaller heads? I did put my Narissa head on a Delf body, LOL, and it was surprisingly not the worst!?! Delfs are like 58cm
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    3. There are some truly amazing tattoo artists out there. I'd seen that leg design before and was flabbergasted at how perfectly real it looks.

      And yes, the Impl site pops up with all the pics much faster now. Not that it was deadly long before but there was definitely a delay previously.
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    4. That’s awesome! I’m just waiting for tickets, and hopefully I’ll get in. I’m sorry to hear about how rough sitting in a chair for that long can be.

      I’m going to try her on mine once I get it back from my girlfriend drafting patterns off it!
    5. Please post how that looks :D
    6. Ooooh, got email that my Dylan's Star body with jointed hands has been shipped!!!! Woot Woot! Back to Nancy's special link to track it :D
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    7. The new site IS zippy! Very nice upgrade!

      @rubydoll, it's called Minwax Polycrylic Water Based Protective Finish. It's sold most commonly in pints. Maybe Amazon UK has it?

      The Idol heads have HUGE peanut noggins and I think that's why they look a bit off on the shorter bodies. They benefit from the length of the bigger bodies. But again, Plaice looked good on the Star body, so it might be a head by head case. Oh, I found it! All thanks to Fishcake for this pic:

      I feel like I have forgotten to answer something...

    8. Is the Minwax thing about a more... permanent solution to keeping blushing intact? I seem to vaguely remember seeing a thread about that somewhere. Maybe in the Maintenance sub-forum?

      I have a doll that would greatly benefit from this as he's got full-body tiger stripes and since he's my favourite and most loved on doll, anything that would lengthen the life of his body work would be super appreciated by me.
    9. Yes! Sicktress is currently modding a doll for me and he needed to be spray painted but that chips easily and needs to be redone often. So after speaking with another doll enthusiast, he suggested minwax and so Sicktress is trying it on my guy to seal the paint. It IS removable; she managed to remove it with alcohol I think (?) when it cracked over the paint. She thinks this is due to humidity as the under paint was dry. The minwax can leave drips, but that can be sanded smooth. It is satin, so you'd need to matte it with sealant spray unless you want the shiny effect.
    10. Good to know. I need to send Moswen out to be re-painted (it's been 10 years since he was originally done) but I'm reluctant to send him away. I'm not too bothered yet most days but he needs to be re-painted, poor boy.
    11. @rubydoll Thanks for that photo! I see what you mean though. There is something slightly off about the Martin head on that Star body. At first I thought it was the head to shoulder proportion but going from Impl's site, the shoulder width is only 1cm less than the Idol body so I think you are right about the length of the body. I was browsing last night in the box opening gallery as I always like to see dolls out of the box and "IRL" so to speak, and saw someone had a Martin head on a 68cm Popodoll body (which I happen to have) and it looked pretty good. So I might even end up doing that because I really like Martin the best out of the heads I had looked at. I just have to do a bit more research before I decide as the body I have is white skin and I am sure Impl's white skin is close or at least similar.

      @chalyss Ah, Plaice does look good on that body. Thanks for the photo. It's strange how some heads look good on the smaller body and others just don't. I think I will end up getting that body anyway at some later stage. As for the head, more research required on my end!

      @IngieBee That carving is one really amazing piece of work. It's so intricate and detailed. I can see why you were blown away by it!

      I've finally decided I will get one of the Female Star 65cm bodies (the new one). I'm just debating over which head I want on it now. It takes me months to decide on dolls as I like to be super thorough on my research. I just don't want to get something and then be disappointed and end up trying to have to make it work. Had too many of those failures over the years so I make sure to be more careful now before I purchase anything. Right now, I am madly trying to find owner photos of Crystal, Alma and Alberta as there's tons on Azalea but not as much love on the others.
    12. I have Alma! She looks a little scared all the time, which I find adorable, LOL. she is on the star body too! I'm not sure if this link works as it is taken from my own account that is logged in, but... D&D or WoW or Game themes
    13. Alma is lovely! What skin color is she?
    14. My Alma is just pink normal
    15. I need to go look at Alma. That was my grandmother's name!
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    16. I've not had that experience with spray paint. I painted Legion... almost 3 years ago, and she hasn't chipped yet (Link, since she's OT for this thread) but I also coated the inside of her joints with acrylic paint and mod podge so that might have something to do with it.
    17. Wow, Girrl, is that glow in the dark paint or does it just look luminescent?

      @nancy_schroeder_ca my grandmother's had similar names. Maybe those old names will come back in fashion again? Mine were both Elnas :)
    18. @IngieBee : I absolutely adore the Skyrim soundtrack. <3 I listen to a lot of game soundtracks in general, and that one is definitely in my top 5. Oh yeah, for sure, artists are doing some insanely wonderful things with tattoos these days. It's come so far! That picture you posted... yeah, that is spectacular. You know, as for decals, I think you could actually add color to them after transferring. Provided you were careful, of course. Pretty sure I've seen people do that? It'd probably be kind of fun to play around with, in any event. :)

      @rubydoll: I most definitely have the hormonal meltdowns, as well. Really badly. I unfortunately have PMDD and it makes me feel a bit unhinged, at times (like... currently). :vein Sometimes I wonder if my mental health issues play a factor in my being an extreme introvert. I genuinely do not like showing my emotions, and even my own Mom can't tell when I'm super anxious. I hide it. I've always hidden it, because it makes me feel weak and pathetic to physically show that side of myself. Most people don't understand anyway, so... *shrug* Ugh, I hate the garbage that the media feeds to us. Women are 'supposed' to be sexy and beautiful! Women must look flawless, 24/7! Any woman over 21 is old and useless! :roll:


      DOLLS, SELF. This is a DOLL forum. Um. Still no word on any upcoming events from IMPL? I'm waiting them out. I swear, the second I place an order for a body for my Nicolas, they'll then announce something. I'll be stubborn, dangit. ;)
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    19. @IngieBee Thanks for that photo. She looks pretty good. I love her outfit.

      @Mekkisry Isn't that always the way though? You wait for an event and then end up ordering something and the very next day, the event shows up. That's happened to me a few times now with other companies. Frustrating! I'm in the same boat though. I want to see what other events they have planned for the rest of the year but I'm okay at the moment with waiting because I am still trying to decide on head sculpt for the planned Female Star SGB body I want to order.

      Speaking of, does anyone have a Delia head? Even better if it's on the Star SGB body. Do you guys think that combo might work? I've been branching out and looking more at their other female Idol heads after reading earlier in the previous thread that someone mentioned the Idol heads should work for the SGB Star body. Oh and Octavia too. I can't seem to find a lot of owner photos on her.

      I know I have seen the head comparison between Azalea, Alberta and Alma but I thought there was also one with Delia and Octavia unless I am imagining it.
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