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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. Oh yes, I am really curious how my second Nic looks like in real life.

      And I am also curious how those magnetic hands work. If they work well, you can be sure that I will bother them creating other hand positions. Or I may modify the hands which are already here...

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      This is the discussion thread for all IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol dolls.

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    2. They do work well, @Ipledreamer , I have bonked them off, but not easily. I just wish they started with a more natural pose!
    3. @IngieBee yes, they supose to create more poses of those hands, insted of them i would use to buy jointed hands i think, or i will wait till they will make more choises for us :-)
    4. Well, these magnetic hands are actually ideal for Dr. Strange, when he does his swirly magic things with his fingers.

      But longterm, I would love to have fists, gun-holding hands, sword-holding hands...@Impldoll: just take a look at Hot Toys hands! Make them available as a set, and offer them also indivdually. That would be a dream come true for me, and I would equip all of my guys with those hands.
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    5. I did buy jointed hands for my Nick. I hope the arrive next month!

      Yes! Hot toys hands! Good idea, @Ipledreamer :D
    6. Hm, I have the Impl Idol male jointed hands. To be honest, I do not love too much. I understand that it is not possible to sculpt them so that they look as elegant as the fixed hands. Sadly, they also like to turn a lot in the knuckles, which drives me crazy. As one hand fell apart, I looked at the sockets if there is any chance to add some kind of edge. I have not yet found a proper method. But I own pairs from other companies which are more firm in that regard.

      So by now I do not think jointed hands are the be all end all solution to BJD hands with which you can make them do different things. So I am very curious about the magnetic hands and which other poses Impl will offer (I really hope they are still working on that project). But soon I will know more.
    7. I got the jointed hands as well but don't like the size for the idol body as they seem too small. I do like them on my star boy Dylan though. I am thinking of wiring them :)

      On the whole, though, I love jointed hands for their intricacies if nothing else. I remember in the old days wishing someone would make a pair, but I was certain it would be too small a scale! :aeyepop: but they did it!
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    8. I love jointed hands. I tend to get them when they're offered. I can't even say I utilize them all that well; they're just so neat and detailed.
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    9. OK people, we lost our group due to a new thread and I'm in withdrawal. This is my favorite thread!!! So here is some picture spam, and hopefully someone will see the thread :bump

      [​IMG]Impldoll Lydia by ingiebee, on Flickr

      I'm not sure if I have posted this picture of my Lydia night elf yet? I like the weird way her lower lashes turned out. Was a mistake, then I thought it looked cool, LOL. But the brows are so stiff, ugh! Wish I could do brows :( I still haven't even started on her costume yet, I'm so bad! And before doing something new, I also have a fear of starting and having it not work out, LOL so I stay in a state of non-starting for extended periods of time. I gotta push myself out of it!
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    10. @IngieBee I don't believe you have posted her before. She has a lot of character!

      They do post a message when they split the thread. I do find I need to check watched threads under forums at least once a day to stay up with all my threads.
    11. Yes, I used to only have a few dolls from 2 companies, then 3 then several and in different sizes, now it's hard to keep up, no?? LOL. Thank you @nancy_schroeder_ca :D
    12. Argh I fell off the thread, not so much through it being a new one and more because I'm not on top of anything right now!

      My Ringdoll hands arrived! Luckily they weren't damaged despite customs pulling them out of the separate box they were in, out of their bubble wrap then just shoving them back into the still open box so they were essentially loose in there XP the wrist balls are tiny! Ringdoll must make tiny wrists!

      I also gave my Dorisy a temporary faceup as her Resinsoul body is in the post! She's also got a new wig. When we have some sunlight I'll redo her face so she doesn't have #InstagramFail eyebrows XD

      [​IMG]Isla Temporary Faceup by Rubydoll Chaos, on Flickr

      @IngieBee I totally get the not - starting for fear of messing it up thing - sometimes you have to give yourself that little nudge so you can't turn back XD you got good symmetry on your Lydia - as for the eyebrows, they're very straight - maybe she'd suit a bit of a haughty arch to them?
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    13. Yes! That's it, @rubydoll! They need drama! I'll undoubtedly be redoing it again soon, but I'm concentrating on putting together some clothes. I did plan on getting feathers for the brows, but the ones I've found lately are shabby for the job :( Just got to keep looking :D

      Love the sweetness of your Dorisy's faceup, it's going to go perfectly with her brother (that's the one with a twin brother, right?) Oh she's so sweet, and I love the maiden style hair!
    14. Ooh, feather brows sound intriguing! They're not the easiest thing to work with - or at least that's my excuse for why I still have some feathers tucked away I've never got around to using!

      Ah, no, the twin is the head that came with her, a second Iris head - she got a faceup too but I went a bit overboard with the eye shadow - if I dress my dolls with an 80s theme she'll be perfect XD Here she is with her brother and Heilan, my Dylan. I'm wondering if I might want to shorten his neck a little or if it's just that jumper making it look so long!

      [​IMG]Merry Christmas 2018 by Rubydoll Chaos, on Flickr
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    15. Wow, I didn't get notification for this thread :(. Late reply, sorry! I actually intended to come to this lonely thread to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, or happy holidays, or winter/Summer solstice or just an awesome Tuesday, LOL

      I love those not-so-ugly Christmas sweaters, @rubydoll . You know, about the neck, is that the star body? I think my Dylan looks long in the neck as well. I think the v neck might enhance that effect. However, try a trendy turtleneck on him before doing anything. I find turtleneck sweaters look nice on a long neck ;)
    16. I've noticed that notifications can be a bit sporadic - I think it's set up so you're not spammed with them but the downside is sometimes you don't get ones you do want! Merry Christmas to you too @IngieBee and may everyone have a lovely day whether you celebrate or not :)

      Yep, Dylan is on the Star and does usually wear something with more of a neck - maybe I'll layer him up if I get round to changing his trousers! The sweaters are designed to go on wine bottles so the fit varies - and the sleeves are a bit short but they were not expensive and for once a year they're great. I also got some doggy socks which I almost forgot about!

      [​IMG]Christmas Socks by Rubydoll Chaos, on Flickr

      Ridley really doesn't look sure about the public display of affection but Finn doesn't care. And Mr Randall just wishes they'd get off his shelf and give him some elbow room so he can play the violin XD
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    17. Ah, Wine bottles! I was going to ask, but I figured it was from an artisan somewhere :D I have a wine bottle apron I put on a mini doll. It has a pair of boobs and says in German "as good as mother's milk" LOL. It fit my boy's personality well. The girls weren't too pleased though and were mad at me for encouraging him ;) (well, that's what I think they were trying to say, LOL)
    18. Hahaha that is awesome XD sorry girls but I think I'd be guilty of encouraging him too!

      I was hoping to pick up a couple more wine bottle jumpers but I think I got the last two - maybe I'll have to get better at crochet!
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    19. Geepers people, where is everyone? @chalyss @Iron_Dog have you not found the new thread yet? Who else hasn't arrived yet? This is my favorite thread and we are dead in the water! LOL Wake UP, it's almost 2019!!!
    20. @IngieBee I can only assume everyone is rushed off their feet! I've been lurking around the forum a bit but my phone is out of data until the start of next month so I can't even while away my breaks at work on here!

      In the meantime though, my Resinsoul body for my Dorisy head arrived! Here she is against Aigne on the Model body.

      [​IMG]Resinsoul Vs Impldoll Model by Rubydoll Chaos, on Flickr

      I'm intending to mod her shorter - I don't know if I will take her down as far as the Model - there's about a 3cm difference - 57.5cm Vs 54cm - cos of the angle the yardstick isn't accurate here - but it's feasible a tall 13 year old could be taller than a short adult, right?