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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. Well, I decided to equip every Idol guy with leg slits. I do not use the cross-stringing, and I need some of them to be able to...well...sit like men. I did this to one or two of my big boys, and it does not affect their stability at all. But now they are able to sit with spread legs.
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    2. They all need the slits! The 2nd gen boys can be ordered with 1st gen leg slits as they're the same bodies, just resculpted. The 3rd has the slits. My girls all need slits though. Do you drill them yourself? I think it'd be easy enough to do and you may do a better job that Impl, who kind of half-assed it.
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    3. Yes, I do it all by myself. But its slow...as you know, I have an army of them occupying my home. And my FGBs came without thigh slits. Now if I undo the cross stringing, they can stand with spread legs easily, but sitting is impossible then. Hence the addition of thigh slits. I do not care about optics. IMO, the bonus mobility is worth it.

      Luckily I have a Dremel. But it still takes a good amount of time, because you can't drill too quickly. I am still careful, even if I have a lot of experience using this tool.

      Another question: Can the male Idol FGB or SGB body take an IOS class 80 Jade head? I am considering dollifying Lucifer Morningstar (yes, the devil himself). I consider Jade to be a perfect match, but he is technically for the IOS 80 cm body. This is really too big for my crew though. He just cannot be taller than Thor or Captain America. I do not really want to use the TGB body, as its shape is rather off for the strong, but elegant Lucifer.
      The neck sizes and shoulders could work as they seem to not too far off. But the Jade head has quite a strong jawline, so I am afraid it might look a tad bobble-headed.
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    4. I have to do a few myself. I HATE not having the thigh slits and I HATE cross stringing. I undo it as soon as I can. It works better for IH than Impl, but even IH benefits greatly from different stringing (and those clicky hip pieces- gosh I hate those).

      Sadly I can't answer your question... but 5star body might work. Is the Jade bigger than a Nicholas head? I'll show you my Nic/Eclipse head on a 5star. Might work. I should get Impl jointed hands for him too.


      @MaryamDN, no worries nice lady! I know you're hecka busy!! I need to show off my boy though- possible thanks to you!! <3
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    5. And one more, next to a Starwoman muscular Azalea. She claimed him, he's hers. I won't tell her no. ;)

      I think Impl jointed hands might be elegant on him.

      Forgot to tell you- his head needs a lot of glue to work, but work it does.
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    6. @Ipledreamer

      Here's my Jade head on the SGB body.
      The proportions look somewhat better in person, but even then I think he looks a bit out of place on this body.
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    7. That is a large noggin, then! Maybe a Herculean or an ID75 or somewhere thereabouts. Wigged and clothed, it might work. DF-A just came out with a lean 75cm boy that might make an elegant Lucifer.

      Thanks for the share, @witch-hammer !
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    8. @chalyss The neck joint is awesome! I know some people don't like their dolls coming in so many pieces, but they add quite a lot of emotional feel to photoshoots (especially compared to my yet-to-be-restrung Idolman who has a chronic case of stiff neck). Besides, if your doll wears neckpieces, they're easily hidden away.

      Madonna and Child
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr

      Speaking of the three-string method, my Iplehouse JID Violet came strung like that by default. Ironically enough, it resulted in her having good leg mobility from the onset despite the lackluster engineering everywhere else (a shame I couldn't remove those godawful hip clickers or else she'd just keep falling backwards when sitting).

      @Ipledreamer I agree about the thigh slits for the men. My boy sits even more proper than my girl, which may have suited his character fine -- but c'mon, every guy has to relax once in a while. I asked Impl before if I could buy only the slitted thighs for the FGB and they said no. :( Oh well, if his posing turns wonky once I restring him, I guess I'd just have to take his thighs to a modder and get slits dremelled in.
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    9. Thank you all your lovelies for your help!

      @chalyss: Sadly, I do not know whether Jade's head is larger than a Nicolas head. But otherwise I think again that Nic does not really need a faceup nor a shirt...yours looks so great on that body!

      @witch-hammer: Hmmm...I have to say he does not look too bad even on that picture. I think his neck might be a tad too long, but that could be changed. Maybe if I exchanged the rather slender chest part of an FGB/SGB body with the one of the TGB, but keep the thinner arms. Then it might look even better. Sure this also needs a little bit of modding...but then his chest/shoulders will be as wide as the IOS 80 cm body. I may have to play a bit with the corresponding parts to see if that is doable (I have tried that body thing already, but with the stronger arms that go with the TGB body for my future Aquaman).

      Would you do me a big favor and measure your Jade's head circumference? That would make my quest much easier in deciding which body to get.

      Though a 75 cm could be an option...75 cm sounds not as bad as 80 cm...anyways, I could try the Impldoll body anyway, because even if Jade does look goofy on it, I am sure someone will come along and claim it (i.e. I can sneak in another character :) Did I not say I was done with acquiring more dolls? My hubby just smiled very wisely.).

      @AntarelNefertili:That neck joint does look interesting. I have modded my Iple Tony to have that. It does work great, but I do not think I will mod all of my dolls to have that. It really was a lot of work...or was I just scared I would mess it up? But he is really a good poser now in that department...so it was well worth it. Maybe if all other projects are done...which will never happen, as we all know. Will Impl add these additional shoulder joints and the mobility neck to the guys as well? After all, their shoulders are well wide enought to accomodate these joints...that would be so cool.
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    10. Hello all my dearies!!! I missed you all so much and still need to read up on what's been going on. Both my laptop and desktop died, I was so disgusted, as I knew it was Microsoft's fault!!!! Grrrr! So a few days ago (a few? time flies!) I tried turning on my desktop and an old drive kicked in, one I gave up on after a similar Microsoft fiasco last year. So I'm back in business, but have been too busy to post much!

      @chalyss, your Azalea and Eclipse are so stunning together! Wow! Say, can you or anyone link to where you describe the restringing? I've probably seen it before, but I'm drawing a blank as I often do :doh And yah, your Narissa is such a stunner. I really need to either try again with the faceup on mine or else get it professionally done *_*

      I must say, I need jointed hands, or more choices in posing from Impl because I really don't like the claw hands :( I'm thinking of buying a pair of Soom Mega Gem hands, do you think they'd fit? Because my Eclipse is in Soom Tawny color and I like big hands ;)
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    11. @Ipledreamer The sculpt makes me think of Lucifer as depicted in the Michael Carey comics, all cheekbone and sass and regret.

      @witch-hammer The proportions look okay-ish enough in the picture, I think clothed and wigged it'd be almost imperceptible. I've noticed that dolls with truly realistic head-sizes always look pin-headed in pictures (and sometimes in person) so better to err on the side of too big. It makes the whole thing more sculptural and less Uncanny Valley
      @AntarelNefertili Welp I'm convinced to have a neck piece...though for what doll and body I don' t know. I'm not supposed to be buying big'uns this summer.
    12. I know nothing of the comics. But I really like the series. I considered Eclipse (modified Nicolas) for Luce. But he is just too serious (most of my guys are serious, so a little bit of sass is just right).

      I dug out some IOS class 80 head circumferences from really dark places. According to that, the head circumferences seem to be even a tad smaller than Impl's Idol boys. But the one I have is an Anarmonia. Jade might be different, but I will take the risk.

      Sadly, Aquaman is put on hold, as I find Lucifer more fascinating...(besides, he just needs a suit).
    13. @Ipledreamer I remember reading somewhere that Impl does intend to launch a male body with the same cuts as the Starwoman MGB, but they still need to work on the engineering of the shoulder joints imo (at the moment, it could only go up and down with no front or back movement). You're right though, the male bodies should have an easier time accommodating the shoulder joints because they have wide torsos to begin with.

      @A Wee Tiefling Ahahaha I hope you don't mind the wide shoulders! Who knows, though, maybe Impl will release an improved version of the body based on customer feedback, and you'll be of a better position to grab one. :D
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    14. FYI, Impl's heads have huge noggins. That is, the face isn't so big, but the cranium is, LOL. So my point being that circumference may not be the best measurement to base the decision on. I've noticed those differences disappear under the wig :D I'm sure it'll look great though, even humans have a huge variance in head size (and shape).

      BTW Jade is smirky gorgeous, good choice!!
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    15. I wanted to post an agreement (and admiration for the photo) that this body is very expressive, more so than any other doll I have, and you utilize it expertly! I hope they make a boy body like this soon! I have a Plaice head and want a Tank :D
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    16. @IngieBee: Ah, now I understand! Problem with Lucifer is that there won't be much wig to cover a head, as he of course will get the haircut he sports in the series. But it still seems to me that he has a somewhat comparable head to Nicolas, but with wider jaws (and that bonus little smirk). So if you cut that huge cranium off (which Nic also has), he might work on that Idol body. Especially as my Dr. Strange (who also has a short male haircut) looks really good with that.

      Anyways, I will take that risk and order a Jade. As I have all body types here needed for that experiment, there is no risk. Worst case it will look funny and I have to look for another body victim to hybrid him with.
    17. @Ipledreamer how does that Dr Strange head look on the idol body? Is that what you ended up using? Wait, I'm thinking of a minime head....??? I'm confused again!
    18. I had a second Impl Nicolas head painted by Impldoll as Benedict Cumberbatch. No, I did not get the one from IOS. As you can imagine, he works great on the Idol FGB.
    19. :D Cool, any time you can post new picture ;) My eyes are here :D