IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. @chalyss
      Oh wow, I have one non-hybrid like that but she is a very inexpensive SD, so I can't complain because she was so affordable.
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    2. @chalyss Dayum, your King Corey looks so good! I love the styling on him.

      Garza reminds me of a young Chiwetel Ejiofor...though I doubt they'd model him on Chiwie. I swear he's based on a Hollywood actor (the way I'm convinced Tony is based on a young John Travolta. Ok, new theory, Garza is young Samuel L Jackson and Tony is John Travolta and they're both cosplaying as Vincent and Jules)
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    3. @chalyss He looks great! Good job finding a way to cover that bubble-booty! :P Impl really is my go-to company for hybriding, haha.

      Garza has such interesting features, but I'm thankfully safe on this one. I already have quite a lot of dough to drop for another doll, enough to say "no more resin purchases for the rest of the year".
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    4. Yah, I can see that :) Or Steve Tyler, or many people actually. I'm not sure about Chiwetel Ejiofor as it's way too sallow a face, LOL. I can see similarities in the eyes, but to get Chiwetel Ejiofor, I feel you'd have to puff up his cheeks a bit :D

      Looks perfect, and he is a hunk![/user]
    5. I saw him and immediately thought he was a caricature of Richard Madden in the BBC Bodyguard show.
      Bodyguard Bodyguard - Google Search
      (Really good show, btw.)
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    6. I think this sculpt could be used to create any of these guys, even better with slight modifications. I NEED the more asian looking guy for a character :)
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    7. i changed my Sally wig, her character more fits as Merida, but she will be called Kenna :-) her dress not finished yet and i would like to add some more details on her eyebrows. few darker brown strokes would improve her face impression. [​IMG]
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    8. @Anita2006 in that picture, if you can remember the angle if you ever do photo stories, she looks skeptical :D
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    9. OK, I have to share these and Impl gave me permission- two new sculpts, Seth and Josy! They did an AMAZING job! They hope to fast track them and get them out sooner rather than later.

      [​IMG]Seth Impl

      [​IMG]Josy Impl
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    10. @IngieBee i still need to learn how to play with new phones camera, but one day i will make photostorie :-) yes, you right, her wiev says like " Keep talking, darling, keep talking.... " or something like that.
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    11. @chalyss thank you so much for sharing! They're both so wonderful. And both look like characters I've been wanting to shell. :o It's kind of scary the resemblance haha. I'm just going to quietly update my wishlist.
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    12. @chalyss thank you for sharing that :love

      Seth and Josy both look amazing. Seth is love at first sight and just clicks.
      Josy, I love her face and the nose shape, she looks so young, I only wish her eye shape was a bit smaller so she would look as realistic as the rest of her features but Ill reserve judgement until she is fully done, but its hard not to fall in love with her cheerful and gentle face

      Funny how I said I only wanted to have 1 doll when I first started the hobby :doh

      Im happy to see more ethnicities are being made, I was getting sad that some of the more ethnic sculpts from companies were discontinued by the time I joined the hobby.

      I see they use translucent resin for their dolls, does anyone know if they offer solid resin?
      I dont like it when the resin is translucent :( I see some anti-uv in their resin listing but Im not sure if that is solid resin necessarily
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    13. @GreenTeaSlug

      It’s their Special Anti UV resins which have the translucency, not the regular resins, from my understanding. I own their normal skin, white skin (both chips, which are opaque, not translucent) and their Special Anti-UV Brown and Special Anti-UV tan, which are both slightly translucent (you wouldn’t know by looking, but they are slightly translucent compared to opaque resins side by side)
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    14. @americanseamstress thank you for the clarification and saving me :)

      Ill go with the regular tan since its opaque. Ill research the male bodies, since I dont think they sell heads alone, because Seth is just too good to pass up
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug

      You might want to see if anyone here has a NEW (preferably casted this year or last year) tan color because their tan colors (except Special Anti-UV Brown) skew orange. My Special Anti-UV Real arrived almost dried apricot colored and I had to overdye it in green to cancel the orange
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    16. @GreenTeaSlug, they do sell heads alone. I think regular human is $80 and special beast (if an option, like for Chad) is $120. I agree with the translucent and opaque clarifications, too. That was a good way to say it.

      As for tans (and yes, they're going oraange- yuck), you can ask for an old tan and send a pic as an example. That SHOULD work. And before they ship the item, get a pic to make sure it's not Hyper Carrot colored. Also, just let them know you want opaque resin.

      And thanks for all the kind words on my Corey/Impl hybrid! I rather like it myself! Impl is just awesome for that balance between cost effectiveness and quality!
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    17. LOL, yah, @Anita2006

      I don't know if I should squee or cry?!?!?! OMG he is such a babe, and she is cute, but looks so young! I'm going to have to send them an Iplehouse part and order a special color :D

      @americanseamstress yes, mine is orangy, I will be avoiding that color. The dark tan looks too dark for pictures, I have a hard time with such dark colors. I think you could also go to the paint store and find a color you like and send that in, it should work as well :) Come to think of it, I might do that as well, I don't feel comfortable sending in a foot or something that might get lost :P
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    18. @IngieBee They did so a great job on him, didn't they? I want them both too!

      I will tell everyone that the sculpts were based on ethnic/AA faces, hence when they release them for the sales pages, both will be cast in darker resins. But you can get whatever colors you like. As for Josy, the model was a young woman but 18-24 easy and they actually got her VERY close. The model was wearing false lashes and eye-widening makeup, which is why the eyes seem a bit large, maybe, but again she did have big eyes. Face-upped, she won't look so young but it sure is nice to have the versatility in ages!

      Again, for tans and such, talk to Impl. If you don't like what they're currently offering for a color, ask for a different one and send a pic.
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    19. I wonder if I modded her, if the putty would make her too heavy? I'd love to turn her into Gina Torres :D He also has that skeptical look on his face, like uh ha, sure.... Or he could be holding in a laugh too, I like it when you can get different expressions, and it gives them such personality!
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    20. Oh gosh! Gina Torres! YES, she is GORGEOUS! What kind of mods do you think she'd need to worry about the weight? Are you planning really big mods? Gina Torres... we need a sculpt of her!

      Yeah, he really does look in the middle of something, doesn't he? Some emotion- even a sneeze! *LOL* I really like the texture they got for him too!
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