IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. Well, I think I'd have to lower her jaw line and give her more of a chin?! I'm doing an action figure of her now, which is dang small!!! I'm thinking I will have to start working in wax and do castings, but that's so much work!

      Also, although Gina does have large lush lips, they're not as bubbly pudgy, word?? so I'd probably have to flatten them a bit :P But it does look like a fun project especially since I'd like to have a much more diverse collection! And boy, that Seth is a hunk-o-rama, I can't get my eyes off him! If his neck looks long and thin on the body like Garza, I'll just give them turtlenecks :D They'd look so GQ

      Oh, this is something to do with the TGB I think, it has a thin neck. My FGB does NOT look pencil-necked! I like it much more! I sure hope they don't give him a super long neck on the MGB!!!
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    2. just so you know, the sound I made when I saw that photo startled Honeysuckle ;) SO CUTE !!!
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    3. @A Wee Tiefling D'awwwww that's so adorable! I gave you a follow. :D

      @IngieBee I've already noticed that the newer Idolmen bodies are more pencil-necked. I really like the FGB better in that regard, too!

      Speaking of the Idolman FGB, I finally implemented the three-string method on Guórén's body because his stiff legs are already driving me nuts. I was warned that he would no longer be able to sit as solidly as before because of the lack of thigh slits, but I managed somehow. It now takes a bit of fiddling to get him to sit, but he still sits, and WAAAAY more naturally than before. Looser and thinner strings also improved the neck mobility of the hybrid like a dream. He'd still require some sueding to reach the levels of Starwoman MGB/Fantasia Doll Vivian or Starwoman MGB/Iplehouse Scarlet, but it's a huge improvement from before.

      Impldoll Idolman FGB restrung
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    4. @AntarelNefertili Are those pictures the before and after? Aside from stiff legs, what were the issues he had sitting? FGB was one of the options I wanted for myself so I'm trying to learn about all their bugs. And for the record, the bubble butt body is not a bug that's a feature ;)
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    5. Those are all "after" shots. :D For the record, he couldn't do that cross-legs sit before I changed up the stringing. Prior to the change, he sits up too properly, could neither spread his legs nor slouch. Not exactly the kind of body language you want for informal shots.
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    6. @AntarelNefertili Well that's exciting then! I'll have to try restringing my spidery 70cm male first to see if I can understand this new Fishcake method. Then I'll be prepared for my new Tony...I really hope Impl have a Fall event.
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    7. Best of luck with that! My newly-restrung FGB is actually still on the floppy side, but at least I no longer have to worry about resin being too stressed from uber-tight tension. That body has such high posing potential, but it suffers from the default stringing that Impl uses.
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    8. @A Wee Tiefling Awwwww! I was just hooked on looking at pictures of Capybaras yesterday while stuck at the DMV trying to upgrade my license to the new Fed approved thing (forgot marriage license, &*(%) but daughter got her's done. I have a passport, I'll just use that! Anyway, they look like huge guinea pigs :D and they seem to have been domesticated by squirrel and spider monkeys, LOL Such a cool animal!

      @AntarelNefertili I gotta try that as well, maybe on my latest boy, Eclipse, as he only has a shirt on. I kinda don't like changing clothes anymore... funny I seem to remember constantly changing doll clothes as a kid.... LOL But I agree, they are stiff. I'll eventually have to deal with all my impls as they all apparently do better, and frankly, I'd like them to be a bit more floppy, If I have to do some action shots or something, I'll learn to use strings! LOL
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    9. *LOL* My dolls get about 1, yes 1, identifying costume, just like a children's cartoon character, and in that they tend to stay for quite possibly years on end.

      You know, I think I have only done the 3 string method on female Impldolls, not males. I need to do that!
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    10. Do another tutorial please! LOL I've been so darn busy today, ... and I feel like I forgot something! Ugh, I hate that! But maybe I'll mess with my boy tonight?!

      Edit: that didn't sound right... Um... restring my boy
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    11. HAH!

      HAH HAH HAH!
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    12. @IngieBee I like mine floppier than the default stringing too! And don't worry, you're not alone in keeping a doll in the same outfit indefinitely, haha. My boy had his "hobo stage" (pretty much a mishmash of my trial sewing runs), then "pretty acceptable", and finally the "YES YOU'RE FINALLY AT PAR WITH ADHARA IN STYLISHNESS". Unfortunately, I'm far less inclined to give him a wardrobe as extensive as the girls (sounds like a real-life man, huh?).

      @chalyss I don't know about your guys, but mine was so stiff in the legs the extra thigh joint was pretty much useless (just kept snapping back into position no matter how much I tried). Be warned that I had to give up the old easy-sitting conveniences in favor of the leg mobility, but he still sits reasonably steadily once he's balanced.
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    13. Well, it turns out I sat at the computer reading stuff, instead of restringing, but maybe soon...?
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    14. *LOL* I hear ya, Ingiebee! I do that too far too often... especially when i sit down to make a wig and I just get glued to the screen...
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    15. Today I have been cleaning the house. Ugh, my back hurts! LOL. So no dolly time, and now it's getting dark... I want to paint Plaice and Eclipse and Crystal :(
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    16. How good i understand you, in my house mess everyday, i can clean in morning and it will be dirty in evening, teeneger and dog at home :-D i want to finish my Sally eyebrows and her dress, add new wallpapers on my bedroom and cant find time for this...
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    17. My hubby and grown son are the only two left, and they are both impossible to train, LOL. When I say impossible, I should say my husband is absolutely positively impossible, my son might have some trainability in him as he is good natured about it but both have ADD out the wazoo and I'm too broken to keep up. However I've gotten shots in my knees a month ago and have been regaining so much strength since then, plus a new fitbit, LOL. All this strength I thought was lost forever, and I'm almost happy to clean the house.... almost, LOL
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    18. Happy Father's Day from Guórén and his daughter Cookie! (She's an Iplehouse JID Violet.) I'm totally digging his new poseability, just in case you haven't noticed. :sweat

      Origami 13
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    19. @americanseamstress thank you for the warning :shudder
      I just looked it up and you are right, I saw an end of 2018 arrival and dried apricot is exact......
      I might stick to the Special Anti-UV Brown or send them an Iplehouse real skin as a custom request because to me that is the most realistic olive skin Ive seen

      @chalyss I wonder if he can hybrid on Dollshe 24M.
      Thank you for letting me know about being able to buy the heads alone.
      I am going to get the devil dolls as full dolls because I need them both fully in custom resin, but the new African heads, Im not a fan of the bodies.
      I like the star body (I blame AntarelNefertili's Adhara) with the joint on the shoulders for her, but for the male, I prefer other company bodies.
      Im obsessed with his face and Im not sure I want know who the model is, to keep him his own character :P
      I keep refreshing the website hoping to see a notification on how he looks painted lol, his face is amazing. Lenny Kravitz is someone I hope one day would make it in doll form, his face to me is very beautiful, him and Prince........!

      @IngieBee I have sent payment to a company to buy the parts direct themselves for custom resin :P
      That might work if you dont want to send in a part yourself and you want it to be an exact match
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