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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. @MonochromeNocturne I think it was October I ordered just two heads - Dorisy and Iris. After Erica vanished from their site (Alice's Collections still lists all their old ones) I emailed them to ask if I could still buy her. They obliged, they're very helpful. They do occasionally have events on Facebook where they will send you a free head, you just pay postage :) but generally there's only one boy and one girl on offer.

      Impldoll are a bit of a tease, showing us works in progress and then we have to wait! Not that I need any temptation XD
    2. @MonochromeNocturne also check the MP when you can since someone is selling a full body Chad with faceup for a decent price. I was eyeballing him for a mod at one point.
      @rubydoll Is it weird that I want to order some of the very old impldoll heads? I really think I could do excellent things with Manner or Harwick. I hope they kept those older molds!
    3. Not weird at all, @A Wee Tiefling :) Manner has something of Cher about her I think, and Harwick has awesome cheekbones! There's a Mandy on the marketplace that slightly tempted me as I did consider her at one point before deciding I mostly just liked her outfit.
    4. @rubydoll That Mandy in the MP is giving me so many ideas...unfortunately they all boil down to a Kylie Jenner lookalike (and while I'd love to make some instagrammable hot young influencer doll, there are better ones than Ms. Jenner). I think Manner is supposed to BE a Cher-alike...but if she had really strong makeup she'd be great for a Georgian or Edwardian beauty as well. The right hair and wig...the right clothes...
    5. @A Wee Tiefling I had to Google Kylie Jenner (my thighs are too thick and my eyebrows too thin for Instagram!) but yeah, I could see Mandy working as her. Vicky was another potential for me but I just see Arya Stark in her. And yes, Manner could rock that look.

      I have one of Impldoll's outfits, I can't remember whose, it's an older one, but the pleather apron/skirt type thing has started to crack. I've treated it with some polish and it already seems less fragile so hopefully I can repair it. I've also tried to salvage some boots - I can see me giving all my doll shoes some TLC - is it really bad I'm more concerned with the maintenance of my dolls' footwear than my own? XD
    6. LOL, even the nicer shoes I have are decades old, LOL. Yah, it's much nicer to dress up my dolls who have awesome figures, and who's feet never hurt, LOL.
    7. Nic just arrived. After having changed up his eyebrows a bit and giving him some faint age lines, he looks like this:


      Now you have to im
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    8. Here he is with Tony's wig and beard (does not quite fit):


      Does look a bit...strange right now.
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    9. @Ipledreamer he looks not bad, maybe you need to add beard to his face up, so he will look more realistic in this way. But i like how he looks.
    10. I will exactly do that, but it may take a while.
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    11. LOL, definitely looks "strange"! Actually, @Ipledreamer , when you said you wanted to make Dr. Strange or BC with a Nikolas head, I didn't see it, but I was wrong! You hit the nail on the head!
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    12. @IngieBee: Yeah, right? I saw that as soon as images of Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange appeared. At that time, my first Nic (Raphael) just came in. I considered changing him from Raphael to Dr. Stephen Strange. But I already had his Sphaler talons acquired, and this Nic said "No, just forget about that, I will never be my dad." (You don't argue with a Nic).

      So I tried pretty much that - forget about Dr. Strange. But like Raph, he just didnot go out of my head. And finally, I gave in and bought him with a custom faceup. Now he is here and I started his wig.
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    13. @Ipledreamer That's an incredible metamorphosis! Just goes to show that the sculpt is really flexible and lends itself to strong personalities! Good luck with the wig.
    14. @IngieBee *sigh* if only my shoes survived decades! Maybe if I took better care of them! I have got a nearly 20 year old pair of Docs and some sandals that are, sheesh, 14 years old but in the case of the latter it's more that I've only worn them about 4 times! But yes, since dolls don't have to be able to walk in their impractical heels, and I can dress them as outlandishly as I want!

      @Ipledreamer I find it a hilarious he stole Tony's wig and beard - I expect Tony would point out they look better on himself, but I think Nic is looking good even with borrowed hair. Nice work with the age lines - so many dolls look youthful I'm always impressed by ageing up.

      Thanks to @chalyss I have an Azalea head coming in! I'm so excited :dance
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    15. LOL, survival equates never getting used as I prefer soft ugly old lady shoes or trainers :D
    16. it also helps to buy quality shoes. I got so much guff when I bought myself a pair of $400 New Rocks (completely uncalled for, since I was spending my own money) 10 years later I'm still wearing those boots at least once a week, and I wore them for 4 solid months while studying abroad in Europe and walking everywhere. They still look virtually new and have never been resoled. Best shoe purchase ever, tbh
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    17. i don't disagree there, @Girrl. And it's so important to take care of your feet with high quality shoes!

      Well, my doll arrived. She has a lovely, light faceup, with excellent eyebrows, which I can't do. Her body looks and feels nice, though I haven't got the energy to see all the poses she can do. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow. Her neck movement is pretty cool, and doesn't look so bad / unnatural in person. Her shoulders, as I suspected, can only go up and down, though I just might do my first mod ... well... non-ear mod on her shoulders. Then again, I might chicken out, LOL. It's still a lot of new movements that will hopefully give us more expression. I can't wait to try her out, but I feel so exhausted!

      I forgot which wig she's supposed to get.... LOL, and eyes! And I have to put eyelashes on too.. *_* I need a sleepy emoji.... night night!
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    18. Quick notes on the new MGB body :)

      1. Subjective: I like the way she feels in hand
      2. Ankles hardly move, I think this is due to long hooks that go deep into the lower leg, which has a narrow hole, and it jambs against the "wall"
      3. Shoulders only go up and down, no forward
      4. leg is slightly longer as one upper thigh joint is a looser fit, thus I think it sits deeper in.
      5. Arms do not rotate, elbows face to the back, so arms only bend as if lifting weights in front; can't put hands on hips, elbows out
      6. Can't arch her back. Only side to side and slump forwards. I tried, she is super tight, but I can't get any of my Impl ladies to arch their backs, so I think you should expect the same.
      7. Mine is very kicky in the arms
      8. Head can't move side to side, only up and down (which it does well) .with the neck joint, you can get side to side and she can almost kiss her chest, LOL.
      9. Legs are best improvement. For the size of doll, you can manipulate them rather easily once you get the hang of it. I just wish the lower leg was smaller so you can bring her knees to her chest, but the long calves lift her off the floor. However, it looks cool if you have her sitting on a low box.
      10. Finally, her stiff hands are a pain, LOL, if you have her resting her body on her arms, with her shoulders up, her stiff fingers unnaturally lift her hand up.

      I would like to cut the front of the shoulders back to allow them to move forward, but I might be too afraid to do that, LOL. I probably will cut her upper arms to make a swivel joint because I can't live with such limited arms!

      Now, I know this looks like a list of complaints, but I think these are the things I would want to know, and everything else is just awesome, so what is there to say? Pictures coming soon :)

      Edit: one more note, she has very broad shoulders, more than the other bodies. I love broad shoulders but if you feel the realistic proportions look pinheaded, this would probably be a negative for you??

      [​IMG]IMG_20190110_212724240 by ingiebee, on Flickr

      Here are more:

      I need more time to get to know her. I notice other directions her legs should bend, will have to explore it :)

      If you go to my flickr via the links in the pictures, you can see more posing pictures :) BTW, I don't think it came across, but I really do love this gal, I absolutely love her face and this wig was the first one I tried on, and I think it's perfect! I'm going to have to work up the energy to suede her, still, she feels good in the hand.
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    19. @IngieBee That's AWESOME! I'm de-lurking now that I've also received word that my own MGB is finally available for pickup tomorrow. I'll hopefully be able to add more to the MGB fyi soon. I second you with the possible shoulder modding to allow further movement (I was entertaining that possibility just seeing the promo pics, and your review affirmed that). I am still chicken to do mods myself, but maaaaaybe someone in the local community can help.
    20. @IngieBee no arm swivel joints? I hadn't noticed that - oh come on, that's like the first upgrade dolls get - and a mod I plan to do on a couple of dolls (AoD. Their elbows face inwards. Model body arms have ruined me for other companies'!). I think the broad shoulders is because they're quite squared - like she's about to go in and demand a raise from her boss or something. If they'd relax down more, giving more of a slope, they'd look narrower but I'm not sure if there would be a way of doing that. Overall though she looks great - maybe you could try her with some different hooks to see if that helps ankle mobility (I had a fortunate but of foreshadowing the other day, found some spare s hooks, then the next time I restrung a doll I somehow pinged one of them down the side of the bed. After five minutes looking for it I decided I'd stumbled on the spares for a reason!). Sometimes less ankle mobility means sturdier standing, but as my dolls spend a lot of time sitting on shelves I like to be able to point their feet down so it looks natural. I like your screen too, btw - I should totally get one to hide all my background clutter!