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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. @A Wee Tiefling: At the moment, 6 of my big men are crammed into one corner glass cabinet. I feel so sorry for them, it does look awful.

      The rest is lying around, Pepper Potts on a sofa, my former Black Widow is in an Impldoll box. And poor Raph resides on the kitchen counter, as he is permanently required for the fitting of his armour. Two of them are on their custom stands, as both m Tony snd the offtopic guy on the TGB body ar too big not for that glass cabinet.

      My dolls are a mess right now, and I am soooo unhappy about that. On the plus side, they live on the north side of our house, so no sunlight even for Mr Spock (Impldoll Mzzen).
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    2. @Ipledreamer Hmmm. I don't have space for furniture but I don't lack for wall height. Do you think any standard shelves, maybe with heavy-duty brackets, could hold an Impldoll Idol man?
    3. I would look after the weight one shelf can carry. Better more than less. Right now, I do not care too much aboutmthe weight, as that cabinet is all wooden except the door. Originally, my fine china was in it. But of course BJDs are much more important than china tableware...
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    4. I thought I'd share a picture of my IMPLdoll Heloise.
      #904 Audrina Mystique, Aug 26, 2019
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    5. @Audrina Mystique Oooh, that's the first time I've seen her, very nice!

      Now that I'm looking at her... has anyone made one of these into an Iron Woman or other Iron Man related character, that anyone here knows? With a little modding that would be perfect.
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    6. @With-a-curl: now that you have mentioned it...oh yeah! Actually, I want to have a Pepper Potts/Rescue.

      As far as I know, if you ask Impldoll nicely, they are willing to recreate even sculpts that are long out of production...

      @ Aidrina Mystique: do you perhaps some more pictures of her?
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    7. @A Wee Tiefling
      I'll leave the tidbits here in case others are also interested.
      you can email her with a HD photo of the eyes you want as reference or choose from her catalogue. the eyes come of metallic pegs. snip the pegs at the back till you have around 3mm or so of it to help keep in in place when you push it into your polymer clay ball. take a sharp scalpel and carefully trim off any glue that may be sticking out from the periphery of the iris back. this is important because even though those little pieces might not be immediately visible, when you push the iris into the clay, they WILL show.
      once you've prepared your irises, make 2 balls of polymer clay in a slightly smaller size than you need for your doll.on a flat surface and gently press them down. you need to make the balls smaller because when you press them down your aim will be to create a half sphere. this means your polymer clay pieces will expand outwards and should at this point become the correct size to fit your doll. i like to draw circles the right size for the doll eyes on a piece of paper, then put the polymer clay balls in the center and work on top so i know i'm getting the correct size.
      if they end up being a bit bigger you can always carve or sand them down so it's okay if they're roughly the same size.
      gently press down your half spheres to form a slightly falter top. not too flat. locate the approximate centers of your polymer clay balls and gently begin to press your irises in place trying your best to apply vertical even pressure. at this point you do need to move slow and patiently. be gently. once your peg is all the way in, the back on the iris should be evenly resting on the polymer clay. you want to gently press it in just enough to hide the very bottom rip of the iris. if you press to fast and too deep, your polymer clay will warp and create a doughnut shape around your iris. preheat your oven to a lower than recommended temp. i use 175 to 180. sometimes 200 depending on which oven i'm using but because your polymer clay is small , it doesn't need to bake at high temps and it doesn't matter if it's 100% baked. so long as it's hard enough that it's not malleable and doesn't deform, you're good to go.once you're happy with the eyes, put them in the oven and bake on a lower than recommended temperature. for about 10 to15 mins (less time than recommended for most polymer clay). the lower temp will also help your colors stay the same. blues and greens tend to wash out a bit with too much heat.
      once baked you can either choose to gloss the whites all the whole eye, add veins if you want or just leave it as is (which is what i do)
      the process itself isn't complicated or hard by any means. don't let the size of the length of the instructions scare you off. I love the eyes i get out of them. i usually order several pairs and just keep them around.

      @IngieBee this style beard texturing is really fun and relatively easy. to do as are the scars. I will eventually do a tutorial on my Instagram page for them like i have done for the attached hairline.... but i need a good opening in my schedule to do it. recording the process does mean it's slower. but long story short, it's just gel medium you can get at most craft stores. scars are very easy to do with it (though you can also use several layers of PVA glue). the beard requires some more patience and maybe some practice on a head cap (it washes off) but it's otherwise not a complicated technique. not something you can't teach.[/USER][/QUOTE]
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    8. Awesome!!! It's so good to see an owner's picture! That is one of the coolest dolls they ever made!

      Really @Ipledreamer , be I never even thought to ask! Maybe next year???

      Wow, thanks for all that info @MaryamDN !! I really need to sign up for Instagram! LOL
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    9. @Ipledreamer Not at the moment, but I could certainly take some more of her! What would you like to see? Different angles, action shots?

      @With-a-curl I honestly have never seen any owner pics with anything except the default faceup and body blushing on any of these girls except mine. But yes, that would be another great character to do with her!

      I've had the hardest time bonding with this girl. I originally got her for a story that fizzled out before it even started, then last year I wanted to enter her into the body blushing contest but I couldn't come up with any ideas. Then I came up with the idea of making her the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers, so now she's become the spirit of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger Zord.
    10. @Audrina Mystique I think she'd make an excellent cyborg! Of course I just love cyberpunk and she could simply be in a VR activated costume :D And YES to more pictures, with more angles and actions! Is she flexible?
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    11. @Audrina Mystique: more views of her body would be great, and yes, some action shots. Whenever you have time, I am not in a hurry.

      @IngieBee: I am not sure, but they did this sculpts. Whole dolls...I do not know. Vut asking never hurts IMO.
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    12. @IngieBee That's how I got my Christopher, I just asked them if I could order her. She's not on their website but I saved her photos from back when she was first released. I love that they do that. I mean the worst they can say is 'No' which just means your wallet thanks you. I've found this company to be one of the nicest to deal with. There is only one other company that is just as nice (OT company).
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    13. I really can't ask until I am ready to pay unfortunately, and I can't pay :doh. My Plaice could really use a body, but what did I do? I bought 2 heads!!! Now I need more bodies!!!
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    14. Is Heloise comparable or even compatible with the Star body? Or rather the modelbody? On the website, it does not say that.
    15. @Ipledreamer , I don't know Heloise? Where is Heloise?

      Edit: Oh stupid me! That is the robot lady! I do believe she is from the model days, no? The one human picture they have, it no longer links anywhere, but she looks like she is on the FGB star body:

      I'm going by the collar bone, both seem to have swivel arms??

      And where did Leona come from, she's gorgeous (or am I suffering memory loss again? LOL)
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    16. Old Star body...that is not good for me...I mean my wallet.

      Now I want to search for more pictures of her.

      I already have my civilian Pepper Potts on the FGB Star body, so that would make body swapping super easy...and I would mod the Heloise head to wear a complete helmet.

      Oh dear, you guys make me having ideas and desires...
    17. LOL, good luck resisting, you know it's futile, @Ipledreamer :D
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    18. No, I am strong, the Force is with me...oh sorry, wrong universe.:wiggle

      But let's be real, one day I will break down. My ladies are in the background right now, but their day will come...
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    19. Well, @Ipledreamer , I'm glad you are strong because I'm not, and the only thing keeping me straight as usual is lack of funds, LOL
    20. I'm so bad... I just bought a body for my Plaice. He's so cute, I couldn't bare to see him floating around! I also bought some stretchy stuff at Alices since Plaice is going to wear the outfit my Nicolas has on, I'm putting Nic into a trendy sweats. I also went to SartoriaJ and got funky leather pants for Eclipse. I want the boys dressed! LOL
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