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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. thanks God i learned to sew for all clothes, it takes time to get good fiting, but i have planty of fbric to do practise. now im working on t-shirts for myself and for selling, but need new iron for applications on t-shirts as my dog eated iron cable.... oh well, it means i can sew and iron on all t-shirts in one time :-)
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    2. I know! I want to sew but I have no place to work :(. I've been trying to get my eldest daughter's room cleared out and organized, but I'm still not finished :doh
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    3. @IngieBee Do share more of embodied Plaice when you can! I need to know what clothes the big guys can fit and look good in
    4. I think they could be even bigger than Iplehouse EIDs! Maybe Superhero is safest? But I just bought EID pants from Sartoriaj and hopefully they will fit and I'll take a picture :) I have the FGB though, and I think the TGB might have a bigger butt? The pants I got were more fantasy, the "leather" riding pats that flair out at the thighs? It's for my Eclipse who has an oversized medieval style shirt. But then the stretchy stuff ought to fit, I think :)

      Also, I added to my order a Leona head, and paid for a faceup. If they don't make the inner eye too red, it can look pretty interesting, but their latest faceups look like they have swollen eyes, LOL. Still, I decided to take my chances on a faceup :/
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    5. @IngieBee: Well, Iplehouse EID stuff fits mlstly the FGB body. TGB is a bit of unknown territory. With pants, is might be a bit tricky in general. EIDs are no true 70 cm guys, whereas Idol boys are. I do not know the reason for this. If it is the superhigh cranium, it would not matter. But if it is in the leg length (which you cannot directly compare - one company says leg length, the other one waist to toe). For pants, a few centimeters off might them look funny already.

      And waist is a problem. I remember I had to make my Captain America pants a bit wider. When I changed my Cap from FGB to TGB, there was a clear difference.
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    6. Hummm, yes, I always planned on sewing clothes for my dolls, but never get around to it :( I got Nicolas this sweater, an off white turtleneck and these pants. I think it'll look great if I can squeeze them on Nicolas. ???
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    7. @IngieBee strechy trousers will be good i think, and if you dont have space for sewing mashine you can always do it by hands :-) maybe its solution, but worth to try.... Im sewing in my bedroom even i dont have too much space, so usually i move serger on one side, than take simple mashine and when i need serger i swich them.
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    8. @IngieBee Those trousers look really good, I hope they suit! I'm also joining the group of weaklies who need to buy something new. It's time for me to bite the bullet and go full Idol...getting me the Tony! I might save myself some trouble and order his fullset, though I don't like it at all...
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    9. @IngieBee: if these fit, Nic will look fabulous in them! I found it the best as well to learn to sew (although I am cursing a bit right now...).

      @A Wee Tiefling: you know that ypu do not have to get Tony's specific fullset? Impldoll offers some other clothes for their big men, too. Maybe Mr. Garza's suit is more up your alley?
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    10. Thanks for the encouragement @Anita2006 I'm just taking forever to prepare my area :doh

      @A Wee Tiefling and @Ipledreamer unfortunately Alice's wrote to me saying there is no way that stuff will fit :...(. They directed me to the manufacturers who will custom size and I got Nicolas a mod pin striped suit - I think. I haven't heard back from them yet though...
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    11. @Ipledreamer

      So...do you own that blinged-out Nicholas military rock god coat? Because so far the only outfits I like have BLING and LAAAAACE and while Commander Hairdo is a bit appearance-conscience I doubt he'd be pleased if I forced him into an outfit with both LAAAAACCCCEEE and SEQUIIIIINNNSSSS!!!!ELEVENTY. It's all a bit too on the nose for him.

      (I love these Idol women clothing tho, they actually seem to be trying to make unique looks, not plain street fashion stuff)
    12. Actually, I think it's interesting that they just released a few casual street clothes for the girls! But no, @A Wee Tiefling , my Nicolas arrived un-ordered (by mistake) in white skin and I got inspired by a model who has albinoism. Currently he is wearing the black shadow outfit, but it doesn't suit him IMO. Being inspired by a model, I see him more fashion consious. Plaice will get his outfit, and being an elf, I think it will suit him well :). I have my fantasy crew and my human crew :dance

      Duh, you didn't ask me, LOL
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    13. Hopefully this is the right place (so many retired Impl threads)! -

      I'm planning on purchasing Filraen (after Iplehouse Rex and Charm Doll Dunn, oof), but Impl's having anniversary sales right now so I'm very tempted to nab Filraen in October. Depends on a few things though (I want to pay off one of my layaways in full...)
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    14. @A Wee Tiefling: No, I do not own this piece of clothing, it is Nic's (or rather Raph's). Sadly, it is the only one of its kind, as I made it myself. It had to have this collar, as this guy is, among some other things, a phoenix (I am still debating about that rejuvenating aspect). So I thought that fiery-red colour is very appropriate for him, as he is fire in his phoenix form.
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    15. @Nissa , which one is Filraen? Can you link? I can't find him!

      I'd love to get Garza before the event is over as well, but I don't think I'll have the money in time :(
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    16. @IngieBee

      I found him on a couple dealer sites, haven't decided where I'll eventually order from. If BJDivas is affiliated, I'll go through them (have to go check that now haha).

      Impldoll Idol Filraen

      I like that he has a more 'mature' face, as well as expressive and angular, because I'll be commissioning lots of mods for an older character (who's close with a character I'll be shelling with an Iplehouse EID male doll). Their sizes are comparable, with Filraen being a couple centimeters taller, which is just perfect. :D
    17. Oh! He looks familiar, @Nissa! I wonder why he isn't on the site anymore??

      I also wonder whatever happened to the Asian sculpt they posted on Facebook forever ago? He might be better for my character than Garza...?
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    18. Hi there! Just wanted to note that we do represent them. :)
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    19. @IngieBee Your answer helped me anyway, yay you! How do you find the quality of the clothing? I had a look on Impl's website and found an outfit that could work...but I'm becoming used to the silly amount of frills and froofies on Tony's fullset.

      @Nissa Filraen has the coolest face, he looks so much more like a traditional elf than some of the more stylized and baby-faced type sculpts out there. Also BJDivas are great! Just finished a layaway with them...now for this one (big sigh) I like living on crackers and canned beans. Really I do.

      So...how do people bewig their big ol' lightbulb shaped Impl heads. It took me an age to style Delia and I'm still not happy with her current wig

      A Wee Tiefling on Instagram: “My elegant Fia came for a summer stroll #bjdphoto #bjdhistoricaldress #bjdclothes #bjdstagram #impldoll #impldolldelia”
    20. @A Wee Tiefling I only have the Gavin outfit and for the price, it is excellent. However, they goofed mine up. They added one too many buttons... That is below the chest piece with buttons, mine has two more back snaps.looks a little weird but I just let it go.