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IMPL dolls Star, Model and Idol Discussion thread part 13

Dec 19, 2018

    1. Here is Filraen: Welcome to impldoll

      I like him. To me, he looks like the sweet brother of Mzzen (who I have two heads of. One is Mr. Spock, the other may become Severus Snape with a little nose mod).

      It just came to my mind that my Tony indeed could have a TGB chest. I have two lying around, albeit with somewhat shorter neck. Nothing that couldn't easily be changed...
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    2. Oh, he has cool ears too! Neat!

      @A Wee Tiefling yes, I have a summer flu today, LOL, and I am more ... Errr... Confused than usual and not following everything clearly. But I have found you can still buy some of their outfits even if they aren't listed, so do ask if you like something :)
    3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. I just got a response from Impldoll!!!!

      Dear customer

      The production of the head has been completed and we will release Asian style dolls very soon,
      Now mainly in the making of accessories, clothing has other accessories^^
      Best wish

      Oh, and this is the outfit I ended up getting for my Nicolas. This company will taylor to your doll's size, which is awesome :)

      LOL, and I just found these eyes under my bed :D

      I'm planning on repainting her, I think I can do better :)
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    4. those eyes looks great, more on scary vamp side :-) she needs just eyelashies and face up will look difirent. eyelashies makes big difirent on face up :-)
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    5. @IngieBee

      I love the idea of getting tailored outfits! I have a Star male body in the works so I'm pretty excited to get him some fancy tailored duds. But them pinstripes: WHOA! Also, I love those cool grey vamp eyes! I need something similar in blue for my incoming Aurora
    6. I'm so excited to get that Asian sculpt, because my favorite book was/is Snowcrash and I really want him to be Hiro Protagonist :D I might put him on the Star body so I can make the Huge guy Raven on Idol body. I already have YT on a small loongsoul body, so it would be like a different scale for my Snowcrash crew, LOL
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    7. Oh wow, I'm sure I've already written here but I lost it or something. Thanks for the nice comments on my Crystal's new eyes. I should get my mold soon so I can try making my own eyes. I'm looking forward to doing that. I know Crystal would look better if I would put eyelashes on her but I really want to give it another try on the face up or maybe I can just add to what she has.

      I seen some interesting techniques lately that add to the realism of a face up. I'd like to try it.

      I'm so excited for that Asian head mold. I really think that it will suit a character from my favorite book, Snowcrash. I'm thinking of putting him on a star body. That way I can make Raven this huge Inuit character in idle size. He won't look especially large against my existing idles but he would look good with the other two characters.

      LOL, Now it's there ^^^^ :lol::whee:
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    8. I've looked waaaay back in the thread and can't seem to find where someone kindly answered what size eyes the Ziv sculpt takes. The Impl site says 14mm but sometimes companies put quite large eyes in the doll when a size down would look better. Or you need the larger size as the eyewells are huge and would have gaping otherwise.

      I'm looking to purchase some eyes and I've found some I really like. One pair is only available as 14mm and another pair is only available as 12mm. How well do the eyes show in the Ziv sculpt due to his semi-closed eyes and would I have any gaping with 12mm? I can't wait too long on the 14mm eyes as it appears to be only the 1 pair available otherwise I'd simply cool my jets until I had the sculpt in hand and go from there to figure out eye size.

      And I am FINALLY going to be purchasing a Ziv in custom green to match/be close in colour to the Impl Simon Colourful Life I have as the Ziv will be his grown up version. I hope to place the order soon but I'm still trying to figure out what sculpt I like for the free baby doll I'd qualify for with my order.
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    9. Hi @Iron_Dog , you know you owe us pictures of your Ziv, right? LOL.

      Anyway, I don't have him but I can say a few things from experience. Since Ziv is more Anime style, the width of his eyes are probably at least 14mm. The thing I want to warm you about, because I have a couple of squinters, LOL, Is that you have to find low dome or no dome eyes, as the domes won't fit in the small space / opening. So my educated guess is to stick to 14 and make sure low/no dome over the Iris :). Hope that helps??
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    10. @IngieBee Yes, when I do get him, I will certainly post pics. It's been a long road to find the right character to shell in the Ziv sculpt. I'm pretty excited to have him finally come home since I've loved the Ziv pretty much from the moment I saw him but everybody I tried to put into him was just a touch off/not right.

      I have a couple of half-closed eye guys in my crew (and 1 with completely closed eyes) so I do know about the sometimes challenging issue of the eyes being the right size but the domes making it not happen. I can live with a little bit of gaping but I'd prefer to have decent fitting eyes. I'm also looking into getting some moulds and just making my own. I've made acrylics with the eye blanks and it was a lot of fun so I'm thinking doing resin ones where I can get really funky with the sclera colours or embed gems and the like will be even more fun to create.
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    11. Cool, @Iron_Dog , I'm so sick of taking chances on ordering eyes and them being wrong, etc... That I also decided to make my own. I got two silicon molds that I'm waiting for, both for small Iris, one with a hole for the pupil. I bought some m2 washers to paint and insert in a depth that real eyes would sit at instead of deep round bowls just to see if it looks flat or not??? I'm so looking forward to doing this! I've kind of always wanted to try, but it wasn't until now that my frustration has overcome my fear, LOL

      I have dollies go get right! And incoming too!
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    12. I'm particular about the eyes in my boys. I've been fairly fortunate but some of them have been frustration incarnate to find them the right eyes.

      I was given the eye blanks by a friend and enjoyed making the eyes. I've watched some tutorials on how to make resin eyes on YouTube and it seems pretty straight forward. I'm sure there's a learning curve to getting them just right and I anticipate having some less than perfect eyes at first. But that's how stuff goes when you're learning something new, right?
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    13. Right!
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    14. Ugh, I just read on impl's site that they are now only using anti uv 'environmental' resin and I am worried it won't match my Plaice??? Ugh, always something.
    15. I hope they tested the formula thoroughly. That most likely it won't match anything I already own...oh well. My crew mostly consists of real skin guys...you would hardly believe that. It is nothing bad...except if they should ever issue hands in multiple positions. If clothed, it might work. But sometimes I enjoy looking at them without clothes...or if they wear something with short sleeves.

      Then the difference might become glaringly obvious.
    16. @IngieBee

      They must know we're all devoted Impl lovers to do us a dirty like this ;) (But it makes my life easier since now I have no choice when ordering and we librans hate making decisions)
    17. Well, I am not married to them...at least they could have warned us. Now what about colour matching? If you have a head in normal PU resin? Can you still get a body in the same material?

      I am not thrilled. To make my Snape, I might need another body...sure he is mostly clothed, but it would bother me knowing that body and head from the same company do not match (he would be white resin, btw.).
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    18. It might not be that much of an issue. Environmental resin simply means that the materials used to make the plastic were sourced by environmentally sustainable methods.
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    19. Environmental resin is the lovely more transparent resin usually. But I just don't know if It will match the head I got earlier this year. My Dylan's head is also completely different from his body, and though I live with it, I'm not happy.
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    20. The look, the texture is different from the conventional stuff. It is all nice and dandy if you order a full, new doll. But as they had several head events, this sudden move is a bit surprising IMO.

      I also hope that it does not yellow that quickly.

      Oh well, maybe I will put my Snape onto the Resinsoul 70 cm body then...Snape is not supposed to be that muscular anyways.
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