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IMPLDOLL *The Son Of Sea* Triton Released.^0^

Jun 17, 2010

    1. Hi Everyone

      This is IMPLDOLL.We are happy to introduce our new doll.*The son of sea* Triton released. This is limited edition (limited to 100 pieces in the world). We will provide three kinds of skin color for customer to choice.we accept layaway.​

      Set Detail:

      *The doll include the human Shoulder.(Upper arm ball joint ).so Triton can wear normal human clothes.^^
      *Impl default Bag
      *Random pair of glass eyes
      *This doll use 14MM eyes
      *Certificate card.

      IMPLDOLL *The Son Of Sea* Triton Discussion thread..


    2. *The Son of Sea* Triton has been found off-topic by the moderators. This decision does not affect earlier releases such as *Demon Hunter* Miguel, which will continue to be on-topic. The decision is based on the very different aesthetics between what is currently on-topic for the forum and the fantasy direction taken in the creation of dolls such as *Demon Hunter* Miguel and *The Son of Sea*Triton. Further dolls in this aesthetic will also be found off-topic.

      This is not a criticism of *The Son of Sea*Triton or of Impldoll, but we acknowledge that this aesthetic is very different from the overall aesthetic of Den of Angels.

      Thank you for your understanding.