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Iplehouse Boys are Back! Release of Version 3 body

Nov 26, 2006

    1. NNNOOOOOO~~~

      *stabs self throught the chest*

      A threepice body!? =O_O=

      *whimpers* what a disspointment! Why did they have to change the boy's body? I loved the vers2 body.
      And I was hoping that I could purchace from them but Nooo~~~ :...( not anymore.
      I hate this new three picec body!
    2. Oooouuu-M-G!! They actually DID all (well, most XD) of the changes I suggested them! Coincidence? I dunno. But OMG those hands! I can die happy now. :whee:

      And I'm dying to see how does that dreaming Lion looks. I wish they made a dreaming Soo Ri! That would have been perfect. XD Though I hope (I REALLY hope) he's not a limited event head or something. O__o
    3. Ick!

      I'm sending an Email to Iplehouse, Thier old body was so perfect with the clean upper torso... >_<;;;
    4. Why does the body have to be in three pieces now?! ... @$^!@^@#$

      And the boys are now... 9 dollars more expensive.
    5. I actually like this new three-piece body. They managed to keep his nice, beautifully sulpted torso, yay Iplehouse! =D

      Besides, I don't think an extra 9 bucks is all that much. Think about it...the exchange rate? The hours of labour that goes into these dolls? Besides, as many have stated before; this hobby is not for cheapskates.
    6. I love the three-piece body -- I wish all of my dolls could have them! They'll be able to pose so much easier, without having to shove their waist out of joint (like my poor Elfdoll Wu).

      And I really don't think sending hate-mail to Iplehouse is going to make that much of a difference.
    7. Is it just me, or do the boy-bits look weird? XD

      Otherwise, yum X3 I'm sure the three-piece body makes for some awesome poses!
    8. Nah looks weird to me to, justlike it was stuck on with super glue, well thats the only way i can put it anyway XD
    9. As a hater on one piece upper torsos, this makes me very, very happy. But then, I don't like any Iple House face sculpts.

      But it is a beautiful body, and looks like it will pose like a dream.

      Mmm, now what matches Iple House resin...
    10. Ah!! ordered my full set soo ri ver 2:D:D hehehheheh the luck when i paid i then went to see how many were left an he had sold out i cant believe it yay!!!!! so happy right now:D
    11. I was really worried about the new Iplehouse body, but I must say its gorgeous. I love dollshe's so the three piece body just makes me extremely happy. The little changes have made it look amazing. And with the extra joints, posing will be so much easier! Now if only I didn't decide to get my Shall first... >.<

      And YES! They kept the beautifully sculpted torso! SO happy right now:D .
    12. I'm glad I just managed to get the old body (I didn't know they were going to redesign them!).

      The new one has a nicer looking, sculpted upper body but I don't think it would've suited my boy. Plus, 3 piece body*_* I've only ever found them to be a nightmare in terms of joints popping out/finger pinching. The old body's waist joint is a tad troublesome on its own.
    13. Argh. they had such a beautiful torso, it's such a shame it's a bit ruined by that new articulation. I'm not interested in 3-pieces torsos in general; perhaps it's because none of my dolls have one, but I don't see the advantage of that... meh. I still like it better than CH or Volks bodies, but I'm a bit disappointed.
    14. I love the new body!!! It looks so much manlyier :D Too bad my Louis is going to be on a girl body though.
    15. yeah I love the new body... BTW since if you order a boy now you get a free head... (for the Christmas event) How easy is it to change the heads? I want to get Lion but I'll keep the event head to exchange from time to time.
    16. Ack double post... please delete this useless thing :D
    17. It's actually very easy to change the heads. The mechanism inside them is a lot like the luts heads -- with just a bit of twisting, it comes right off without the string flying EVERYWHERE. XD And the headcaps are magnetic, so they're very easy to remove. <3
    18. oooh, thanks for letting us know!!!:D
    19. Why the B&W shots, though? Is the new display body like the last one, a tan skin, even though the choices only say normal or white?