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Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

    1. I happen to have a photo of my RS Felix and my PG Felix....to compare.:whee:
      (Though, both are the older original resin mixes.)

      [​IMG]Brothers by luluna33, on Flickr

      ------ Added notes ------

      A discussion thread for all larger Iplehouse dolls.

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      Useful data:


      EID_M Model
      Height : 70.5 cm
      Weight : 2.6 kg
      Head mesurement : 23.5 cm
      Neck mesurement : 12.5 cm
      Chest size : 35.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 18 cm
      Arm length : 22.6 cm
      Arm mesurement : 12 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7.5 cm
      Waist mesurement : 25.5 cm
      Hip mesurement : 35 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 19.7 cm
      Waist to toe length : 45 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 8.8 cm
      Foot length : 10.2 cm

      EID_M Super Hero
      Height : 68.5 cm
      Weight : 3 kg
      Head mesurement : 23.5 cm
      Neck mesurement : 13.5 cm
      Chest size : 37.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 19 cm
      Arm length : 22 cm
      Arm mesurement : 14.2 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7.8 cm
      Waist mesurement : 27 cm
      Hip mesurement : 36.7 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 20.5 cm
      Waist to toe length : 44 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 9.2 cm
      Foot length : 10.2 cm[/TD]

      SID Man
      * Height : 65 cm
      * Weight : 2.12 kg
      * Head Measurement: 21.8 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck Measurement : 12 cm
      * Chest size : 33.7 cm
      * Shoulder width : 17 cm
      * Arm length : 22 cm
      * Arm measurement : 12 cm
      * Wrist measurement : 7 cm
      * Waist measurement : 24 cm
      * Hip measurement : 29.3 cm
      * Thigh measurement : 18.4 cm
      * Waist to toe length : 41 cm
      * Ankle measurement : 8.5 cm
      * Foot length : 9.2 cm

      EID Woman
      * Height : 65 cm
      * Weight : 1.9 kg
      * Head mesurement : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck mesurement : 10.5 cm
      * Breast size : Large 32 cm / Medium 29.5 cm
      * Shoulder width : 14 cm
      * Arm length : 20.2 cm
      * Arm mesurement : 9 cm
      * Wrist mesurement : 5.5 cm
      * Waist mesurement : 21 cm
      * Hip mesurement : 32 cm
      * Thigh mesurement : 18.2 cm
      * Waist to toe length : 42 cm
      * Ankle mesurement : 6.8 cm
      * Foot length : 7.5 cm

      SID Woman
      * Height : 62 cm
      * Weight : 1.6 kg
      * Head circumference : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck circumference : 10.5 cm
      * Chest circumference : Glamour: 30 cm / Large: 29 cm / Small: 28 cm
      * Shoulder width : 12.5 cm
      * Arm length : 19.5 cm
      * Arm circumference : 8 cm
      * Wrist circumference : 5 cm
      * Waist circumference : 19.6 cm
      * Pelvis circumference : 29.6 cm
      * Thigh circumference : 17 cm
      * From waist to toe : 40 cm
      * Ankle circumference : 6.7 cm
      * Foot length : 7.5 cm

      nYID Boy
      Height : 63 cm
      Weight : 1700 g
      Head circumference : 21.6 cm
      Neck circumference : 11.3 cm
      Chest circumference : 27 cm
      Shoulder width : 16.5 cm
      Arm length : 19.2 cm
      Arm circumference : 10 cm
      Wrist circumference : 6.5 cm
      Waist circumference : 23 cm
      Pelvis circumference : 26.8 cm
      Thigh circumference : 17 cm
      From waist to toe : 40 cm
      Ankle circumference : 7.7 cm
      Foot length : 7.8 cm

      nYID Girl
      * Height : 58.7 cm
      * Weight : 1420 g
      * Head circumference : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck circumference : 9.5 cm
      * Shoulder width : 12 cm
      * Breast size : Glamour 28.2 cm / Large 27.2 cm / Medium 26.2 cm / Small 24.5 cm
      * Arm length: 23 cm
      * Arm circumference : 8 cm
      * Wrist circumference : 5 cm
      * Waist circumference : 17.5 cm
      * Thigh circumference : 17 cm
      * Hip circumference : 28.5 cm
      * Waist to toe length : 37 cm
      * Ankle circumference : 7 cm
      * Foot length : 7.5 cm
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    2. They're both gorgeous, @luluna , have they changed the colors since ... um.... changing the colors? LOL. I mean the difference between my old JIDs and my FIDs is 8 years, so.... I thought there was only the one color change, LOL :D
    3. Hehe yes, because now I have no idea which color to go for. I'm going to use the internet for help. Found some image references here.

      Guys with Long Blonde Hair | Men Hairstyles

      I really like number 1. If I went for a character like that I'd go for the RS tone. But I guess number 7 there, he's a bit more like how I have I envisioned my goofball of character to be. I'm definitely going to make him Swedish like "Viggo Rolig". And the guy in that image seem to have a bit more pinkish tone to his skin as well.

      But the scary thing is that I can be so certain I know which color I want him in. Then later regret my choice. I really hope that won't happen. Like I said, it's going to be a real tough choice, but I'm glad I have my PG Sierra. She'll be able to help me a bit with my choice.

      Thanks so much :) Your boys are gorgeous :D Ah, this is going to be so difficult... It's just a color but still :sweat What I like about the RS tone is that the character get a stronger look. And the PG tone, a more gentler look. But I also think that the PG tone would go well with a character who are going to be a bit of a goofball.

      I'm thinking, surfer (RS), and snowboarder (PG). I did start planning for a surfer like character months ago. I meant to give my surfer a small monkey pet. But if I go for a snowboarder character In want him to have a ferret. Hehe, now I'm just thinking out loud, but I feel I'm leaning more towards the snowboarder. I might even name him Viggo something :kitty2
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    4. Thanks you so much! :XD:

      I forget the year they changed their mixes...but they went to a more opaque mix....and then lots of people complained and then later they released the Glow resins as is GlowRS or GlowPG to make them more translucent like the original mix.

      @manabusama - Thanks you! I think your thinking about the differences for a characters you are shelling can help you decide. I adore both resins.
    5. New thread inauguration picspam! Yay!

      Heather (Rachel), the newest member of the crew, finally got her own wig the other day:
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    6. @luluna - great looking brothers. Also goes to show how different resons change the way a sculpt looks.

      @Jany -oh yes, Heather's hair is lovely. Like that style alot.
    7. @Jany , Heather looks so studious / serious, hope I got that right :D She's so subtly beautiful :D
    8. @Jany - Congrats on Rachel joining your crew. She is so beautiful. Looks like the crew is waiting in the background to welcome her home.

      New thread photo - my Zera.

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    9. @Jany I love the faceup and wig on Heather, especially the lashes. She looks so realistic! You've done a wonderful job with her.
      @LaurieESW That dress is fantastic. The fabric is really well scaled for a doll--where did you get it?

      I have no idea how you all get such fantastic photos. Found some teeny tiny pumpkins the other day and tried to do a photoshoot with them, but I don't think any of them really turned out. My apartment's just too small, I think, and there aren't any really good backdrops. I'll need to work on that, I suppose!

      I did, however, snap this one of my Claude looking like the pumpkin is maybe a bomb. It made me laugh even if it's not the best photo. Good lord I need to apply myself and think of a name for him....

      [​IMG]Iplehouse Claude by lessdenied, on Flickr
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    10. I have a PID in the original PG and it is a very glow like color, but my FID that is in the new PG is more pinker in color. Also my Zera that is in NS has mellowed some compared to my NS JID Ryan who I have had the longest is not that yellow that I can see.
    11. I absolutely love Iplehouse! Thank you for sharing your pictures!!
    12. She's so pretty :kitty2 Love that dress! Where did you get it from?

      He's so handsome, and that fiery hair looks so cool on him :D I want a character with fangs and pointy ears too :XD: After I got my YID Lucian, and before I went the fashion model character route, I had plans to get a F.Oscar and make him into a werewolf character. I think I need to think about that character again soon, but I have so many plans :sweat

      I know what you mean about the pictures. I also have limited space to take my pictures. Often I end up using my bed. And currently I only have my old iPad to do the pictures with.

    13. Thank you, Zera was my first 'big' Iplehouse doll so she is very special. I made the dress. I was browsing the fantasy costume fabric and saw this fabric.
    14. New Elder lady Leda on the way, I wonder if she will be in the Greek theme? I really wish for a Medusa heh but I guess maybe Aphrodite or perhaps Athena would make sense if shes coupled with Baron


      She has an interesting description "Leda has a value of being loved from god!"
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    15. Sharing a photo for the new thread...my friend Ellen and I got together the other day. This is her beautiful crochet work and I made the caftan while she sat and made jewellery. A nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon...then a photo shoot to follow. My Bibiane (Paige) models...

      [​IMG]Morrocan Idyll by Lyanne NZ, on Flickr
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    16. Thank you! She nicked a wig with a similar style (and the Magical Wig That Suits Everyone (tm) didn't suit her at all because it has bangs and this lady does not do bangs) so hers had to imitate the nicked one. :3nodding:

      Thank you! I'm getting a bit of a McGonagall vibe from her, which wasn't really the plan, but I'm not complaining :) She's definitely not one to cross. :lol:

      Zera is super pretty! I love her dress :aheartbea
      Thanks about Heather, she's already trying to claim the title of Queen Of The Doll Shelf ... this could get interesting!

      @lessyface that's hilarious! Claude is such a cutie. Backdrops help, but a plain door can be enough for a neutral background. For me, the problem is light (my ancient point-and-shoot and artificial light are sworn enemies) ...
      And thank you about Heather! :blush The lashes were a find of @Lythtis's, I got some in a trade at the last meetup. They were a bit fiddly to install as they were made for humans and don't bend as easily (and Rachel has very small eyes even by Iple's standards), but once they're in, they're amazing.
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    17. Hi everyone! It may be hidden somewhere in the discussion so I apologise if I'm putting an old query... Is there some footwear that fits large Iplehouse women available from current sellers (other than Iple)? Thanks for some tips!
    18. @LyanneNZ Paige is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way she’s styled — the bright orange against the dark resin is Perfection.
    19. Sillion if you have the newer slimmer Iple feet then there is plenty of choice as I bought some from Iple for one of my girls and found that heels my old Supia and Elfdoll used to wear which were too tight on the old wider feet now fitted easily.
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    20. On ebay there is a seller called He-meife, they sell shoes for 1/3 size BJD, SartoriaJ also sells shoes on Etsy and their website for Dollshe and Iplehouse dolls, there is also Sweetiiger on ebay that makes shoes for SD16 dolls with heel feet, hope this helps.
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