Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

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    1. Omar is one of my favorites, and I thank you for all the wonderful photos of him. As I have said I have two in the Lt Brown...(I can't believe I didn't get them in the glow...../sigh, but I didn't. However the Lt Brown is very rich and warm.)

      I took a quick photo of Omar on a YID, the old YID body so you could see how he looks on that size. I have to charge the battery for my camera and figure out Flickr... I'll get a photo of my two boys in one photo later and post it, I hope. (Gosh photobucket used to be so easy, and @Mahgiep has been so kind as to offer to help me with Flickr. However, if I don't learn it myself I'll surely forget how to do it.)


      See if this works. And Btw where is Omar in the reference under Iplehouse?

      @Bren Your photo of Claude and Grace is gorgeous. I do like both of the colors and am so glad that you showed them together. My Omar is the old Lt Brown
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    2. @oriscany

      Thanks you and thanks for sharing your Omar. Lt brown is a beautiful color and I'm very glad that Iple has given us the opportunity to have both. I have preference for the older lt brown but I do love some character in the darker color. Baron. He's so yummy.

      Do you mean reference as where he is located? not sure what you mean, but if that's it, then he's under the Carved Heritage theme.
    3. On DoA's reference page there is no Omar..... such a pity, and I don't know how to add him without making a mess of it
    4. Ahhh okay. Gotcha. :lol:
    5. @Bren Thank you so much for the explanation :eusa_pray

      It makes a lot of sense and thank you for adding photos, it really helps!

      Im glad that Iple decided to keep both of them, both are very nice shades! I liked Grace before, but seeing her in that skintone is like seeing a completely different sculpt, she looks amazing and different in that color! That like turned into a <3

      Your Claude is also amazing, I have the Claude version with the broken head horns? the crates? on my wishlist, and this confirms how amazing the head looks in LB

      @oriscany he looks so cool on the nYID body, like a natural fit :)
      Its always an annoying process to learn new things, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature

      Flickr can be annoying sometimes, but you cant argue with that 1000 free photos and it keeps them in high quality too. I guess this is why many migrated to instagram but its too fast paced for me to enjoy it lol. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures, nYID Omar is an amazing combination that works

      Do you mean the database reference? Theres one here for Iplehouse Omar :)

      I kind of always read the databases when I get free time, I like reading about people's dolls
    6. Thank you for the link @GreenTeaSlug.
      I was looking under reference > Iplehouse > Omar and he's not in that section.

      I had both of my guys together and you know they are different colors of the Lt Brown resin. I'm sure they are both in the regular resin and not one glow and the other in regular.

      Flickr is nice and I still need to learn more.
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    7. Not to interrupt, but: do y'all mind if I leave a pic of Taylor here in one of my favorite outfits for her? Stella never gets the appreciate she deserves; such a fabulous sculpt. Really wish Iplehouse sold heads separately... I'd love a few more iconic makeup looks for her. :(

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    8. Yes he'll look good in any color :)

      It's a really nice face-up and skin color for him :) I just never imagined that Omar could be the right sculpt for what I had in mind for my character before. So I got really surprized when I found out he have just the type of face shape that I've been looking for. I just couldn't see it I guess because of how different he looks with the darker skin tone and facial hair on. But I'm so glad I googled this sculpt :3nodding:

      Yes she truly is a beautiful sculpt :) I really love the dress you got for her. I also really like bohemian and hippie style. Did you buy that dress from "SartoriaJ" on Etsy? I'm waiting for a little something from that store as well for when I get a female body for my Rania head.

      I ordered these.

      SD_Backless Knit Set
      SD_Thigh High Boots (Camel)

      Can't wait to get some SD females into my collection. Dressing up girls are so much fun:3nodding:
    9. Yes. Most of my 62-65cm wardrobe is from SartoriaJ these days. I also have that sweater! It's very cuddly and adorable.

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    10. I love Stella. She's my favorite sculpt. She looks great.
    11. Stella is gorgeous. I really do like the faceup she has and I would think it would be hard to make her any more pretty. Iplehouse just doesn't seem to be interested in selling just heads......

      I'm still working with Flickr, which hates me!


      Here are my two Omar boys, one SID and the other YID. The resin is supposed to be the same color, but it's not, which is fine. YID Omar has the Masterpiece Afghan eyes, and they really do look more blue here than the wheat color.
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    12. Wow, she's really pretty :kitty2 You might have made me interested in this sculpt. I'll definitely order a bunch of stuff from them as well.

      But speaking of female clothes. Does anybody know if clothes from Alice's Collections fit EID women? I know they do some custom size clothes. But I'm curious if their regular SD female clothes fit. I order a lot from them and would like something from my Iple girls.
    13. @oriscany

      Your Omar's guys looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing them.

      Flicker has been having some problems. Hopefully it will get resolved.
    14. Both look so handsome :blush I like it when there's a slight difference in resin colors that are supposed to be the same. It makes it more realistic as people in real life do not have exactly the same skin color either. I like skin color diversity :3nodding:
    15. Extra shot from my Model SID Lucia's box opening:

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    16. She looks beautiful, so does your Elle! :D Congrats on their arrival. Did you order both in RS?
    17. @Bren I now associate the Stella sculpt with you because Im reading how much you love her, do you have a picture of your Stella somewhere? I would love to see her!

      @ChristinasDream Your Taylor is beautiful, Peach Gold resin is one of my favorite skintones, it is very lively :D Also, I really like the Reap badge addition to the outfit, makes it look very trendy, cool and young

      SartoriaJ is amazing, I came very late to discover Iplehouse and if it were not for them, I would not have gotten a doll. It makes me sad that there is no period outfits available anymore but I understand the stress they are under

      @oriscany I really really really love how Omar looks on the YID body!!! I think I prefer the hybrid more than the default

      @Sianserais :apresent::daisy:aheartbea Congratulations :chocoberry:clover:goldstar

      Lucia in the real skin looks amazing, and I feel the newer sculpts are underrated.
      She looks really nice in the Cinderella set, and I think the SID model looks more natural on her
      That pose demonstration is very helpful :aangel:
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    18. It wouldn't be T.S. without the peachy gold complexion!

      The badge is a custom black metal Taylor Swift pin (hence 'REAP' instead of 'REP'; I am a sucker for bad puns) I came across on Etsy a while back; so weirdly specific, it's like it was made *for* me. I attach it to a lot of Taydoll's clothing for a little bit of meta. It's a perfect fit for the character she's representing, too.

      SartoriaJ is a real blessing. There was a lengthy period where new clothes for girls in this size range was downright impossible to come across. :( Now I have something new coming every few months. Can't wait to get my next order; I'm dying to see Tay in what I have in mind.
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    19. @Sianserias

      Ahhh she's lovely. Love how you got her dressed up.


      Oh I don't just have one Stella. She's the one face sculpt that I have the most of. I really do love her. Have her as character of Vamp, Human, Gargoyle and Elf. I don't think I have them all in just one photo. I'll see if I can put up a photo for you that have some of them. Sorry to hear you missed out on some amazing themes. But you still got the opportunity to still get some. Others like Luo, Original Kamau were some of my favorites.

      Edited to add a pic. Here is Isabella. She is my female Gargoyle. She is one of the rare ones that I have in fantasy color. THe iple gray is more blueish than the soom gray.



      SartoriaJ is just amazing. I'm very glad as well that they are now available to provide such great services.
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    20. LOVE Stella! And Bren is the Stella Queen! :XD:

      Contributing to the Stella Love...because I can. :kitty1

      [​IMG]Mair by luluna33, on Flickr
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