Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

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    1. I’d like to share my Stella too - she’s my “Caroline Penvenen” from the Poldark series.
      Here she is in her fancy chemise and two petticoats. I need to get a photo of her in
      the gown I recently finished too. Sorry about thr messy background....

      My Caroline is a custom Stella on the nYID body - original peach (now ‘glow’) resin.
      Her facepaint is original Iplehouse, Gumdrops eyes and Amadiz wig.

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    2. Ahh Luluna,

      She's always a beauty. Just love Mair.

      And if I'm the Queen of Stella's, you are running a close 2nd. LOL

      Here is another Queen.



      I love Caroline and I just love how you made a Stella, her. Just Perfect. Beautiful chemise.
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    3. @ChristinasDream I did think of Taylor Swift but I kept quiet because I thought that might annoy you lol! I had someone upset because I said their doll looked a lot like Megan Fox so I watch what I say lol

      Please tell me she has her own guitar on the side? I think she would also look very cute with her older curly long hairstyle as a TBT picture lol

      @Bren I actually really love that you have a set of quintuplets but just different enough that they are distinctly unique!

      Gargoyle Isabella looks really beautiful, and Ive seen the grey in person its almost like a lilac or a blue flower, a very nice color and I think looks amazing on Isabella, thank you for sharing her with me. Just curious, Gargoyles because of the old cartoon show or no relation? If yes, I used to really love watching that show, I liked the seriousness of it haha

      Queen Stella, I think is in LB? looks so nice on in that skintone too, like shes Isis's older wiser sister, like the intelligent Queen Cleopatra

      Everytime I think of Kamau, I feel a little bit sad because I do love the original, but i also love the revival version of him. I still have hopes of him being remade but Im not holding my breath. Just hoping someday an LB or glow RS shows up in the MP lol

      Maybe he might come up as an FID someday, since they have Tedros who is discontinued.

      @luluna oh she is beautiful. Very beautiful, she looks like those impossibly perfect soap opera actresses
      Her eyecolor is amazing by the way, didnt think it would be that hard to find good green eyes XD

      @Robyn_in_WA I always loved the dresses you made, and the posters at the background shows me youve got amazing taste in TV shows :chibi

      Caroline looks very natural on the nYID body, the older peach glow looks very nice, almost sunkissed (a new word I just discovered and is my favorite description because of the visual lol)

      Thank you everyone for sharing your Stella(s) with me, it has been a very nice treat :chocoberry so much that shes in my list to get now

      Anyone who is waiting for Ebony to come back as a skin choice, Ive been told it will be available in March :)
    4. @Robyn_in_WA - Oh Caroline is just lovely! And I LOVE her whitewear! It's so crisp and white. And her blonde hair is to die for.

      And @Bren - What a beautiful Egyptian Queen! She looks like she means business too.

      @GreenTeaSlug - Thanks I love my Mair! And she's wearing Eyeco eyes.

      And speaking of Kamau....does anyone have a renewed Kamau???? I don't think I've actually seen owner photos of one...(I think).
    5. Nope! Stella is a 99% match in both facial features and name (latin for 'star'); the inspiration was very much intentional. I have a Bingbing Fan and Isabel Lucas (waiting for her to return in the mail!), too, each representing protagonists from various works of mine.

      She unfortunately does not have a guitar, or even a piano. :( I have nothing in the way of props, furniture, dioramas, etc. Then again, I've never really looked...
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    6. Hmmm, they are just a few of the Stellas. I did tell you I didn't have them all in one picture.:blush She is a beautiful sculpt and I think you won't regret getting one.

      Thank you and you're welcome about Isabella. Bingo. Yes. it's because of the old cartoon that I watched when younger. I love Goliath and in fact her mate is Goliath. A grey Graystone Gargoyle Monzo. I have also a NS Monzo head as well on a EID body who is named Samson. A hybrid.

      She is Lt brown. I guess she could be. She was playing a role. She will take Cleopatra. LOL

      In regards to Kamau. you could get lucky. I bought mine second hand.

      Hee, hee. You have Luluna. I showed you Logan. Just didn't do a bio. (snickering):wiggle


      And thank you for Stella. It's actually her mate you have to look out for.:thumbup
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    7. [QUOTE="Bren, post: 12605443,
      Hee, hee. You have Luluna. I showed you Logan. Just didn't do a bio. (snickering):wiggle

      And thank you for Stella. It's actually her mate you have to look out for.:thumbup[/QUOTE]

      Ooooh Logan.....the one with the green (GREEN!) eyes? Swoon....Cool. He's super! Makes me wish I'd of nabbed one.
      Now I want a photo of an old Kamau next to a new renew Kamau! Side by side like...to compare. :) I bet you have one....

      And while I'm here....MORE Stella...because I can. :XD:

      [​IMG]Avery by luluna33, on Flickr
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    8. @ChristinasDream Im very interested to see them come to life!
      Fan, Im already aware of and always wanted to see her in doll form, so once you find a good vessel, she is someone Im very interested in seeing :D I always loved the profile of her nose

      Isabel Lucas, Im not familiar with, but Im glad I googled her, she has a very memorable and striking face. I love a strong chin on a woman. I think Rania would look nice with softer makeup, and less dramatic eyebrows. Have you decided on the sculpt for her?

      I cant help you with a piano, but I can with guitar :)

      Its expensive, but its sold out and the best SD sized guitar Ive seen

      Theres also people saying theres a good SD sized guitar being sold at the dollar tree / dollar store? Im not sure about American stores because locally we only have Daiso thats the equivalent of that

      Ive seen some pictures of the American Girl guitar and it seems good quality and not too insanely priced, its a tiny bit smaller though

      Or you can rid yourself of that and just get her a microphone XDDDD

      @Bren seeing your renewal Kamau, and your encouragement, I think Ill post the wtb and keep optimistic lol! Ive already given up on finding him, but keeping an open door is better than quitting, thanks for the encouragement and for the reminder (Logan:D) of just how beautiful that sculpt is!

      I loved the older cartoons, I liked how serious some of it was like the older Batman cartoons. It felt like an adult drama than a show aimed at kids. I just found it on itunes so maybe Ill give that a rewatch! Soom's Monzo is perfect btw, I just saw the fullset and its amazing how detailed and crazy some of the older limiteds were, I really wish I was in the hobby earlier lol!

      @luluna Im sure no one could ever get enough of your beauties! So Mair has other twins? Avery is just as beautiful. I think I just realised a pattern, no iple fan really has only one Stella it seems?:D

      Im thinking we should have a weekly theme, just to liven up the threads (...and enable a tiny bit maybe:chomp::chomp::chomp:)
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    9. I already have her! Check out Faye via my signature. ;) I wish I had considered an additive mod to get the nose correct now. Oh well.

      Rania is super pretty, but lacks the softness imo. I had originally considered Raffine on a nYID body in peach gold glow, but even that body isn't quite right, the cheekbones aren't wide enough, and the ratio between lower and upper lip was off. None of those can be addressed with modding in any feasible way. :(

      I ended up going for the VERY obscure Light Limner Selina; another DoA user with one for sale reached out to me from a thread I posted over in Visual Concepts, specifically on the subject of trying to pick the right sculpt for this lady. It meant sacrificing the right skin complexion, but the facial features and body proportions are *so* on point, especially next to my other dolls. My regular artist has finished her faceup and blushing as of Sunday. The wait is agonizing. :atremblin I will likely drag her about for weeks on end when she does get here.

      Omg, that third scale Taylor acoustic is amazing. :D I hope they restock it and the case to go with. I would take sooo many photos.
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    10. Thanks Luluna. I do like him with green eyes and they are striking with his black wig. You are half right. I do have the heads next to each other, but they share a body. So no pictures of them full bodied.

      But here is old Kamau. My favorite of the two to be honest.:3nodding:


      I love Avery. SHe's one of my favorite. There's something about a dark eyed Stella. Just love her.

      @GreenTeaSlug I'm so glad that I was able to encourage you. Kamau is a wonderful sculpt. You never know. I thought I would never find him and viola. He was home.

      Cartoons are great. I still like them. I love the gargoyle Monzo set. He makes a wonderful Fantasy Creature and I have lots of fun with him. Yes. Soom had some wonderful edition in the past. Monzo. Epidos and Ender as lord of the dead.
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    11. Okay, so now that I have a bit of time to write - I feel bad I haven't been commenting on anyone's photos! Loving the Lawrences and Omars and Kamaus, and everyone else! Especially Stella, because I'll never own that one, but I enjoy seeing what other people do with her!

      I didn't even realize I forgot to include that information, sorry! No, Lucia is in RS and Elle is in the new/old LB. ^_^

      I love this jacket, but it was a damn nuisance to get on over her other clothing...
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    12. Thanks for clearing that up. I did wonder about Elle's color. But I did see you had her as Lt brown. Good to know it's the old color that I love and she looks amazing. Thanks again for sharing her.
    13. @GreenTeaSlug - Thanks for the kind comments. And @Bren - Oh your "old" Kamau is just....divine. He is one of the best. I'm surprised he agrees to share a body with anyone! LOL Such lovely men resins.

      And while I'm here...I've been told my Rania is 'softer' than most...just for fun.:whee:

      [​IMG]Rania WIP by luluna33, on Flickr
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    14. @Robyn_in_WA she is so beautiful! I love the undies, the details and her wig looks magnificent!

      I missed a lot, are we on a Stella binge @Bren :D. What a hunk of resin you have there with Logan, (whistles!)

      @luluna yes you can Stella any time any way!!! :love Rania'ing us is also Devine!!

      @GreenTeaSlug I thought all the sculpts were still available in their doll choise section? Is that no longer so?

      @Sianserais that leather jacket is amazing!! It would be equally cool with a pair of leather pants!
    15. Wow, I never noticed her long thin cleft nose before, it's so delicate and unique! Nice picture!
    16. @luluna She is soft looking very sensual :love

      Is she peach gold glow?

      She looks like shes in the same family that Stella comes from to me

      @IngieBee sadly, when they discontinue a sculpt it never comes back :(

      Not in doll choice, or as a limited release or basic, they get pulled out completely from any manufacturing.
      Victor, Ashanti, Kamau, Douglas and Roger are among my favorites because they look very different from what is available, but they are all discontinued.

      They told me they would consider if there was interest, but these things are hard to gauge.
      People often say they are interested, but when the doll is released, they dont buy it so I feel bad for saying "yes people want to buy this", and then its like I gave them false information, so they rereleasing them again after discontinuing for bad sales would be a waste for them

      You can only get them second hand now

      Tedros is discontinued but they made an FID version of him AND a new romantic version of him too (sleepy eyes) so maybe all those discontinued dolls might come back as FID

      My biggest hope for this year is that we get more ethnic faces, I love the youthful look of the new generation of girls so I would love to see some youthful ethnic SID/nYID. I think faces like Duckie Thot, Cassie would be nice, and maybe someone that looks like Al B Sure (from the 80s) as an SID or Daniel Sunjata, Jeremy Meeks, Lenny Kravits .... but that is my personal wishlist, Ill keep an eye out on their releases :)

      Im glad that SID female warrior, and the Gladiator (Ron version) is something they are going to make in "full size" I love those sets, but Im not warming up to the FID size too much

      I will say, Im happy that they did the FID Curvy with the new ankle joint, I assume because all the FID women I think share the same feet. I hope this means that they will rework the existing larger dolls to have those type of feet joint like the new model SID's and female HID.
    17. @GreenTeaSlug oh, too bad. I thought they were going to keep making all their sculpts to deter people from buying recasts, though I doubt that helped...
    18. with 'discontinued' dolls it's a guarantee any new doll is recast thus much easier to 'prove' legally for them. That and they have to keep making new molds to replace older worn ones add to that having to 'store' all the molds etc. It's not really possible to keep expanding the lines and be able to store all the mould cast forms for dolls they just do not make many of. Their physical location is only so large. So part of it is also a literal physical logistics thing. What I do not agree with is them bouncing sculpts that still had good sales if you go by 'popularity'
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    19. Hey so this is probably a silly question but I am planning on buying my first BJD and I see there is a sculpt (Bianca) in Doll Choice but she isn't on the main page for YID dolls, does this mean shes getting discontinued?
    20. @Speckles not a silly question, its a bit confusing if you are not used to Iplehouse lol

      Bianca was sold as a limited. Limiteds dont stay up after the sale period, and they become available only in doll choice, at a $50 premium. Only the basic dolls stay available all the time (but not all skin colors are available for basic dolls: no ebony, no light / dark brown and no gray)

      This way you can buy any limited doll, that wasnt discontinued at the start of the month (1-15)

      If they do discontinue her, there will be a notice so people can buy before shes gone off the website, like this notice here:
      Support < Notice < 2017 Discontinued List

      Also, make sure to add the special parts at the bottom in doll choice, there are some really nice limited outfits this time, and you cant buy them separately