Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

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    1. Oh my gosh that makes so much more sense! Thank you so much! And thanks for the tip about the limited outfits, they really are gorgeous and for my first bjd I think I'm most excited about the clothing lol

      I'll definitely bookmark the discontinued list, I was panicked that her being in Doll Choice meant I had a short window to order (need a few more paydays to purchase) ♥ Thank you again!!
    2. I really want to get Bichun a partner but wanted to know, Does an EID man look okay with a SID woman?
    3. I guess it all depends what your taste are in regards to their sizes. I personally like them together. But then I like tall guys with my girls.

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    4. @Bren I actually like that a lot! I was thinking of getting Mari for Bichun :3 Thank you very much <3
    5. @gaurweth

      My Kamau is on a model body so I don't know if you Bichun is as well since the superhero body is a little shorter, but still tall enough for the girls. I love Mari. She is so adorable.
    6. @Bren I wasn't going to get him a partner but my mom keeps bugging me about how lonely he looks haha. So far Mari is my favorite, though it was hard to choose because they all look so good! Yours dolls are beautiful too <3
    7. @gaurweth

      I'm all for pairing them up. My single gals are always bugging me when they see goodlooking resin hunks. And thank you for your compliment on my little pair.

      Mari would make a beautiful companion for him. A little enabling here.
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    8. @Bren Ahh I am being tempted moreeee <3 So so pretty <3 I love your dolls <3
    9. @gaurweth,

      hee, hee. Glad to help out. As you can see I'm a little partial to lt brown.:love But I know she looks good in any other color as well. What face up are you thinking? Custom or Factory? Just curious.
    10. @Bren I was thinking normal skin, company b face up until I can decide on something else haha
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    11. She will be beautiful. How exciting. :)
    12. Bren is a great enabler! :XD: It's always a treat to see some of her gang.

      EID and SID work very well...these two are brother and sister...but you can get a feel for their sizes.

      EID Leonard and SID Stella both RS.

      [​IMG]Zak and Zara by luluna33, on Flickr
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    13. Beautiful siblings, Luluna! I'd be a proud mum, based just on their looks! :D
    14. @luluna - Oh my goodness they're so gorgeous! :D (Ahhhh I just want to buy a Leonard so badly right now... :whee: )
    15. @luluna they look beautiful together and I love the kind eyes your Leonard has :love
      They look like they are heading out to the walk on the beach on an expensive luxury beach vacation

      @gaurweth I dont think you can go wrong with Mari, shes beautiful in whatever look but Im partially biased
      I always thought Haute Couture Mari was exceptionally beautiful, and now Iplehouse has it as a makeup option B
      Its one of my favorite iplehouse makeups, I love that her lipstick looks like she just add some ripe cherries

      @Bren Mari looks amazing in light brown! Is that the original lighter brown formula, or the new darker brown?
      I never knew that sculpt had teeth, so cute! With the white hair, she looks like one of the natives from the Lost city of Atlantis <3
      Marien in that skintone with that wig combination is very very nice and unexpected

      I have some bad news :( Freedom teller from what I understand will not be making clothes for the SID men anymore. I asked if they could make a suit for my SID man, and they SID they will not be offering SID options, so I would get anything you are eying on before they remove it completely. I wanted to order the overcoat in SID man, so they said they wont be able to make it even if only you was commissioned.

      "Unfortunately, we desided to close SID man category.
      We thought harder and decided it."

      Not sure what that means with the EID category, but I ordered some because options for clothing is becoming less and less. I think its time I took some sewing lessons, or I model my dolls in the caveman era, make a nudist colony since its the easiest to "dress"......lol

      Im impatiently waiting on news of the full sized Gladiator Ron or Warrior Elle woman :love
      Anyone order the Warrior Dane in full size (or even with a different head choice?) I ordered him with the Omar head, in dark brown, but I guess it is still to early because I ordered for everything to be painted.

      If anyone missed the order and wanted the outfit, I noticed that it is available in doll choice as a special part, but without the weapons, helmet and shield
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    16. Wow, it's been a over a month since I've been on DOA... I have a lot of catching up to do.
      Everyone's dolls look lovely btw.
      Quick post in the meantime... here are the Iplehouse resin colors as of 2019... Minus gray and ebony though. I added a sample of the former light brown (mine was from 2017) for comparison as Iplehouse renamed that color to dark brown in late 2018. Iplehouse did let me know that hand rings are not the best way to compare resin colors... but it still gives you the general idea.
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    17. It's such a subtle difference between the browns, yet now I'd really like to get a "new" light brown doll, but I'm dolly dieting, so no no :D :eusa_naug
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    18. @luluna

      Oh I had a belly laugh on enabler title. I think you are the queen on that if you ask me.

      As always it's always a pleasure to see the sibligns Zak and Zara.


      Both are the older lighter lt brown. The brunette is from the original Run and the white haired one is thru CDS.
      Mari sometimes shows teeth and sometimes not. It depends how they are painted. Both are supposedly from the EG Assassin face up but as you can see they are done a little differently. I personally love the rights shade of white hair on my lt brown dolls. I have several in that combo. Tho mostly they are from the Dark Elves race.

      As for Marien, I wish I could take credit for it, but she was bought 2nd hand and her original owner had a picture of her in that wig and I just love how she looked with it. It perfectly fit her character as a professional rock/pop singer.


      That's a very nice round of colors for iple. Thank you for sharing that. Not sure if the other colors in you palette are from the French added Addictive era, but in lt brown the shades was different from when they changed it back in 2014, 2016 and Oct 2018. You could see it in PG as well as RS.

      Edited: to correct dates.
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    19. @PennyDes Thank you for posting the current resin colors! :) I am still trying to figure out the resin color for my first Iplehouse SID.
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    20. @IngieBee dolly dieting... I love that expression :lol:... hope you won't mind if I use that in the future :). The lb and db colors look very similar with the hand rings. Here is what iplehouse says...
      "In fact, it is difficult to compare skin color with by hand rings. Light brown and dark brown color can be compared by comparing the entire doll side by side. Because the hand ring belongs to a small-sized consumable, it is a part that is produced in large quantities and is always in stock. After assembly, the color difference is invisible. Light brown and Dark brown have very slight difference. "

      @Bren You are welcome :). Except for the 2017 light brown all the examples in my photo are from 2019, so no french resin examples here. I'd love to see some though :thumbup. I've heard of and seen examples of the iplehouse light brown from long ago and it was such a rich and beautiful color. Not to say that the newer ones aren't (as they are gorgeous colors) but that much older light brown color is said to be extra special.
      Your dolls are beautiful :D

      @Maechen You're very welcome and I hope it helps you in deciding the resin color for your first Iple doll :cool:. Which doll are you considering?

      @GreenTeaSlug oh no freedom teller discontinued the SID man outfits now too :atremblin... first SID woman was discontinued, now SID man.... I'm sure EID isn't far behind. The iplehouse male dolls are difficult enough find fancy clothes for... insert a sigh of dismay here :sigh. Lol... the nudist colony comment made me laugh :XD:. I'm looking forward to seeing your warrior Omar when he arrives:thumbup.

      @luluna Your dolls always look so awesome :love.

      @Robyn_in_WA Love the dress you made for stella :D

      @Sianserais Lovely doll and very nice jacket... to bad it was such a pain to put on. Which sculpt is that in the photo you shared?